Posted on January 4, 2015

Advanced style: Chic at 62

Berlin/ Coats/ Romantique/ Wardrobe
Advanced Street Style Berlin

Advanced Street Style Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt


How to be fashionable after 60.  Firstly,  forget about “age-appropriate” dressing,  and break fashion rules!

You can be stylish and feel good in your own skin without being wafer thin and following mumsy advice.

Our mother is living proof of this philosophy and a great role model for us!

On a bitterly cold day in wintery Berlin, she chose to wear a timeless but modern parka, lined with fur to keep warm. Skinny jeans emphasise her slim legs while an oversized cashmere jumper (under the parka) hides her tummy.

Investment in well-made shoes and high quality bags has always been our mum’s credo. If cared for, they will last you many, many years and will always look elegant. Her shoes are by Italian label Candice Cooper and her bag is by Bally of Switzerland.

As we get older we lose definition of the face, so a stylish pair of glasses can help restore that definition.

Berlin Street style Parka Knitty witters Hamburg. Bally Bag. Shoes Candice Cooper

Our mom wears:

As we all come to terms with ageing and getting older, we should never forget these mantras by which our mum lives:

  • Never give up and let yourself go
  • Don’t battle age; make the best of it
  • Dress for yourself
  • Wear quality, not fashion
  • Look after your clothes and shoes


Selfie with Rebel

Selfie with Rebel at Berlin Gendarmenmarkt



Emmy Copycat Rossum wearing our mums’ BALLY “Sommet” Satchel. Guess, who had it first? Mummy R&R, of course!



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