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Posted on October 13, 2013

Advice for sallow complexions from Edith Head

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We are family but each of us has a different skin tone, hair and eyes – see above our mom, romantique and me. Here are some colour aura recommendations for famous stars from the book “Dress for Success” by Edith Head. Does your colour aura match of them? See wich star fits to R&R mummy, Romantique and Rebel.

1. Kim Novak = R&R Mummy: blonde hair, fair skin, brown eyes


Best colours: Blues, violetts, soft greens, golden beige, white.

2. Romy Schneider = Romantique: brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes


Best Colours: Apricot, mint green, pale pink, blue, pink-beige, medium shades of brown

3. Sophia Loren = Rebel: dark hair,olive skin, hazel eyes


Best Colours: Pink, peach, apricot, beige tones, ivory and black, clear red and charcoal gray


Edith Head advice for swallow complexions is:

” Stay away from all colours that have yellow casts: yellow, yellow-beige, orange-red, yellow-browns, gold and tan – regardless of the other colours in your picture (eyes and hair). Light colours like pastels and white are good because they tend to make you look tan rather than yellowish. You can wear black, but it is best to have some lighter colour, in form of collar or trim, near the face.”

Posted on October 12, 2013

Best of Italy: Lecce, the Florence of the South

Italy/ Romantique/ Travel
I am wearing a floral Max Mara dress and Moschino cross body bag. Sandals from Attilio Giusti Leombruni

I am wearing a floral Max Mara dress and Moschino cross body bag. Sandals from Attilio Giusti Leombruni

The opulent artistic style of the Baroque is my favourite  architecture: Romantic cherubs, minutely detailed facades and domes that create emotion and drama. For my wedding, I chose a 1700s baroque Roccoco venue in Berlin and it was only natural to book our honeymoon to Rome, where the baroque architecture started, follwed by a lazy beach holiday in Puglia and a day trip to nearby Lecce.

Lecce is the only city tourist destination south of Naples. Known as the “Florence of the South” or “Little Rome”, the historic town is a feast for the eyes, a masterpiece of baroque architecture. Floral pattern and  mythological figures adorn the ornate buildings. Our Italian landlord recommended we visit at night when the town is lit up. A magical time to go there and stroll in the picturesque alleyways and marvel at the wonderfully over-the-top-facades of the Santa de Croce Church.

As if this is not enough, Lecce also boasts a Roman amphitheatre and theatre  in the middle of the centro storico.

Basiliica of St Giovanni Battista in Lecce

Basiliica of St Giovanni Battista in Lecce

Mr romantique strolling along the alleyways

Mr Romantique strolling along the alleyways

Lecce's ruins of a Roman amphitheatre

Lecce’s ruins of a Roman amphitheatre

Entrance to Lecce's centro storico

Entrance to Lecce’s centro storico

Remember Dolce and Gabbana's wonderfully baroque AW 2012 collection? Inspired by the opulent churches and the baroque if Italy

Remember Dolce and Gabbana’s wonderfully baroque AW 2012 collection? Inspired by the opulent churches and the baroque if Italy

Alleyway Lecce Italy






Posted on October 10, 2013

Mermaids is my iconic fashion movie

Movie & Books/ Rebel Alexa


Take an eccentric, single, Jewish mother (Cher) who leaves town at the hint of the slightest problem, add a confused teenage daughter (Winona Ryder) who wants to be a nun but has a healthy case of raging hormones, throw in a precocious younger daughter (Christina Ricci) who amuses herself by seeing how long she can hold her breath under water, mix with a shoe salesman (Bob Hoskins) with the hots for mom and a caretaker from the local convent who is the subject of daughter number one’s hots and you have a mess…and a fair little dramatic comedy produced in 1990!


Mermaids is an excellent movie set in the mid-60’s and my iconic fashion movie because Winona Ryder’s look is absolutley iconic. Long time before It Girl Alexa Chung wore collar and bob, Winona Ryder interpreted the schoolgirl look. This is Wynona Ryder’s best film. She’s so well put in this film. Cher is the great as well as Bob Hoskins. I think everyone should see this film because you will laugh, cry, and be tickled to death by the oscar caliber preformances! Do not miss this film for anything. You’ll treasure it for all time.


To know the movie watch it believe me it is an quirky, entertaining piece!


Posted on October 8, 2013

Berlin – Advanced Street Style

Bags/ Berlin/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe


Today, I styled my mom for a mother-daughter quality time day in Berlin. I wanted a new look for her with existing clothes from her wardrobe. I like to see my mom if she wears  a pure and clear style with a little young and modern twist. That’s why I selected for her a full basic black outfit and for the twist I added red lace up’s and a Parka.


What she wear: Jacket by Woolrich, Skirt by Marc Cain, Shoes by Fratelli Rossetti, Bag by Cavalli, Sunglasses by Céline

Posted on October 7, 2013

Best of Winter Coats AW 2014

Coats/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Best of Winter AW2014 coats

My favourite piece of clothing has always been the dress – up until autumn 2013 that is.  After having scanned this seasons coats, I declare the coat as the quintessence of my wardrobe! After all, the coat is the fashion icon par excellence!

From classic duffle coats in chic egg shape to feminine dress coats – there is a shape for everyone. But this is not all: This year, forget about depressing winter colours like black, forest green or deep plum – this years winter coats come in bright colours – mustard yellow, poppy red, neon orange, royal blue and powder pink. This season is about surviving the dark, long winter months in vibrant hues. What colour will you be rocking this year?

Zara's poweder pink power coat AW 2014

Zara’s Powder pink power coats:

Left: Zara’s straight cut, short car coat in pastel pink for a sweeter than sweet treat. Right: The classic blazer coat in pure lines for a minimalistic look in a soft pastel pink.

Little Red Riding Hood Coat AW 2014

 Litte Red Riding Hood Coat

Impeccably ladylike: high-waisted, snug through the torso, pleats from the waist create a flared shillouette. Double breasted shetland wool coat.  Step into Grimm’s fairy tale in this cute coat! From Max & Co AW2014.

Yellow egg shaped duffle coat

The Sunny Duffle

The Duffle coat is a sporty classic and so chic in this cute egg shape and the bright mustard yellow colour. LOVE! From Max & Co AW 2014.

Max & Co Coats

More coats from my favourite Italian High Street Shop Max & Co:

Left: Royal blue Mohair Straight coat, styled with bordeaux penny loafters. Right: Powder Pink A – line cut Car Coat.

Posted on October 5, 2013

Best of Italy: The dreamy fishing village of Gallipoli

Dresses/ Italy/ Travel

Gallipoli Italy

What is the perfect place for a romantic honey moon? Exactly, Italy, the land of Dolce Vita and La Bella Figura. After 3 days of touring the eternal city of Rome, we spent seven relaxing days on the beautiful coast of Puglia, the southern heel of Italy. Gallipoli is located on a limestone island,  capturing  the romantic charm of Italian fishing villages and the rustic Mediterranean. Reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana’s ad summer 2012 ad campaign, Gallipoli oozes the essence of Southern Italy. Enjoy the beautiful pics of Bella Italia!

I am wearing: For an overcast but warm day in Gallipoli I’m wearing all Italian!  Vichy checked dress from Max & Co, metallic sandals from Attilio Giusti Leombruni, cross body bag from Moschino and Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 sunglasses.

Ingredients for Dolce and Gabbana's ad campaigns? Take a gorgeous model, throw in rustic Italian seaside setting, garnished with a little black lace dress and matching lace tote bag.

Ingredients for Dolce and Gabbana’s ad campaigns? Take a gorgeous model, throw in a rustic Italian seaside setting, garnished with a little black lace dress and matching lace tote bag. Viva Italia!

Gallipoli Italy fishermen and nets




Narrow alleyways, a typical site in Gallipoli's historic heart

Narrow alleyways, a typical site in Gallipoli’s historic heart

All Italian! AGL shoes, moschino bag and max & co dress

All Italian! AGL shoes, moschino bag and max & co dress


Gallipoli Fishing

Watch the fisher men sell their fish after a day out on the sea after 17.30.


Posted on October 3, 2013

Claudia Cardinale – Italian beauty at her best

Rebel Alexa


The 1960s produced some of the most iconic actresses of modern film—figures that we still revere for their style and nonchalant beauty.

Claudia Cardinale embodied all the wow factors of a 60s starlet: big hair, cat eyes, a seamless hourglass figure, and a raspy, unforgettable voice. This year marks the 50th anniversary of three of her most memorable movies: The Leopard, Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2, and The Pink Panther. To celebrate, we savor the moments of the Mediterranean beauty at her best.

claudia cardinale leopard coat use claudia-cardinale-1960s-bombshell-italy.sw.14.claudia-cardinale-movies-ss10


Posted on October 2, 2013

Organic Sunglasses Made of Wood

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa


Last weekend I went to a design exhibition in Hamburg and I discovered a funky eyewear brand called “Kerbholz”. Four young students from Cologne contribute to the eco trend with their new label. The design of the eyewear combines retro with purism for a pleasant modern look.


The design of the glasses is classic and timeless, and have been available in a similar form for over 50 years. The Company said: It was a deliberate decision, because not the shape of the glasses but the wood, a renewable raw material, will become the center of the design and will be re-discovered in this classic way.


The Sunglasses are made partly in China but the company is working to get a BIO certification for their production.

If you want to give up big brand names and plastic “Kerbholz” could be your new brand for stylish sunglasses made of  wood.


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