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Posted on November 1, 2013

Fashion Sisters: Swapping Style

Coats/ Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Zebra print denim and red gingham coat

Romantique and Rebel – that’s us, sisters with different styles.

Rebel’s signature look is  minimalistic and boyish. Her go-to pieces are biker jackets, high heels, skinny jeans, pop colours, bold pattern and Joan Crawford movies.

Romantique lives for cats, pastel colours, vichy gingham pattern, skirts, ballerinas and ruffled blouses.

So what happens when we swap roles for the day? This is exactly what we wanted to find out when we met in Berlin last week.

I styled Rebel in a red butter-wouldn’t-melt vichy gingham coat straight out of Grimm’s fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, from Max & Co. Completing the outfit is a romantic straw bag from Le Voyage en Panier, pointy flats from AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni, powder blue shirt from Geox and black denim from J Brand. A true Romantique outfit, don’t you think?

Red Gingham Coat from Max & Co

Red Gingham Coat from Max & Co. Black Denim J Brand.  Sunnies from Celine.


Rebel took me out of my comfort zone by styling me much more boldly  than my usual:  I am wearing graphic skinny jeans in zebra print from H&M, metallic sweater from Set, black ballet pumps from Rouge Bunny Rouge and red cross body bag from Picard.

Zebra print denim HandM, metallic jumper s

Zebra print jeans from H & M. Jumper by Set. Ballet pumps from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

I felt quite empowered in this unusual outfit! This  little foray into Rebel territory opened my mind to new fashion horizons. I think I might be dipping my toe back into this pool, stay tuned!

Little Birkin-esque bag from Picard. Wayfarer sunnies from Ray Ban.

Little Birkin-esque bag from Picard. Wayfarer sunnies from Ray Ban.

Posted on September 28, 2013

How to wear wardrobe essentials?

Coats/ Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe


We all read about them in every fashion magazine or fashionblog– the key pieces that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Does your wardrobe have the essentials? I relate it to sweets – we know they are unhealthy as uber-stylish pieces and vitamins as basics are very good for us. I guess that most have more sweets than vitamins in the wardrobe. The older I get the most I’ve come to respect and appreciate good old wardrobe essentials.

Here is my list of essentials and according to the list it took only 5 minutes to dress me up in the morning.

1.) black skinny jeans

2.) grey turtleneck

3.) Burberry Trenchcoat

4.) blue Converse high top

How-to-wear-Fashion-basics - Kopie


Posted on September 17, 2013

Roma Street Style

Denim/ Dresses/ Romantique/ Skirts/ Travel/ Wardrobe

Street style rome

Italy is a country in which police uniforms are designed by Giorgio Armani and “La Bella Figura” is a way of life. Looking good and having an eye for aesthetics is a national obsession in Italy. Walking down the street of Rome during our honeymoon, I enjoyed the elegant, expressive and sensual way Italians dress. In my opinion, the most stylish people of Europe! The German way of dressing is too practical, the English too eccentric and try-hard and the French can be too made-up at times. Italian style is the perfect balance between casual nonchalance and elegance.

Above picture: “Discretion is the opposite of vulgarity” – Giorgio Armani.  This stylish Roman lady does effortless chic in simple grey trousers, black shirt, jewelled ballet flats and a timeless Kelly Tote bag, cycling near Corso d’Italia.

Street Style Rome Maxi SKirt and Breton Stripes

Whilst  in Rome, I mostly looked dishevelled and exhausted from heat. Not so this trendy Roman: She oozes relaxed elegance in a nude coloured Maxi skirt and casual, off-the-shoulder Breton shirt while chilling near Piazza Navona. Viva Italia!

Rome Street Style monochrome stripes Dolce and Gabbana

Monochrome, block stripes were a big hit this summer at Dolce & Gabbana. This lady nailed the look with her horizontally striped top combined with a vertically striped puffy skirt and sandal wedges. Bellisima!

Street Style Rome on Vespa

The young fashion pack triumphs in red coloured skinny jeans, Cool Britannia helmet and sporty Nikes.

Street Style rome Trastevere

Rome Street Style in Trastevere

The lady in the green could be a flower child from the 70s with her turqoise rings, headband and long artisan earrings and necklace.


Posted on July 29, 2013

The mysterie behind the zebra’s signature print

Denim/ Rebel Alexa


If you wear a zebra-print outfit in a crowd, it nearly guarantees that someone will easily spot you.

However, in the jungle, a zebra’s stripes actually work as a camouflage to deter its main predators: lions and hyeans. Experts believe that the mass of stripes can confuse the predators by acting as an optical illusion that blends their figures together. Consequently, a group of 10 zebras may look like a giant striped blob that a lion wouldn’t want to take on solo.


(Greetings from H&M fitting room – zebra skinny jeans for 19,95 EUR)

The mysteries that lie behind the zebra’s signature striped suit in Fashion is the sophiticated black-and-white color scheme. The most importent colours in the future will be black and white as Li Edelkoort ( Lidewij Edelkoort is one of the world’s most renowned trend forecasters) mentioned in a interview. This is nothing new for Coco Chanel because she said during her lifetime: “Black has it all, white too.”


Is Zebra the new Leo?


Mini Couture offers to dress up your Mini in a zebra  print fashion outfit.


Earlier this year: Greeting from Zara’s fitting room.

Posted on July 7, 2013

Denim Patch Work Streetstyle & President Nixon

Denim/ Rebel Alexa


What the hell does President Nixon have in common with a patch work jeans? Is there a connection between Nixon, Fashion, Vintage or Retro?

Today, I just wore a patch work jeans by Maison Scotch and I photographed this Vintage PONTIAC GTO.


See the President election campaign sticker of Nixon from the 60’s: “Now more than ever”.

More than 40 years later, this car appears in Germany and reminds us of a political era long time ago. This makes the car to something very special because it is a piece of vibrant history, now on the streets in Germany!

PS. The building behind me, it’s the publishing house of DER SPIEGEL – Romantique ist reading Spiegel online every day to keep a connection from London to Germany.

Posted on May 31, 2013

Obsessed with star-print denim

Denim/ Rebel Alexa


After weeks of heavy rain in Germany, we finally got the summer, today! Let’s celebrate the sun, blue sky and star print denim!


The “stiletto star-print” jeans by Current/Elliottist is the most wanted skinny in terms of printed jeans. Everyone have been spotted wearing their star spangle jeans all around town. Fashion retailer Primark recognized this fact and voilá for 16 EURO you also can afford celeb’s favorite printed denim.


Marion Cotillard in J Brand to Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson, and Khloé Kardashian in Current/Elliot.


The patriotic print, which would fuse perfectly into your Fourth of July style, is so versatile it will instantly jazz up any ensemble.

I wear Primark’s skinny star print jeans.

Posted on April 20, 2013

Complete Look – White has it all

Coats/ Denim/ Rebel Alexa


As Coco Chanel said: “Black has it all. White too.” For this summer season I’m going to change the quote from: White has it all. Black too.

The complete look in white is for me the biggest trend this summer and so easy to do. For example I wear a white shirt by fruit of the loom, which I got from a Lufthansa overnigt survial kit as my luggage was lost from Hamburg to Los Angeles. Today, I combined the white shirt to jeans by Citizens of Humanity and my white Converse.


AfterI brought some food for the weekend I was looking at Zara for white fashion.

Ahhh and of course ZARA has a signature white summer 2013 coat, not only for brides this year a fabulous found!


Posted on April 15, 2013

Slogan Tee and Bouclé Jacket

Denim/ Romantique/ Shirts/ Wardrobe

Anna Wintour Slogan Tee

Slogan Tees  are attention seeking,  look-at-me garnments I steer away from – usually. There are T-Shirts for which I gladly make an exception – like this Anna Wintour Tee with one of  my favourite quotes from her: “You either know fashion or you don’t”.  For me, fashion is an expression of my personal style and how I want to be perceived by others, and that, you either know or you don’t

On styling the Slogan Tee, I’ve taken a style leaf out of Rebel’s book and combined the Anna Wintour T-shirt with a structured jacket (Bouclé Jacket) with limoncello Jeans from Luella.


Anna Wintour Slogan Tee from My Boo

Anna Wintour Slogan Tee from My Boo

Anna Wintour slogan tshirt

Slogan Tee and pleated skirt for the delicate look

Slogan Tee and pleated skirt for the delicate look

Posted on March 16, 2013

4 ways to wear the classic Coco Bouclé Jacket

Blazer / Jackets/ Denim/ Romantique/ Skirts/ Wardrobe
Max & Co boxy jacket SS 2013

Max & Co boxy jacket SS 2013

Few things are as versatile as the Coco Chanel inspired Bouclé Tweed jacket. In winter, you can wear the jacket under your coat, in summer, just wear it alone over skirts, denim or shorts. I own two boxy jackets: One black and white one with cream ruffled contrast piping  and a modern take on the classic in blue and white with chain metal contrast piping  from Max & Co SS 2013.

Above: This must be my favourite combination of the Chanel inspired jacket: Casually with jeans. The jacket gives the distressed denim just the right amount of  effortless chic. Boxy cardigan from Max & Co, Jeans from Stefanel, lace-up shoes from Attilio Giusti Leombruni.

Boxy cardigan and puffy navy-pink skirt from Max & Co SS2013

Boxy cardigan and navy-pink bubble skirt from Max & Co SS2013

The Preppy Look: This is a very  feminine combination: The puffy baloon skirt in satin from Max & Co and the cardigan, which is made of light cotton yarn, make an easy, pretty spring look.


Boucle Jacket and Shorts

Boucle Jacket and Shorts

Effortless, chic and very French: Boucle jacket and vichy gingham checked shorts, straw bag from Miu Miu and Pretty Ballerinas ballet pumps.

Boucle Jacket and sailor dress

Boucle Jacket and sailor dress

The all round jacket works with dresses too: I’m wearing a stripey navy dress from Massimo Dutti and nude Pretty Ballerinas ballet pumps.

Denim and boxy jacket

Denim and boxy jacket

Posted on December 30, 2012

Comback of the eighties – light blue jeans

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

We are so afraid of returning to the grunge look of the eighties and early nineties that we have so cautiously avoided them for so long. The light jeans of 2012/13 have a more posh, metropolitan flare you have to forget the old images of truck drivers, heavy metal and six-pack beer. How to wear light blue jeans? I got style inspiration of the Versace packaging “Baby Blue Jeans” Perfume. Let’s have a look on the colours – light blue and yellow are ultimate combo in this question and you can wear light blue jeans without fear.

The trick here is yellow comes strong and you don’t look faded out. You can also select a shirt that has a bit of structure and a dark color. I would never wear light blue jeans with tank tops, t-shirts, or flip flops. You absolutely must strike a balance between formal and fun.

See the casual look of lovely Miranda Kerr, you can copy blind!







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