Posted on June 24, 2013

From Streetstyle to Beach in Style

Rebel Alexa


When it comes to beach wear it can be hard to find  the line between functional, fashionable and comfortable. With beach season in full swing, it’s imperative to have all sunshiney essentials: SPF, weekender bags, strawbags and the perfect swimsuit.


But what to wear, flip flops and little dresses? Not for me!


I don’t buy any extra beach wardrobe.  I don’t differentiate between my street style and beach style. I wear  the exact same outfits on the beach as I would on the street. From my existing wardrobe I chose light cotton shirts, A-line skirts and in terms of shoes I always have espandrilles with me. So I’m ready for anything.


Is wearing makeup on the beach wrong? Not at all but I don’t wear makeup at the beach. I’m just using tinted SPF daily moisture cream or BB cream and  sunglasses in bright colours.


My Kate Spade weekender bag for beach trips.

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