Posted on December 30, 2012

Comback of the eighties – light blue jeans

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

We are so afraid of returning to the grunge look of the eighties and early nineties that we have so cautiously avoided them for so long. The light jeans of 2012/13 have a more posh, metropolitan flare you have to forget the old images of truck drivers, heavy metal and six-pack beer. How to wear light blue jeans? I got style inspiration of the Versace packaging “Baby Blue Jeans” Perfume. Let’s have a look on the colours – light blue and yellow are ultimate combo in this question and you can wear light blue jeans without fear.

The trick here is yellow comes strong and you don’t look faded out. You can also select a shirt that has a bit of structure and a dark color. I would never wear light blue jeans with tank tops, t-shirts, or flip flops. You absolutely must strike a balance between formal and fun.

See the casual look of lovely Miranda Kerr, you can copy blind!







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