Posted on October 8, 2012

Emmanuelle Alt’s Punky Style

Denim/ Wardrobe

The 45-year-old Parisienne ( Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris since February 2011) is not a office girl; I’d die,” she said to US Vogue and I love that love attitude, it’s a state of mind!

“…Emmanuelle’s style is always original, part street, part romantic, very personal—and very French. She has a way of dressing that I love” said Ralph Lauren about Emmanuelle and we love Madame Alt’s super french style too!!!!

What Carla Bruni-Sarkozy say:

“Emmanuelle has an unaffected way to be feminine; She doesn’t wear makeup, wears little jewelry, hasn’t had surgery. She reflects how Frenchwomen are feeling—simplicity is the state we all want to be in. We are tired of useless sophistication.”

Alt herself prefers the low-key approach and takes zero minutes to prepare – “No makeup! No hair! Punky style!



Emmanuelle about her Rock-Chic-Style: “I like vintage. Balmain. Givenchy. Chanel. I love jeans. And I wear a lot of it – on the other hand hardly skirts “.


With her daughter little Françoise.

Get the style! My look a like casual Emmanuelle outfit



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