Posted on January 25, 2013

Chic & Mignon Parisian Jewellery

Accessoires/ Romantique

Parisian Lover earrings

Jewellery from Les Néréides, a Parisian costume jeweller, is like a dreamy journey into a world of naivety, fairy tales and endless creativity.

Even for the most rational of fashionistas, it is impossible to not give into the charm of those quirky, cooky-cute designed pieces.

Escape daily routine, spreadsheets and the office life with my favourite pieces:

Above: Golden Hoop earrings “Lovers in Paris” from the Paris Carte Postal collection. Hand painted sketches representing life in romantic Paris. This. is. unbelievably. adorable. !

Les Nereides Ballerina earrings

Pink, asymmetrical earrings from the Les Nereides “Pas de Deux” line. For the 120th anniversary of the opera Nutcracker, Les Nereides  added a new colour called “chocolate” to the collection. Magnifique!

Les Nereides gingerbread earrings

N2 is Les Nereides’s quirkier subline. These gingerbread earrings are good enough to eat!

Gingerbread & Little Red Riding Hood collier

Gingerbread & Little Red Riding Hood collier

The delicate charm of fairy tales in the shape of Little Red Riding Hood

Les Nereides locket heart pendant

The Line “Ouvre ma ton coer” (Open your heart to me) are hematit plated lockets with different figurines inside to celebrate different occasions:

·    A heart within a heart over a heart. The French call this mise en abyme. I call it chic!

·    A girl holding a bouquet of flowers to celebrate Mothers Day.

·    Bride and groom to celebrate a marriage.

·    A couple to celebrate love or an engagement.

·    A stork carrying a bundle of joy to celebrate a new arrival (ok, this is even too much for me)

Fairytale locket

Take your favourite fairy tales and put them round your neck. My favourite is the gingerbread house with Hansel and Gretel hidden inside.

Tell us what you think, do you love the tongue-in-cheek  jewellery from Les Nereides or is it too much Kitsch for you?



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