Posted on May 18, 2012

Fashion 60 Plus

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Fashion is not only for young people as all the magazines and billboards want us to believe.

The right to be fashionable and to have fun in what you wear and how you express yourself is not only owned by the young girls.
Marc Jacobs dedicated his last collection to mature women, taking inspiration from the style blog “Advanced Style” by Ari Seth Cohen.
Get inspired by our mum who is 61 years old and from who we inherited our interest and fun in all things fashionable.
Romantique:      What can you tell us about fashion in the later years of life?
Mummy R&R:    
As I got older, I became more confident in myself and more secure. I don’t get influenced and pressured  by trends anymore like I used to 30 years ago. I only participate in trends that I know suit me. For example, the wrap dress made famous by Diane Fuerstenberg has been hailed as the ultimate flattering dress for all shapes of women  in countless books, magazines and blogs for years. Still, I know a wrap dress isn’t my style,  because on me, it accentuates little “rolls” and a low V-Neck doesn’t suit me as well as a boat or round neck. 20 years ago, I might have bought a dress like this because it had been hyped up so much, despite knowing that the style didn’t suit me.
Romantique:     How would you describe your style?
Mummy R&R:    
I like to wear classic pieces and mix them up with a few trendy items. For example, I would team a classic pencil skirt with bold coloured tights; bright pink, purple or orange for example. To complete the outfit, I would wear a simple one coloured sweater or shirt.
Romantique:    What about accessories and handbags?
Mummy R&R:   I don’t like wearing too much jewellery as it reminds me of old fashioned women. I do love big earrings though, particularly made of gemstones.
I also love well crafted handbags, I recently bought a heavenly brown leather handbag from Celine (seen in the photo) in Sardinia. Handbags are so important as they can spice up any outfit, just like shoes. When wearing an excellent handbag it’s all about the way you wear it: Wear it with charisma and,very important, with a straight posture oozing confidence.
Mummy R&R, thank you for the interview!
In the pictures, Mummy R&R is wearing: Wool / Stretch trousers from Bogner, Bright orange Cashmere cardigan from Allude, orange suede jacket from Pielini, leather handbag from Celine, white bow shirt from TK Maxx and ballet shoes from Pretty Ballerina.

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