Posted on January 10, 2015

Green Smoothie from Fashion to Mainstream

Cuisine/ Rebel Alexa


Naturally I’m not able to spend all day making smoothie drinks and going to the gym like all celebs in L.A but it’s cool to see fruit & veg getting pushed by celebs instead of drugs, booze & other junk! Green smoothies are the  new fashion drink like Starbucks cups. It’s finally happening.


The juices now going mainstream and everybody (even in Germany) can get green smoothies at supermarkets. Now I just drink my bottle of veggies and enjoy them because I would struggle to eat a plate foods – e.g. spinach, carrots, ginger (a real good immune system booster), carrots, celery, apples, cucumber – in the morning, or even in the day!


Do it like David Beckham; a bottle healthy green smoothie in the back of fitted denim on motorbike!


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