Posted on November 3, 2011

Glam Cat Eyes with Liquid Eyeliner

Beauty/ Romantique


The 60ies inspired Eyeliner, as seen on French actress and model Laetitia Casta above, is a great tool to achieve the seductive cat eye look.

You can choose from many textures to achieve different looks (i.e. Kohl eyeliner, liquid, pencil). The easiest to apply is the liquid liner. It can be applied in one go, never smudges and is long lasting.

Here’s a fool proof instruction on how to apply liquid eyeliner:

Put some light eye shadow on your eyelid to emphasize the contrast to the eyeliner (i.e. champagne).

  1. Apply the eyeliner next to your lash line with a steady hand and half opened eyes, following the natural curve of the eye
  2. I prefer a natural, thin line but you can also build up the layers and create a flick at the end to achieve a more dramatic look like Brigitte Bardot in the picture below

I recommend Bourjois’ Liner Pinceau Liquid eyeliner in brown for everyday or Artdeco’s Liquid Colour Eyeliner in black for the evenings.

If you use eyeliner, try to avoid the “Kate Middleton Look”. Kate has been receiving critical comments for her make-up and I agree that she’s overdoing the eyeliner on the lower lash line. It’s un smudged and very black making her look hard and older than her 28 years. If you want to define your lower eye line too, try to use a softer pencil in brown, charcoal or plum and smudge it to make it softer.



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