Posted on March 4, 2013

Brunette pixi hair cuts – are you ready?

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa

At the moment, it seems like half of hollywood is wearing a pixi hair cut or is it a selective perception? Anyway, again and again I think about to cut my hair from a  bob to a pixi. The question is, will a pixi suit my face? I’m brunette, so I studied all celebs brunettes pixi hair cuts.


 A pixi cut is a radical change. Am I ready? No, I’m afraid of scissors!

I had to find out whether a pixie will suit my face shape. The best way to find this out is  to use apps like magic mirror. To get an idea of what you will look like with a new haircut, it’s important to use a good close up shot of yourself.   Foto

Be prepared for funny and shocking results. See all my magic hair make overs from short, to red and blond. As a result, I’m done with the idea of a pixie haircut.  It’s a pretty cool haircut but not for me. And I learned I will never be blond or red.





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