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Posted on May 27, 2015

Superga Fashion Icons

Featured/ Romantique/ Shoes

Superga Pink London Street style

I wore my first pair of Superga trainers back in the 90s. They were light blue and super cute! Mummy R&R, ever the fashionista, chose them, but because I was a rebellious teenager, I didn’t want to wear shoes that she had picked out.

Little did I know that decades later, these Italian tennis shoes would become a global fashion phenomenon. I’m well on my way to acquiring a stable full of these beauties!

A few weeks ago, I bought my first pink Supergas. My impressions after the first few weeks of wear? They’re a dream to walk in, fit with literally EVERY outfit in my wardrobe and are suited to a wide variety of situations. I’ve paired them with pencil skirts, dresses, Chinos and denim. I’ve worn them to work, to the park, and to a restaurant on date night! I can’t believe I ignored Superga for so long. Unlike Converse chucks which are flat and feel like you’re walking barefoot on the pavement, Supergas are super comfy due to their double insole and arch support.

Pink superga pencil skirt street style london

Street Style London

Above: A pencil skirt loses its grown-up, over-sexed allure when dressed down with casual trainers. Pair your summer dresses with a pair of white Supergas to avoid the garden party look! I’m wearing pink supergas, floral pencil skirty by Amphora and peplum top by GAP.

Superga white broderie anglaise Camden street style

With my romantic supergas in Camden! I’m wearing: White denim by Love Moschino, cross body bag with Moschino, breton shirt by COS, cardigan by Max & Co.

The mariniere look; white denim and Breton stripes, simply isn’t complete without a pair of white, classic tennis shoes.

You can get your Supergas personalised at the Superga shop in Camden, London.

You can get your Supergas personalised at the Superga shop in Camden, London.

Strolling in Camden

Strolling in Camden

‘Sprezzatura’, the Italian art of looking good without trying, works a charm with Supergas!

white broderie anglaise superga

Above: My white broderie anglaise Supergas are a mix of sporty and romantic. They have “Romantique” written all over them!

superga celebreties

A bevy of celebs loves Supergas: Alexa Chung, Michelle Obama, Chiara Ferragni & Liv Tyler.

Posted on May 23, 2015

Fashion Sisters Do Statement Earrings!

Accessoires/ Featured/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique

Statement Earrings bananas Les Nereides N2 tassel H and M

Statement earrings are a great way to dress up a monochrome office look and draw attention back to your  face, where it belongs! Rebel and I both love extravagant earrings, though with a different angle:

Rebel: I’m not someone for delicate, filigree adornments. My short hair is perfect to show off  big, opulent and glamorous earrings. Preferably in bold, saturated colours like the grass green tassel earrings I’m wearing by H&M.

Romantique: I love my jewellery cutesy and creative, sometimes even bordering on quirky and kooky! From French pastries to cherries and macaroons, my jewellery box is full of sweet treats I can indulge in without having to count calories! My banana earrings by Les Nereides – N2 Paris are real show stoppers. They are fun and summery and have the magical ability to instantly make me feel good as soon as I put them on!

Do you like Romantique’s whimsical and playful earring style or do you prefer Rebel’s grown-up glamour?

Reminiscent of Dolce and Gabbana's opulent style are these knock-outs by H^M

Reminiscent of Dolce and Gabbana’s opulent style are these knock-outs by H^M

Street Style London banana earrings

Street style London: Rocking my bananas with a yellow jumper, black skinnies by topshop and boucle jacket. Tweed bag by Zara.

Posted on May 16, 2015

Growing Into & Out of Fashion

Featured/ Rebel Alexa/ Shoes/ Trousers/ Wardrobe

I’m 44 and there is no age I would rather be than the age I am right now. This acceptance is something I hope I never outgrow!

If I had to make a list of things I have grown out of and things I have grown into, it might look something like this:

Spring Street Style 2015 (10) (659x800)

Things I’ve Grown OUT

Anything too tight.

Wearing (Mini) skirts and long hair.

Too much Jewelry that is fun and funky.

Trying to look too hip or too young.

I am not a bag changer anymore. That’s liberating!

Although this isn’t a wardrobe thing, I have outgrown spending my time doing anything that I don’t want to be doing with people I don’t want feel happy to be around.

Street Style Spring 2015 (11) (572x800) Things I Have Grown INTO

Having less clothing.

Wearing only perfectly comfortable size.

Wearing red lipstick, short hair and Spanx.

Wearing Sunglasses at any time, the most important fashion piece.

I usually stick with one purse when I find one I like.

Using more nail polish.

Floral Pants 2015 street style (23) (601x800)

Things I’ll NEVER Let Go

Simplicity. Less is the new more.

Converse and adidas Trainers.

Black, Black…wearing Skinny Denim and Turtleneck only in Black.

The white Shirt.

Using  professional foundation daily.

Street Style Spring 2015 (734x800)

List of outfit: Floral pants by Céline, Gazelle trainers by adidas, Sweater by Uniqlo, Sunglasses by Missoni

Kate Moss Wanted (17) (800x533)

Posted on May 6, 2015

My Little Chanel (-like) bags

Bags/ Featured/ Romantique

Zara tweed chanel handbag boucle

Who has £5000 to spare for a Chanel Bouclé Tweed bag? Or £3000 for the iconic, quilted Boy leather bag? Not everyone and certainly not me! High street giant Zara to the rescue….

Zara’s tweed messenger bag from the current SS 2015 collection is a dead ringer for the classic Chanel tweed bag, made out of Coco Chanel’s signature fabric Bouclb. Coming in at £39.99, this is a real bargain. The multi coloured tweed material and the heavy silver chain strap have a high-quality, solid  feel.

Zara tweed chanel handbag boucle

I’m all for sustainable fashion, i.e. having less things in my wardrobe but of higher quality.  But some things, like a Chanel bag, are just unattainable. A ghastly, Chinese-made replica is out of the question for me, but a quality high street version is a great alternative to the real deal.

My second Chanel-esque arm candy is a steal from TK Maxx. A quilted, dusty pink cross body bag by Italian designer LCredi. There are loads of imitations of the quilted “Boy” bag out there, but only few look so well crafted that they could be mistaken for the original.

London Street style chanel quilted bag sloane square

What’s your take on high-street copies of iconic designer bags? A perfectly wearable substitute? Or do you prefer to save up your hard earned and splurge on the designer label?

London street style zara tweed messenger bag boucle I’m wearing:

  • Black empire line coat by Max & Co
  • Tweed messenger bag by Zara
  • dusty pink quilted bag by Lcredi
  • pink oxford lace-ups by AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni
  • Tortoise sunglasses by Prada
Posted on May 1, 2015

Bobbi Brown at Vogue Festival

Beauty/ Current Affairs/ Featured
Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton at Vogue Festival 2015

Kate Upton, Bobbi Brown and Alexandra Schulman at the Vogue Festival Talk

Last weekend, I attended the Vogue festival hosted at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The yearly festival hosts a variety of inspirational talks and master classes all about fashion, journalism & female entrepreneurship.  The talk on “How to build your dreams” by Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton seemed like an inspiring  topic so I wasted no time in signing up for it. A rather grumpy Alexandra Schulman, chief editor of British Vogue, hosted the talk.

Bobbi came across as a refreshingly honest and a caring person. She frankly admitted, in front of Alexandra, that she doesn’t care for clothes but loves makeup. Dive with me into the key takeaways from the talk.

Alexandra: Did you always know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

BB: No, I never thought of running my own business. If someone said that to me, I would have run the other way.  I was, and am,  very naive, and in many ways that helped me in building the business as I always trust things will work out. I also never think I have to do something,  I just do what feels right.

Alexandra: What’s your life motto?

BB: Helping people where you can. I was raised to be nice and caring towards  everybody.

Alexandra: What do you hate about makeup? 

BB: Blue/purple mascara and contouring! Contouring has negative connotations as it implies that for example a round face needs when in fact most models have round faces. Make-up should enhance the Beauty you have, not trying to change it.

Alexandra: What are your hero products?

BB: The shimmer Brick is a great product as it consists of several colours to give dimension which looks very natural. Also, the foundation stick is a revolutionary product.

The hero product: The Shimmer Brick

The hero product: The Shimmer Brick

Alexandra: What product innovations are you most proud of?

BB: When I started out as a make-up artist, all foundations used to be pink, which did not match the colour of the skin tone. We all have yellow in our skin so I created yellow foundations that disappear into the skin, that’s when you know you  found the right shade of foundation! I was also always fixing bad lipsticks, mixing them with beige to achieve a more lip-like colour.

Alexandra: You are a also a designer of glasses, which are a signature look of yours.

BB: I love glasses, they hide lines and dark circles. People always ask me where they can buy the glasses I’m wearing. In fact, my glasses won’t suit everyone. My glasses range offers all colours and shapes to chose from.

Alexandra: Did you ever make mistakes during your career? 

BB: Of course, mistakes are part of life. We once brought out a range of neon colours – it didn’t work. It was too early, we were ahead of the time.

Alexandra: Why did you chose Kate Upton to represent BB? 

BB: She’s very relatable, comfortable in her body and coupled with healthy attitude, Kate is a role model who people look up to in the UK / US and Asia!

Kate Upton at Vogue Festival 2015

Kate looked absolutely stunning in this Dolce and Gabbana combo: High waisted monchrome gingham skirt and floral cardigan, topped up with lace pointy heels.

romantique at Vogue Festival 2015

Read more about the Vogue Festival and the fashionista visitors here.

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