Posted on July 24, 2012

Classic French Beauty: Anna Mouglalis


Anna Mouglalis has been Lagerfeld’s muse ever since he photographed her for Interview magazine in 2000 to promote her breakthrough film role as a young pianist in Claude Chabrol’s Merci pour le chocolat.

It was her statuesque beauty and husky, baritone voice that struck Lagerfeld, and it is impossible not to be affected by those qualities when you meet her. “She’s Ava Gardner and Anna Magnani rolled into one,” Lagerfeld has observed. “A new type of classic beauty. As for the voice – it sounds like an affectation, but it isn’t.”

Throughout her twenties she was often asked whether she considered herself to be primarily an actress or model. It bothered her at the time – the reason Lagerfeld employed her as a face for Chanel was because she was an actress, not a model.

Anna Mouglalis remains loyal to Chanel where she got her big break. “Chanel is one of the only fashion houses that doesn’t exploit women,” she says, adding that, for its founder, “eroticism was the little piece of skin between the glove and the sleeve.”

What Anna said about Coco Chanel:

“Chanel was one thing and then the opposite the next.”

“She is recognized as a huge feminist, but most of the things she did, she did for herself and not for women in general.”

“I would even push it further, thinking she was more of a misogynist than a feminist, since she only had male friends.”

Anna Mouglalis style report: Of course it’s easy to look great when you have access to the latest Chanel Collections. Chanel to wear does not mean that everyone looks good in Chanel but Anna does – e.g. Blake Lively does not, she’s just a clothes hanger.




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