Posted on October 8, 2011

Boris shopping in Notting Hill

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Portobello Road in Notting Hill at the weekend is a great place to go – fun, lively, urban – and also a favourite spot for celebs to hang out as they can stroll along undisturbed, blending in with the crowd.

When we went to Portobello Road for lunch at our favourite Thai restaurant, I immediately noticed a very tall guy with impossbily bleached hair – after looking closer I recognised “Bobbele” – as we Germans call Boris Becker lovingly. He and his wife Lily quickly headed, unnoticed by the crowds, to their swish Mercedes car with Swiss number plate. They seemed quite strained and didn’t hold hands or showed any other loving gesture.

They shopped carring many bags of T-shirts from “Savage” – a great London T-shirt shops with quirky, unusual designs – at about £20 a pop, they are not even expensive. Boris and Lily seemed to have bought stuff  for all of their family and friends.  Check out London’s savage shop for cool T-Shirt designs.

A few Savage designs:

Nice car Boris!


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