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Posted on August 14, 2013

Y by Yves Saint Laurent is a classic example of timeless perfumery

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa


“Grandma”, “Old Lady” – I’m so tired about such references. Scents definately belong to certain time periods, representing the current style and can smell “dated”, no doubt about it. But a good perfume is timeless and “Y” is exactly that!

Y is a classic example of timeless perfumery from 1964 – green, aldehydic,mossy, animalic, a chypre in all its glory. And if your grandma smells like this, God Bless her, she has excellent taste!


Y starts as a slightly heavy oakmoss chypre (just like Chanel No 19 actually) but brightens quickly to an enchanting green floral heart. It literally blooms on your skin, truly breathtaking in it’s beauty. You either like it or you don’t, you’ll either wear it or you won’t.


Y makes me think of an intellectual yet coquettish Parisian lady of the mid 1960s on a rainy evening, impeccably dressed in Yves Saint Laurent, dining gracefully at Maxim’s effortlessly engaging in conversations about politics, art and literature dazzling her male companions with both her looks and personality. For me, Y fits both the costume with high heels, a suit with brogues, to skinny jeans by J brand with Converse, as well as with chinos and Chelsea boots – Chapeau Monsieur Saint Laurent!

Posted on May 3, 2013

Are Trainers the new High Heels? How to enhance white legs?

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa/ Shoes/ Skirts


Will we see this summer season more trainers or high heels on streets? Are a pair of cool sneaks the new high heels? I like it to mixing up a smart or edgy outfit with a pair of cool sneaks.

Especially, I like combinations of sneaks and my floral pencilskirts. The outfit ist pretty easy to style: on top be classic, in the middle go on floral and on the feet be sporty & cool.


Today, first time in this year I went out without tights and oh my! my white legs!  What to do in this beauty case? How to enhance white legs?


I used my BB Cream by Clarins for my legs better than self tanning lotion! Keep a bottle of bb creme in your handbag to renew your legs during the day.


Posted on April 7, 2013

Spring French Beauty Buys

Beauty/ Romantique
Chanel Frenzy, French blue eyedrops, Guerlain eyeshadow palette Attrape Coer

Chanel Frenzy, French blue eyedrops, Guerlain eyeshadow palette Attrape Coer


Over the last month I’ve been treating myself to some Beauty goodies.  I’m so pleased with this latest haul that I didn’t think it’s fair to keep them all to myself. After all, sharing is caring!

French Blue Eyedrops Goutes Bleues

French Blue Eyedrops Goutes Bleues

  • First up are French blue eyedrops called “Gouttes Bleues” from the Opticalm eyedrop range. Like many people working on computer screens all day I suffer from dry, irritated eyes. An eye doctor  in Germany once told me that conventional drugstore eyedrops (like Murine, Optrex, etc)  contain preservatives that make the dry eye condition even worse! Instead, use eyedrops without preservatives in single use packaging Or “Gouttes Bleues” which is a natural eyedrop solution with an antibacterial and antioxidant effect, you can read more about it here.  It’s been around in France for over 60 years, popular with make-up artists and French women. The blue drops have been a real pleasure for my stressed eyes, very soothing, giving my eyes that sparkle back.

Chanel Frenzy

  • Spring is calling and I’m in the mood for light, pastel coloured nail varnishes. Chanel nail polish Frenzy, which was part of  the FW2012 range, is the perfect nude: A cool greige colour with a hint of lavender. I love it, it fits to any and everything, suits pale and tanned hands, a real allrounder.
Guerlain Attrape Coer Palette

Guerlain Attrape Coer Palette Review


  • Guerlain eyeshadow palette Attrape Coer: I was persuaded into buying this colour from a very skilled sales assistant and I’m so glad I did. The texture of this shadow is heavenly. It’s far superior to Chanel or other high priced luxury brands. Unlike other eyeshadows, this one does not emphasize wrinkles. I put the white colour under my brows and next to my tear duct, a subtle pearly shade that instantly wakes up the eyes.  The taupey-lavender shade on the left is perfect for spreading all over the lid. The lilac colour on the right is a bit more pigmented so I just put it on the outside corner of the upper lid. The dark shade is buttery soft and is great to use as an eyeliner.


In this picture I’m wearing the Guerlain Attrape Coer eyeshadows. As you can see, it’s a very natural palette which is what I love about this. The colours create a natural, fresh spring look.

Guerlain coer attrape

Posted on April 1, 2013

Elizabeth Taylor’s Bob Hairstyles

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa


What kind of hairstyle to what hair color? The question is popping up again and agian. I’m not expert on blondes because I never will be.


As a dark-haired, I would say signature hairstyle for brunettes it’s the bob.


I got inspiration from style icon Liz Taylor.


That’s my favorite – sixties style, straight length to chin.


Hitchcock’s brunettes from “North by Northwest”


Posted on March 23, 2013

Top five anti aging tips from a German Biologist

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa

A good friend of mine is biologist, he is marine biologist Ph.D. and I was very interested in his opinion on anti aging. It was exciting to hear his opinion offside from all woman, fashion and beauty magazines. Here are his top five tips by relevance from a scientific point of view.



 First of all a satisfying sex life is necessary to stay in a perfect body condition. At least two to three time a week sex should happen to you to keep your body young. Why is sex so important in terms of anti aging? No only that you burn a lot of calories as you have sex. You also keep your body hormones in good balance releasing endorphins in the first place.


 Thinking positive also works in the same way of releasing helpful hormones. You not only stay younger in mind but also keep stress factors away from your body and skin. Even though you stay in a better shape you also increase the chance of getting older that way.



As most people should know already drinking water is essential – nothing else but water. Two to three liters a day is your goal. All biological processes in your cells are driven by water including cell divisions and therefor the substititution of older cells.


Good healthy food is important too. Stay away from carbohydrates and stay with proteins and fat. Human digestion can´t deal with flour and sugar as the fine regulation of our blood-sugar level did not keep up during evolution with changes in the production of higher levels of carbohydrates in grain and several vegatables such as potatoes and sugar beet.


The most surprising news for all of you might be: less is more. Skin products should be based on simple and mild formulas beause many of the ingredients found in most of the products you use every day don´t help but stress your skin and your body. Products specially made for baby might be the best compromise for your daily skin-, hair and body care.

Posted on March 4, 2013

Brunette pixi hair cuts – are you ready?

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa

At the moment, it seems like half of hollywood is wearing a pixi hair cut or is it a selective perception? Anyway, again and again I think about to cut my hair from a  bob to a pixi. The question is, will a pixi suit my face? I’m brunette, so I studied all celebs brunettes pixi hair cuts.


 A pixi cut is a radical change. Am I ready? No, I’m afraid of scissors!

I had to find out whether a pixie will suit my face shape. The best way to find this out is  to use apps like magic mirror. To get an idea of what you will look like with a new haircut, it’s important to use a good close up shot of yourself.   Foto

Be prepared for funny and shocking results. See all my magic hair make overs from short, to red and blond. As a result, I’m done with the idea of a pixie haircut.  It’s a pretty cool haircut but not for me. And I learned I will never be blond or red.





Posted on February 16, 2013

Winter Beauty Buys

Beauty/ Romantique
Chanel nail varnish "Delight", Bobbi Brown blusher "Pale Pink", Chanel eyeshadow quad "Raffinement" and Bourjois eye pencils

Chanel nail varnish “Delight”, Bobbi Brown blusher “Pale Pink”, Chanel eyeshadow quad “Raffinement” and Bourjois eye pencils


Middle of Feb and spring still seems so far away in the Northern Hemisphere – February is the time I struggle on through the winter, having had a cold, feeling a bit sickly and self-pitying. Perfect excuse for some beauty pick-me-ups to make me feel better. I picked up these gems I find myself loving and using almost every day so I thought it would be worth sharing with you!

Bobbi Brown's "Pale pink"

Bobbi Brown’s “Pale pink”

I discovered Bobbi Brown’s blusher “Pale Pink” only by accident when an airport shop assistant recommended this colour to me after asking her for a fresh natural blusher. Upon realising that the shop assistant reached for this almost neon looking colour, I was determined I would never buy this colour. Never judge a book by it’s cover though, as this colour turns out to be the most natural, just-pinched, instantly pretty cheek colour I have tried out in ages.  It was only later that I discovered that none other than Kate Middleton used this gem for her wedding day.

Chanel Nail Varnish Delight

Chanel Nail Varnish Delight

Chanel’s nail varnish “Delight” is a golden bronze with champagne shimmer and surprisingly suited for every day wear. It doesn’t look over the top, despite it’s shimmer and foil like finish, and fits with most outfits. By the way, I’m not showing off my engagement ring in the pic on the right hand side.

Chanel Eyeshadow quad "Raffinement"

Chanel Eyeshadow quad “Raffinement”

In my never ending quest to find a natural, pretty eyeshadow for every day wear, I came across Chanel’s eyeshadow Les 4 Ombres in “Raffinement” from the Spring 2013 make-up collection. My go-to colour from this quad is the bottom left shade – a taupey sandy  brown. My only niggle is that the frosty champagne shade is practically useless because of it’s shimmer fallout – I found the shimmer on my nose, cheeks and chin – not a great look!

Bourjois Kohl and Contour Shadow and Light

Bourjois Kohl & Contour Shadow and Light

Bourjois’ double ended eye pencils Kohl & Contour Shadow & Light come in a dark shade and a light sparkly shade for the waterline to open up the eyes. They come in really great, wearable colours so it was hard for me to decide. I went for:

  • Brun &  Caramel: A deep brown and a gorgeous bronze shade.
  • Gris & Petale: A smokey grey and a shimmery light pink shade.

Tell us, what are your  beauty pick-me-ups to beat the winter blues?


Posted on January 30, 2013

Which Anti-Aging Type are you?

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa
Lauren Hutton - the Age Coper

Lauren Hutton – the Age Coper


The other day I read an interesting study about the different types of anti aging women. There are three different types of women and the way they deal with beauty grooming and the aging process:


  1. Lauren Hutton is an “Ager Coper”. Despite the pressure of staying youthful and beautiful, she tries to be natural and authentic. Her face doesn’t show signs of radical beauty alterations. She decided to not have her face ironed to get rid of wrinkles but instead she looks fantastic at 70 years old and not like a bugbear!
  2. Cameron Diaz is an “Age controller”. We are starting to worry about her because “controllers” have to urge to neutralise the signs of ageing which  doesn’t always end well. Age controllers use beauty applications such as laser, peelings, fillers and botox. To the contrary, when it comes to facial cremes, these women prefer soft baby cosmetics to help their skin heal. Hmmm, chemical peelings and baby does that go together?
  3. No doubt, Nicole Kidman is an “Age Fighter”. She goes through a lot of effort to ensure that she maintains her good looks and to fight the aging process each and every day. Botox is consumed in high doses: Age fighter don’t take half-measures. Invasive plastic surgery is the sheet ancor for women like Madonna, Carla Bruni, Demi Moore and many more!

So, which Anti Aging Type are you? I must admit that I am somewhere between “coper” and “controller”!

Cameron Diaz - the Age Controller

Cameron Diaz – the Age Controller


Nicole Kidman - The Age Fighter

Nicole Kidman – The Age Fighter


Posted on January 12, 2013

My Skinny Bitch Journey – Part I

Beauty/ Romantique

Ah, January, time of new years resolutions. This year I made a promise to myself: I will start looking after my body and eat healthily.

I never touched a diet or a book about nutrition in my life for the simple reason of the sheer volume of books out there, all based on different opinions. How am I supposed to know which one is right?

When Rebel lost a whopping 8 kilos last year after reading and living in accordance to the principles of the book “Skinny Bitch”, I decided to give this one a go. What I like about the book is that it’s not a diet, it’s a way of living! You can eat as much as you like, as long it’s the good stuff. Chapter by Chapter the book explains why certain foods are unhealthy and make us fat and it offers alternatives. It’s also funnily written and makes an entertaining read, I read it in just one day.

The cornerstones of the book are simple: Avoid the following foods and watch yourself transforming into a skinny bitch:

  • Meat – instead eat tofu
  • Dairy products – try soy or rice milk instead
  • Simple carbs – eat complex carbs
  • Sugar – try to cut out sugar and eat Stevia, an organic sugar substitute, instead
  • Eat Organic food – scrap Tescos

While I’m not too desperate to lose a lot of weight, I’d be happy to lose 2-3 kilos while living healthily. My main goals is to have energy again and feel better. I’m 7 days into the Skinny Bitch journey and already lost 1.8 kilos! Most of all I love this empowering feeling to be in control of what I eat: Whereas before my body was in control and dictated me what to eat when: Coffee to wake up, a pack of maltesers to spike me up in the afternoon, a glass of wine to wind me down from an exhausting day at work at home. Now I think before I eat: No I don’t need a coffee in the afternoon because I know I will crave biscuits to go with it. No I won’t eat a quick fatty mayonnaise sandwich for lunch because I’m too lazy to walk to a healthy eating place or to prepare something nutritious the night before.

Here are the first two cornerstones of the Skinny Bitch way of living. Whether you follow it strictly or just take inspirations from a few chapters is up to you. For me, cutting out sweets is hell – so for now I’m cutting down significantly on sugar, taking it step by step.

Here is a summary of the first two chapters on carbs and meat:

The carbs lie

The no carbs movement is complete nonsense: Carbs (the right ones) give us energy to function and provide important nutrients. You should make the distinction between between simple and complex carbs: Simple carbs (like wheat, rice, prepared food, cakes) have the nutrients of a toilet paper roll and consist mostly of sugar. They create a large spike in blood sugar, resulting in a crash soon after so we are craving even more rubbish! Eat complex carbs consisting of fibre and starch. They are released slowly into the blood stream for a stable and slow energy release, keeping us fuller for longer.

  • – Potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • – Rye bread (make sure it’s 100% rye, not just a low percentage)
  • – whole grain rice
  • – Quinoa
  • – corn
  • – hummus
  • – lentils
  • – cakes and biscuits made from whole grain flour
  • – fruit / veggies

Animal protein – you are what you eat

Linda McCartney once said that if slaughterhouses had walls made of glass, we’d all be vegetarian. I think we all heard about the horrific conditions of livestock farming. The transport to the slaughterhouse as well as the killing methods cause huge sufferings to animals such as pigs, who are more intelligent than 3 year old humans and can play video games! The human is an odd creature, cooing over their pets but happily eating cadavers of animals having lived a horrible life and died a torturous death (I include myself).

The book is not lecturing about all this at all, it simply tells the facts about modern live stock farming. The read was horrific and I had to fight back the tears reading about the suffering the animals have to endure. It’s up to you what you want to do with this information. In my opinion, you don’t need to eliminate meat completely, but you could start by reducing your meat intake.

Think about it: When eating meat, you also eat antibiotics, growth hormones, sedatives and chemical feed mixtures to keep the animals alive under horrendous living conditions.

Another reason not to eat meat is that the human body is not equipped to digest protein easily. Unlike carnivorous animals, the human body doesn’t have enough hydrochloride acid to break down the meat, resulting in the food to rot in our intestinal tract. Smelling poop is due to food that has been in the body for too long! Putrefied meat becomes a black, rubbery substance called mucoid plaque lining our intestines.

While I worked at a pharmaceutical company, I remember Oncology doctors holding speeches about evidence of the growth of cancer cells from eating red meat. Meat creates an acidy environment in our body, the ideal breeding ground for cancer cells.

Plants are an excellent protein source compared to animal protein if you are worried about not getting enough by cutting out meat. Did you know that edamame beans contain more protein than a steak?

Read more on dairy products and sugars next week of Part II into my journey of becoming a skinny bitch!




Posted on January 7, 2013

Rebel: Confessions of a Make-Up Product Developer

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa

It’s fair to say that Rebel is a real Beauty Guru with 15 years of experience as a make-up and product developer. She has been designing beauty products from the first idea / brainstorm to the finished product you will find in drugstores and high-end cosmetic stores, working closely with the beauty lab to design the ingredients of the product as well as with illustrators who design the packaging.
In her role as colour cosmetic developer, Rebel has been designing mascaras, lip glosses, bronzers, make-ups, blushers, lip and eye pencils,  nail varnishes and much more. In her job, she has to prove her creativity, innovative and outside the box thinking and her sixth sense for trends.

Interview with Rebel, the Make-up product developer:

 Q:  Make-up trend change so often, how do you keep keep up with the constant change and how do you know what will be trendy tomorrow?

Rebel: I am constantly reading magazines from all over the world and  keep myself up to date in the blogosphere. Travelling is a big inspiration as well. I never allow myself to fall behind, I am constantly online to be informed. Mix this with experience and training as well as intuition for the cosmetic market and an ability to analyse.

Q: When it comes to formulations of the products, how do you decide what goes into a product and why?

Rebel: I often get suggestions from raw material suppliers on which ingredients are trending, for example cranberry, sea buckthorn, ginger, hylaronic acid or Q10. I also develop my own ideas which I then realise with the R&D department. My most fun product was a lipgloss made of banana essence, tasting of cinnamon!

Q: You worked in global companies: Can you tell us what the difference is in designing make-up products for the British, American or French market?

Rebel: The US, Britain and France are way more innovative and fast moving compared to the German market. Americans are very open and like to experiment when developing a product. The French tend to get inspiration from the looks of Chanel & Dior.

Q: Which beauty brand is your favourite brand?

Rebel: I use a lot of Chanel (make-ups, nail varnishes and the Quattro powder) but I also try lots of drugstore products from any brand.

Q: What are the most essential items in your beauty bag you cannot live without?

Rebel: At the moment I can’t live without the BB cream from Maybelline and the Jumbo pencils for smokey eyes in black and brown by Maybelline, black mascara and a nude lipstick.

Nail varnish range “Blackbird”. Name, packaging and colours designed by Rebel.


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