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Posted on October 13, 2015

London in Autumn

Featured/ London/ Romantique/ Skirts

Primrose Hill Park Sicily Bag Street style london

After an atrocious summer, London spoilt us with lots of gorgeous sunshine and mild temperatues throughout September and October. I’ve been tanning it up on our balcony and have managed to push back the un-dusting of my winter wardrobe by a few extra weeks.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons: The warm golden light, the rich and saturated colours of the leaves fallen from the trees and the first few hot chocolates of the season.  London’s parks – Hampstead Heath and Primrose in the North, Hyde Park and Holland Park in the South – are the perfect escape to relax from the hectic pace of the city.

Wardrobe wise, , fall is the time to tone down the bright colours of the summer, seeing the return of opulent colours such as burgundy, forest greens and mustard yellow. These colours are not the most flattering on me, but I still love wearing them and like to freshen them up with a crisp white shirt.

London Street Style Sicily Bag Claudie Pierlot skirt

I’m wearing: Burgundy skirt with suspenders by Claudie Pierlot. Since my French colleague at work told me about this quintessential Gallic brand, I’m hooked! Their style is romantically French consisting of classic staples with a girly twist. Think (plenty of!) Peter Pan collars, sailor stripes, classic shapes and a calm colour palette.

Pastel coloured houses primrose hill

Love the pastel coloured houses of Primrose Hill

Sicily bag and claudie pierlot skirt CrOP Classic penny loafers by Segabo. Embellished Straw coffa bag by Sicily Bag

Posted on October 3, 2015

Highlights Florida, Part 3 – Key West & Miami Downtown

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Palm Beach

Life takes on a slower pace in Key West – I felt that all people, who are tired of a conventional 9-5 pm lifestyle, head to Key West. The motto there is: “We are all one human family” – and you can feel this tolerant attitude. It doesn’t matter where you are from, everything is possible, life is a party. The excessive pursuit of fame, wealth and recognition is not the goal on the island.


Biker Festival on Duval Street

The absolute highlight on Key West was our visit to the Hemingway House. The building exudes a special aura, there are lots of little anecdotes told about Hemingway. However, the actual attraction of the house are the cats!

Streetstyle Duval Street, Key West

There are 54 (!) cats living on the property, are all descendants of “Snowshoes”, Hemingway’s six-toed cats. All cats are named after fame celebrities: Ava Gardner, Edgar Allen Poe, etc. There’s even a little cat cemetery complete with memorial stones. Most cats at the Hemingway House are sterilized apart from a few exceptions who carry the gen of the six-toes and love philandering in the catty neighbourhood.

Papa Hemingway relaxing at Key West


Cat Arichbald


Maybe Cat Ingrid Bergman?

Typical cat! In the middle of Hemingway’s Spanish bed from the 17th century, this feline named “Archibald McLeish” is taking an afternoon nap, not phased at all about the tourists. Too adorable, this cheeky rascal!


Cat “Archibald McLeish” on Hemingways Bed

You can spend hours on the Hemingway property, playing with the cats (if they feel like it)!

Most of the time, they prefer to snooze, eat and have their own space, just being a cat basically.

Dont’ miss the small, nondescript book and souvenir shop near the Swimming pool to take back some amazing post cards and pictures for decorating your apartment back home.


On the way home to Key West, we stopped at Miami Downtown. The city skyline is shaped by new apartment blocks, commercial high rise buildings and grand luxurious Hotels, giving it the new name as “Little Manhattan”.


What I wore: Skinny pants by ZARA, Blouse by Ralph Lauren, Shoes & Bag by TK Maxx

Posted on September 28, 2015

Highlights Florida, Part 2 – Let’s go to Miami South Beach!

Featured/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique/ Travel

Miami has a lot more to offer than South Beach which is the main tourist attraction. South Beach was the start of my sight-seeing tour in Florida.

Here are my highlights of 4 hours in South Beach:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 1. Ocean Drive – The Ocean Drive is not just a simple road but THE road in Miami. The real stars of that road are not some celebreties or tourists pretending to be famous but the glamourous Art Deco buildings of 1st – 11th Street.


What I wore: white Blouse by MILAN, Pants by ZARA, Strawbag by Sicily Bag, Sunglasses by Fendi , Sandals by TK MAXX.

2. Art Deco Historic district: The Art Deco district, starting on 18th Street, is the centre of South Beach. The gorgeous Hotels with their characteristic facades, the salty sea air and the shimmering light – this is Miami.


3. South Beach – the cubistic inspired life guard stations scattered along the beach are a stunning examples of the classic Art Deco architecture. The geometric shapes paired with the poppy colours of the towers are a must-see – look out for the sugary pink life guard tower directly behind the Beach Patrol!


4. Road A1A – To ride along this road, to open the windows of your convertible, the sunset in your back, watching giant cruise ships passing by – this is the Miami life style!

karte-miami-beach-100 (2)


Posted on September 24, 2015

Highlights Florida, Part 1

Featured/ Rebel Alexa/ Travel


Welcome to Florida! In the past few months, I’ve worked like a slave so I was more than ready for some holiday and down time.  Longingly,  I‘ve been looking forward longingly to a bit over two weeks of vacation. Florida is known for it’s endless beaches with sand like icing sugar, tasty seafood, spectacular sunsets and  shopping.


The sun and surf makes you forget the grinding boredom of everyday life and the bad weather back home. 


What more do you want – Beach, sun an incredible blue sky, perusing USA Elle and an Organic Beach Cafe (in Lauderdale by the Sea Beach) just next door.


Easy peasy Beachstyle – Skirt by Tommy Hilfiger, Shirt by H&M, Bag from TK Maxx.

Stay tuned for more post’s about my vacation in Sunshine Florida!


Posted on September 22, 2015

London Fashion Week Part 2

Current Affairs/ Featured/ London/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

London Fashion Week September 2015 Jumpsuit

Day 2 at Fashion week: Another sparkling day in London, the sun soaked Soho’s alleys in a picture perfect warm autumn light; a photographers dream! My aim for the day was to mingle and network with fellow bloggers, creative enthusiasts and designers. Every year, LFW leaves me full of ideas and inspirations, newly found contacts, sometimes even friends.

On the street style front it was yet again the men who got all my style credits. Rocking classic style staples with a twist such as turtleneck jumpers, Oxford lace-ups with cork soles, velvet slippers & lots of 70s flair, tassels & mustard yellow.

On the ladies side of the equation, I was pleased to spot several pairs of Asos Pom Pom Mary Janes with midi heel. Fashionable yet comfortable, the shoes were definitely a fave for LFW visitors this year.

Enjoy the street style inspirations from London Fashion Week September 2015. So long, until February 2016!

London Fashion Week September 2015 Jumpsuit

What I was wearing:

An understated yet elegant jumpsuit, paired with a pink Chanel-esque tweed jacket was my outfit of choice. I knew I would probably go under in this subtle ensemble, yet I felt comfortable and let the accessories do the talking.

  • Cherry earrings by Les Nereides
  • Embellished straw coffa bag by Sicily Bag
  • Black jumpsuit by Max & Co
  • Pointy metallic strappy ballerinas by Max & Co
A common feature: Statement bag candy. Most preferred brands Saint Laurent and Chloe.

A common feature: Statement bag candy. Most preferred brands seen at LFW were  Saint Laurent and Chloe.

Little fashionistas start young in attention seeking

Little fashionistas start young in attention seeking

Glad to see the perennial winter staple, the duffle coat, at the Fashion week

Glad to see the perennial winter staple, the duffle coat, at the Fashion week

Chloe Drew bag, suede and lace.

Loving the texture clash here. Chloe Drew bag in Suede leather, suede leather skirt and lace top.



London Street Style Fashion Week September 2015 Golden Square

Soho’s Golden Square was the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of Brewer Street, this years fashion week venue. Visitors without tickets could still follow the shows on the live screens whilst relaxing in sun loungers.

Camilla Elphick Pez heels

London-based footwear designer Camilla Elphick is known for her quirky, creative designs. These PEZ heels are edible!

London Street Style Fashion Week September 2015

Loving the clash of sweet feminine and masculine here: The flowing silhouette of the pink culottes and the coat paired with the minimalistic, structured bag and  masculine penny loafers.

These ladies remind me of a 70s tv show...hmm which one was it..

These ladies remind me of a 70s tv show…hmm which one was it.

Relaxed elegance in glitzy boyfriend denim, grey blazer and silver Roger Vivier pumps

Relaxed elegance in glitzy boyfriend denim, grey blazer and silver Roger Vivier pumps

LFW September 2015 Asos pom pom shoes

Asos pom pom shoes: Definitely a fave for LFW visitors this year.

Photo credits: All photos taken by me.

Posted on September 19, 2015

London Fashion Week 2015 in Soho – Best of Street Style

Featured/ London/ Romantique
The Fashion shows were screened live at Soho's Golden Square. A quiet place to relax from the hustle and bustle of Brewer Street.

The Fashion shows were screened live at Soho’s Golden Square. A quiet place to relax from the hustle and bustle of Brewer Street. Models wearing DELA ÉVA Bags.

For the last five years, the stately and elegant Somerset House was home to London Fashion week. This year, organisers shook things up by moving the event to a hip & trendy new venue. A parking lot in Soho’s Brewer Street is one of five venues housing the best that  British Fashion has to offer.

The new venue (or should I say venues) choice is a smart one: oozing with that independant, slightly alternative London flair. The shows are centred around the densely inhabited Soho district, home to many pubs, gay clubs, sex shops & even mountains of rubbish bags (which served as sofas for some visitors).

It was great fun to immerse ourselves in that flair. As always at LFW , there were a lot of attention seeking, crazy outfits that in my opinion, didn’t have too much to do with fashion. This year, the gentleman were the true winners of London’s street style prizes. Dapper in sharply tailored suits and British evergreen patterns such as glencheck, tartan & herringbone.

These guys have swag, right?

These guys have swagger, right?




Soho's small alleys spilling over with Fashion week visitors. A great vibe.

Soho’s small alleys spilling over with Fashion week visitors. A great vibe.

London Fashion Week Soho 2015 MAx Co Dress Sicily Bag

I’m wearing:

  • Geometric dress by Max & Co AW2016
  • Silver, strappy pointy flats by Max & Co
  • Embellished straw bag by Sicily Bag
Head to toe in autumnal burgundy

Head to toe in autumnal burgundy

The most seen sunglasses at LFW: Mirrored, round Ray Ban RB3447

The most seen sunglasses at LFW: Mirrored, round Ray Ban RB3447

Wearing Mr Romantique's rose tinted, mirrored RAy Ban aviators

Wearing Mr Romantique’s rose tinted, mirrored RAy Ban aviators

Posted on September 15, 2015

Indian Summer at the Baltic Sea

Dresses/ Featured/ Romantique/ Travel


Romantique Baltic Sea Warnemuende

For the bank holiday, Mr Romantique and I packed our bags, flew to Berlin and rented a car to race down the Autobahn to Warnemünde also dubbed the “Berlin bathtub” due to its proximity to Berlin (212 km).

Most people, including Mr Romantique, don’t even know that Germany has not only one but two oceans, the North sea and the Baltic sea. I prefer the Baltic sea beaches, with their 1900 km of sugary white sand, picturesque Unesco World heritage towns, national parks and endless lakes. As children, Rebel and I would often go to the Baltic sea with our parents and spend long summer days on the coast.

altic Sea blue striped beach whicker chairs

Characteristic of the teutonic  beaches are the unique wicker beach chairs,  scattered along the wide stretches of white sand. Their blue, yellow, red or green striped design exudes maritime flair whilst they keep you sheltered from the wind and sun. You can rent these comfy wicker chairs daily or hourly.

Selfie with Mr Romantique at Warnemünde's cruise ship port

Selfie with Mr Romantique at Warnemünde’s cruise ship port

Warnemünde is great for relaxing on its wide beaches or strolling along it’s busy dock,  watching the cruise ships and ferries pass by. There are plenty of restaurants offering local sea fare. If you don’t feel like a sit down meal grab a fresh matjes (soused herring) sandwich from one of the many Backfisch stands for a delectable selection of local seafood specialities.

Baltic Sea Beac whicker chairs Warnemuende

Warnemünde has a textile beach as well as a natural beach. In Germany, this is a question of culture. While most “Ossies” (Eastern Germans) like getting naked, the more prudish West Germans prefer the bikini beaches.

I’m wearing:

  • Blue Vichy Gingham dress by Pinko – clashing picnic checks and the maritime stripes of the beach whicker baskets
  • Sicilian straw coffa bag by Sicily Bag
  • Gelato pink sunglasses by Celine
  • Sandals by AGL, Attilio Giusti Leombruni
Perch fish from the baltic sea and typical german fried potatoes.

Perch fish from the baltic sea and typical german fried potatoes.

Vichy gingham Dress. Straw bag at Baltic Sea

Posted on September 6, 2015

Berlin’s Strawberry Adventure

Berlin/ Featured/ Travel

Karl's Strawberry Farm near Berlin Street style gingham
If you’ve ever been to Germany during strawberry season, you will have noticed the über-cute wooden strawberry huts selling fresh organic German strawberries and home made jams. In Berlin alone, the huts provide 60,000 customers with delicious berries each DAY!

What once started as a humble strawberry farm is now a thriving diverse and sustainable business.

“Karl’s” owns over 6 big adventure farms across Germany, where children can drive tractors, get lost in a maze field, marvel at grazing European bisons or shoot down a slide on potato sacks.

I knew this sounded like the kind of fun Mr Romantique, a child at heart, would love! So last weekend, on a stinking hot summer day, we drove to the farm, just a short drive from the centre of Berlin.

Strawberry hut Karl's strawberry Farm near Berlin

Whilst the kids can run themselves ragged in the wonderful themed play areas, adults can lose themselves in the main hall; a rustic themed market place offering a range of delicious bio food, all containing strawberries of course! The seductive scent of cooked strawberries wafts through the air, bathtubs full of the superfood are made into jam (jelly for our American friends) right in front of your eyes. You can also learn to make your own jam, soap, bread and sweets.
Karl’s own organic bakery offers delicious bread and cakes that ooze natural goodness and are completely free of preservatives.

Strawberry jam Karl's strawberry farm near Berlin

Strawberry jam Karl's strawberry farm near Berlin

Can’t get enough of the antioxidant berry? Then you’ll love the homemade strawberry beer, strawberry gelato, strawberry wine, strawberry pasta, even strawberry Prosecco! Entry to the giant farm and most of the main attractions is free of charge; you only pay for a couple o the attractions, the food and other yummy goods sold in the main arena. I bought two big jars of fresh plum jam, apple juice and strawberry-rhubarb jam.

30,000 teapots Karl's strawberry farm near Berlin

The market hall walls are plastered with the worlds biggest collection of tea pots, 30,000 to be precise. Most of them are donated by customers.

Karl's strawberry farm near Berlin

Most of Karl’s attractions and interior design is made of recycled materials. The German word for jam is, confusingly, “marmelade”.

Street style Berlin gingham pink and sicily coffa bag

I’m wearing:

  • Pink gingham blouse by Gant (it’s a strawberry farm, I had to!)
  • Blue shorts by Moschino
  • Sandals by AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni
  • Pink sunglasses by Celine
  • Embellished Coffa straw bag by Sicily Bag
Mr Romantique strawberry farm near Berlin

Mr Romantique and the strawberry farm mascot.

Posted on August 16, 2015

Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt: 6 Ideas for Mother and Daughter Quality Time

Berlin/ Rebel Alexa/ Travel

Yesterday, I had a family day with my mom and dad in Berlin. After lunch at Straussberger Platz, my mom and I strolled around Gendarmenmarkt, my favourite spot in Berlin.  In this post, you can get 6 ideas on how to make the most of one hour mother- daughter quality time in Berlin-Mitte .

Berlin Summer Street Style 2015

Take a selfie with your mom and have fun!


Wedding shoot at Schauspielhaus – get inspirations for your wedding day!

Berlin Summer 2015

Buy French chocolate at French department store Galeries Lafayette and enjoy! Magnifique!

Berlin Summer Street Style

Take a street style photo of your Berlin outfit.

Dior Sunglasses 2015

Try 20 Dior, Chanel, Gucci and Fendi sunglasses with your mom at Galeries Lafayette.

Berlin Gucci Sunglasses

Mom is wearing DIOR, I’m wearing GUCCI.

Berlin Summer 2015 (3)

Be part behind the scenes of a film set at Friedrichstrasse.

Posted on August 5, 2015

Egadi Islands, Sicily: Back to the 50s Dolce Vita Style

Featured/ Italy/ Romantique

Cala Rossa, Favignana, Egadi Islands

Sicily’s best kept secret? The Egadi (Aegadian) Islands to the west of Sicily are a favourite of the impossibly bronzed Italian tourists. While most foreign travellers flock to the more well-known, chic volcanic Aeolian islands (Stromboli, Lipari et al), the lesser known Isole Egadi are still as unaffected by mass tourism as ever and maintain their sleepy, authentic charm.

The archipelago consists of the islands Favignana, Maritimo and Levante, reachable within 30 min by speed boat from Trapani.

Trapani Speed boat Egadi islands

Speed boat coming into the port at Trapani

A typical day in Favignana involves swimming in the crystal clear waters, strolling the piazzas and indulging in delicious Sicilian food. The island is small and flat, with cycling the preferred mode of transportation. Bike rental shops are plentiful, particularly near the boat port. Cala Rossa and Cala Azzura are the two most popular swimming spots – both boasting stunning, Caribbean-like water hues ranging from bright turquoise to deep dark blue.

Fitting right in with the 50s vibe of the island: I'm wearing a Vichy gingham playsuit and comfy Superga shoes.

Fitting right in with the 50s vibe of the island: I’m wearing a Vichy gingham playsuit by Max Mara and comfy Superga shoes.

The picturesque old town of Favignana gives off the impression that time has stood still since the 50s; men chatting in groups, women knitting on chairs outside their houses, kids playing excitedly in the narrow alleys. Enjoy a coffee and granita in the main square – Piazza Europa. For lunch, head to one of the beachside restaurants (we loved Lido Burrone) to savour the local specialities such as cous cous and fresh fruit.

The port at Favignana

The port at Favignana


Impressions at Favignana

Impressions at Favignana

favignana cala rossa romantique streetstyle max mara




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