Posted on February 14, 2012

Famous Fashion sisters


Romantique and Rebel is a sisters blog – we both have very different characters, we complement each other perfectly and learn from each other every day.

Above photo: Rebel aged 17, Romantique aged 10.

Let’s have a look at famous sisters in the fashion industry and see how they benefit from each other and where they clash.

According to psychologists, the upbringing by their parents  largely contributes to whether sisters become rivals or partners in later life. For example, if the parents had a tendency to compare the siblings, the younger sibling is more likely to want to step in the elders’ footsteps trying to, overtrump them. To avoid rivalry, parents should be sensitive and develop a feeling for each child’s talents, and advocate their individual abilities.

Laetitia and Marie-Ange Casta

Laetitia Casta is undoubtedly France’s sexiest supermodel export. She graced the covers of countless magazines and lent her pretty face to the most prestigious fashion brands (Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Louis Vuitton, to just name a few).

Her “12 years younger” sister, Marie-Ange is blessed with the same full lips and luscious brown locks and has grown up seeing her sister modelling. It’s no wonder she is about to follow in her famous sister’s footsteps. Last year, she modelled for Mango’s winter collection alongside Scarlett Johansen. She now lives in Paris and studies fashion design.

Carolin and Claudia Schiffer

While some sisters are keen to carve out the same career as their famous siblings, others are happy to stay away from the limelight like Ann-Carolin Schiffer (35), Claudia Schiffer’s (40) younger sibling. Ann-Carolin studied Business Administration in Germany and has a loving relationship to her big sister who she often visits in her Notting Hill Villa in London.

Penelope and Monica Cruz

Monica looks like Penelope’s identical twin – she is often seen on the red carpet with Penelope. And just like her older sister, she is an actress, muse of Pedro Almovar  and designed fashion for Spanish retailer Mango in 2009.

Jackie Kennedy-Onassis and Lee Radziwill

Jackie named her second child Caroline after her younger sister (by 4 years), whose full name is Caroline Lee Radziwill. A great honour for Lee that showed deep affection from Jackie.

Some contemporary witnesses say that Lee Radziwill was romantically involved with Artistotle Onassis before he dumped her for her sister. However, this has never been confirmed. Fact is that Lee introduced Jackie to the “magnetic and charismatic” Onassis, and the rest is history. Both sisters have always been close and supported each other through the turbulent lives they both led.

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