Posted on September 25, 2011

Celeb Beauty Secrets: Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba is a stunner and I’ve always admired how she pulls off different hairstyles, looking gorge in each of them, whether it’s dark or blonde, long or short.

In her Beauty Routine, Jessica is simple, practical and organic:

Hair: “I like organic products if I can find them. I’m more into things that are hydrating and moisturizing, because I have dry, frizzy hair. When you get your hair worked on so much, one of the tricks is to always have a leave in conditioner or some sort of oil in your hair when you’re not working”

Make-up: “I like to wear tinted moisturiser with sunscreen. I’ve been obsessed with Revlon’s bronzer with a brush (Alba is a Revlon spokeswoman). They have a pinky one and a bronze one with a little shimmer. I usually don’t use mascara too much unless I’m looking really tired and puff-eyed. I curl my eyelashes and and brush a little mascara on the tips”.

Skin: “I have a good facialist. She does that thing that burns the bejesus out of my face for one second. And that’s one of the 80 steps she does. Her name is Shani Darden. When my skin’s really dry, I use La Mer. But I like Jurlique and Weleda for moisturizer and cleanser and a daily exfoliant”.

Body: “I make a concoction of different organic butters and oils and throw that on. Maybe I’ll throw in an essential oil here and there”.

Exercise: “I haven’t worked out consistently for a really long time.  I was supposed to work out today but it didn’t happen”.

What is your favourite Jessica style? Mine is the short brunette hair with the bang.

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