Posted on August 1, 2012

Chunky Chokers


The new accessory trend is absolutely becoming popular with chunky chokers. These chunky beauties have been getting a lot of attention lately, being worn on the streets of the fashionistas and a lot of celebs on the red carpet as well. So, the accessory theme is: Think big, be bold, upgrade your day-to-day looks with chunky chokers – they are the simplest and easiest accessory to throw on a simple outfit!

Chunky chockers by LANVIN on the German Vogue Cover.

I WEAR: The PILGRIM chockers (35 EURO) gives my printed blouse and knit sweater an obvious statement accent!

Here I show you: the same effect but a different style of the chockers more wide membered chains without gems and less architectural and ornamented chokers. In my eyes these chockers are timeless and classic and not just a volatile trend.


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