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Posted on March 27, 2013

Dior’s Wonderland at Harrods

London/ Romantique/ Wardrobe
What. A. Dress. Stunning dress created by Dior's current creative director Raf Simons. It's made of thousands of applique, tiny flowers.

What. A. Dress. Stunning dress created by Dior’s current creative director Raf Simons. It’s made of thousands of applique, tiny flowers.

Oh the wonders of living in London! While popping into Harrods for my monthly fix of international magazines, I bumped right into the Dior pop-up store and exhibition on the 4th floor of the infamous department store.

While fashion exhibitions can be sometimes be dull and just confined to one single room and a few outfits, this project includes a cafe, exhibition, window display and pop up store, inspired by Dior’s relationship with Harrods. It’s a fascitnating journey through Dior’s history.

Liz Taylor at the Oscars in 1961

Liz Taylor at the Oscars in 1961

The exhibition also features actual dresses worn by famous icons.

French actress and our favourite fashion icon Marion Cotillard

French actress and our favourite fashion icon Marion Cotillard, 2012


Audrey Hepburn is wearing a crystallized, puffed tunic Dior creation, 1961

Audrey Hepburn is wearing a crystallized, puffed tunic Dior creation, 1961

Mini mannequins wearing Dior Haute Couture from 40 years in the mini fashion theatre

Mini mannequins wearing Dior Haute Couture spanning the last 40 years in the mini fashion theatre


Giant dollhouse – a mini replica of the façade of Christian Dior’s first ever boutique – which opened in 1947 at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Giant dollhouse – a mini replica of the façade of Christian Dior’s first ever boutique – which opened in 1947 at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

The quilted, giant lady Dior handbag is used as a screen to project images and videos of how the bag is crafted.

The quilted, giant lady Dior handbag is used as a screen to project images and videos of how the bag is crafted.


Harrod's Dior window display

Harrod’s Dior window display

Posted on January 21, 2013

Romantic Snowy London

Coats/ London/ Romantique/ Skirts/ Travel/ Wardrobe


Powder snow in London is very rare, so we made the most of the white winter wonderland this weekend. It was bucketing down snow from heavy grey clouds all day long.

Romantic Snowy London London

With my white Feyem puffer jacket, I blended right into the white magic. Black vintage pencil skirt from Piazza Sempione.

A pop of colour for the winter

A pop of colour makes my day so much brighter: Purple tights from Falke in colour Passion, black ankle boots “Sprinkle” from Kurt Geiger and purple woven leather handbag from Patrick Cox

Capturing the winter wonder land. Orange red Alice band from Max Mara. So I don't blend in with the snow too much!

Capturing the winter wonder land. Orange red Alice band from Max Mara. So I don’t blend in with the snow too much!

A fellow Wimbledon Park walker in toastily warm Ugg Boots

A fellow Wimbledon Park walker in toastily warm Ugg Boots

Romantique snowy London


Wimbledon Park

Snow and Palmtrees London

After winter, there comes spring. A glimpse of it I got the following day already, with the sun shining onto a palm tree in Earsfield, London.



Posted on January 19, 2013

Biscuit Boutique in Notting Hill

Cuisine/ Decor/ London/ Romantique/ Travel

Nothing is more invigorating than a stroll in London’s Notting Hill, even if it is a bitterly cold wintery day. There are always new cute shops popping up, like Biscuiteers, a biscuit boutique and icing Cafe in Kensington Park Road.

The beautifully decorated shop front, just opposite of my favourite Italian Restaurant, Osteria Basilica, drew me in straight away.  At Biscuiteers, you can’t only buy beautifully iced biscuits that taste as good as they look, but you can also get down to icing straight away!

Above: Puffer jacket from Feyem, gloves from Ugg, knit cap from Missoni.

The Gingerbread Buckingham Palace

If I’d live in Notting Hill, I’d have a pink door too!

The Parisian biscuit collection at Biscuiteers

Street Style London: Purple woven leather handbag from Patrick Cox.

Shelf at the Biscuiteers.

Yes, that’s the gingerbread Queen next to Batman and Superman!

Posted on September 23, 2012

London Street Style Belsize Park

London/ Romantique/ Shoes/ Wardrobe

This fashionable couple enjoys a day out on a beautiful weekend day in Belsize Park, an upmarket area  in North West London.  The name is derived from French bel assis meaning ‘well situated’. And that it is: It’s home to many celebrities, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Moss and Kate Winslet. I love the continental flair of the area with it’s many outdoor cafes, restaurants and tree lined boulevards.

Kyra is wearing: Pistol Booties from Acne, Parka from ABC, handbag from Danish designer Ellen Trujen at Couverture and the Garbstore in London. Kyra not only has a distinct fashion taste,  but is also the author of  The Misfit Economy, a much anticipated book on underground innovation. Check it out and follow her on twitter.

Ken is wearing: Tee from Urban Outfitters, Levi Jeans, Nike shoes and cardigan from Topman.

Kyra’s jewellery: Delicate dove necklace from Parisian boutique jeweller Virginie Monroe. Ring from Motion in New York.

Posted on September 6, 2012

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out London 2012

Current Affairs/ London

Every year, Vogue invites fashion lovers from all over the world to a shopping extravaganza. From Milan to London, from New York to Berlin: 19 countries are hosting the Fashion night outs, launched by Anna Wintour in 2009,  throughout August and September.

In London, the posh shopping mecca of Bond Street has been closed of and converted into a big street party: Designer shops have thrown their doors open for not only serious shoppers but fashion loving people.

Needless to say I popped along after work to soak up the atmosphere: Bond Street was awash with thousands of fashionistas (real ones and wannabes), bloggers, models , raconteurs and celebs. Enjoy the pictures I took tonight and make sure you check out your city’s fashion night out activities!

Above: Bond Street in Mayfair is the hub of the fashion night out in Central London: The crowd was spoiled with live music from open air stages, champagne in the shops, complimentary manicures and pedicures at guess, hair styling and much more!

The common sight of the evening: A photographer, SLR camera and models wearing outfits from quirky and stylish to questionable, as long as they were not boring!

The FNO Shirts were designed by Jonathan Saunders – you can buy them at many stands at FNO

No doubt, the most popular party took place at Mulberry: British Vogue Editor Alexandra Sulman co-hosted the super stylish party to launch this year’s Fashion’s Night Out event with Mulberry’s Creative Director Emma Hill. Early shoppers could grab goody bags!

Fashion lovers could also get their hair styled at the Hershesons hair station, with the famous 15-min-blowdry.

A pop up store of Hotel Chocolat served chocolate soup! What more does a girl’s heart desire?
Anna Wintour could not have ordered better weather for her FNO: A balmy late summer night provided the perfect setting to celebrate fashion
Naturally, a gelato cart was be parked outside the Missoni store all evening to supply friends and fans with tasty Italian treats.
Posted on July 30, 2012

Seaside Vichy Style

London/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Brighton is a very picturesque seaside town just 50 minutes from London. It used to be my home for 18 months when I first came to the UK, I met good friends there and it marked the beginning of my time in England.

For the day out, I’m wearing gingham Vichy trousers from gant, my trusted wedges espadrilles and a stripey boxed cardigan from Primark to protect against the chilly Brighton wind.

Vichy / gingham style tip: gingham doesn’t have to be tiny as it’s traditionally found. Lacoste and Trovata both expanded the size of the gingham pattern for a bold, graphic effect. The taller you are, the more over sized pattern you can wear – even the giant gingham can be worn my most.

Bold patterns look best with mono coloured companions. This  classic stripey box jacket is understated enough for a nice pattern clash that doesn’t look clowny

My large wayfarer cat eye sun glasses in sorbet pink are from Miu Miu. Perfect to complement the 50s trend!

Meeting the friendly locals

Posted on July 27, 2012

London’s Olympic Rock ‘n’ Roll Opening Ceremony

Current Affairs/ London/ Romantique

Wow, what a spectacular opening ceremony this has been!  The show had it all: James Bond whizzing the Queen  from Buckingham to parachute her into the Olympic stadium (!!), 400 NHS nurses (but lets not get started on the reality of the English health care system) and David Beckham in a speedboat. An ode to Britishness with references to Harry Potter and Mary Poppins, industrial might and of course the best of Brit Pop with songs from the Beatles, the Sugababes, the sex pistols, the Clash, David Bowie, Annie Lennox plus live appearances from the Arctic monkeys and Paul McCartney.

Despite living in London, I haven’t  been very excited about the spectacle in the run up to the Olympic games. But in the last few days, it has been impossible to ignore the collective excitement. The $42 million show was made possible with the help of 15,000 volunteers, many of them my colleages and friends who auditioned to be part of this lifetime experience.

Above: I am proudly showing off the Olympic old medal (I had to wear cotton gloves!) whose metal is provided by Australian mining giant Rio Tinto

Olympia Lane at Blackfriars Bridge

London in summer 2012 with two of it’s landmarks: St Pauls cathedral and  the “gherkin”


The city (here Regent Street) decorated in the Olympic spirit

Posted on May 14, 2012

How to survive the British summer

Dresses/ London/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Oh dear, what a spring it’s been here in London. Temperatures well below May’s average, coupled with rain & thick clouds have made me shiver each day on my way to work.
Britain’s notorious, unsettled weather is created by the clash of warm, dry air coming from the continent which clashes with moist, maritime air from the West.
This makes dressing appropriately a challenge! Weather changes quickly, so you should always be prepared for everything.
Above: Make sure to dazzle in your spring dresses but pair them with cotton tights (wool tights would be overkill)  to guard against the Atlantic breeze. I always carry a neutral cardi with me that fits in my handbag and can be thrown on anytime.
I’m wearing a floral dress  by Dahling and closed Spanish espadrille wedges in toast

My salmon coloured sun glasses are the iconic  Céline SC 1747 as seen on Linda Evangelista and Rebel.
Another German on the island: Claudia Schiffer braves the rain in a cute floral dress with short boots, a blazer and a scarf.
Don’t be afraid to mix delicate materials such as silk with leather boots. Silk Skirt from Stefanel SS 2012.
Posted on April 6, 2012

Romance in London

Jumpers/ London/ Love & Relationship/ Romantique/ Skirts/ Wardrobe

Spring is here, the temperatures are rising and the cherry trees are blooming. Time to go out and spend some quality time with your loved one, whether it is a partner or a close friend.

Mr Romantique and me in Primrose Hill, I’m wearing a Max & Co full skirt with waist belt and a leopard wool jumper. Grey blue woven handbag from Falorni and black ballet pumps from Pretty Ballerina.

Posted on January 28, 2012

London hairstyle

Beauty/ London/ Romantique

District tube line, 8 am: Two very trendy but different ladies showing off their trendy hair dos.

The girl in pic number one goes for the full on”TOWIE” glamour: Long, blond hair extensions, thick, heavy fake lashes, bling jewellery and the obligatory Chanel monogram handbag (from Turkey).

The lady in the below pic on the right sports the Anna Wintour bob – a graphic and accurat cut, glossy and shiny in a rich dark chocolate colour. Perfect for her oval face shape and such a timeless cut.

Which hairstyle of these two fashionable ladies do you prefer?

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