Posted on March 2, 2014

Colour Combination: Red and Pink

Accessoires/ Jumpers/ Rebel Alexa


How to dress: pink with red? Love the color pink, but not sure what you should pair it with?  Red and pink combination create warmth, vibration, excitement. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day or February to incorporate pink and red into your wardrobe or home. Pink with red is a Hallmark Valentine card, the kind where the roses are in bristly relief. Pink with red Yves Saint Laurent used this colour scheme in his legendary times and you know what? Red and pink it works…but


…there’s something about combining two shades that are close together on the colour wheel that makes you look quite sophisticated. The key is to make it bold and decisive, so everyone knows you are making a deliberate choice to wear red and pink together.


On me: Pink cashmere sweater by Costello, red scarf with white hearts by Moschino, Red Sunglasses by Paul Smith, black and white pattern Coat by GF Ferré, Skinny Jeans by H&M


Perhaps you’d rather start with a combination of red and pink in your living room and decorating walls, tables, pillows and flowers but the rules are the same as in fashion. A colour combination such this says: I’m courageous, happy, self-confident and have a strong feeling for colors.


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