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Posted on December 30, 2012

Comback of the eighties – light blue jeans

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

We are so afraid of returning to the grunge look of the eighties and early nineties that we have so cautiously avoided them for so long. The light jeans of 2012/13 have a more posh, metropolitan flare you have to forget the old images of truck drivers, heavy metal and six-pack beer. How to wear light blue jeans? I got style inspiration of the Versace packaging “Baby Blue Jeans” Perfume. Let’s have a look on the colours – light blue and yellow are ultimate combo in this question and you can wear light blue jeans without fear.

The trick here is yellow comes strong and you don’t look faded out. You can also select a shirt that has a bit of structure and a dark color. I would never wear light blue jeans with tank tops, t-shirts, or flip flops. You absolutely must strike a balance between formal and fun.

See the casual look of lovely Miranda Kerr, you can copy blind!







Posted on December 28, 2012

Can’t get enough of Printed Jeans

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

Lots of celebs and myself can’t get enough of printed jeans, whether they are tie-dye, floral, splatter painted or star prints.

The key to pulling off this trend successfully is by wearing a more neutral, simple top with your bottoms.

I don’t really make a distinction between winter and summer wardrobe. Why printed jeans only for Summer? No, rock the Winter in your printed jeans from Sumer and then you don’t need Prozac as an antidepressant medication.

I WEAR: Coat by Calvin Klein, Jeans by Siwy, blue men’s sweater, Boots by Hogan and leo cashmere scarf

Current/ Elliot Windowshopping Hamburg Eppendorf

I want it all but my favorits are Current/Elliott – what else?!

Posted on December 27, 2012

Take a Dog Wellie Boots Walk


Before 2005, Hunter Wellington Boots were worn by fisherman, World War II soldiers, tough guys traversing the unpredictable Scotland terrain and by Queen Elizabeth II. And then came the “Kate Moss Effect” as she walked into the Glastonbury wearing short shorts and a pair Hunter – still a fashion statement, today.

There are many brands of wellies out there now and no matter the season or weather, wellie boots are always in style. I wear my pair of printed brown dogs Wellibob ankle boots always with skinny jeans on sunny or gray days, through rain and snow, down city streets or sea or dog walks.

The Joules Classic Wellibobs ankle boots offering great style and fun and are lined with faux fur to make them super soft and comfy whilst keeping your feet warm and snug. No question, Hunter Wellington Boots are classic and the Porsche under Wellies but for me Joules Wellibobs have a great selection of colors, prints and styles and gives me a) the Kate Moss Effect AND b) lots of Fun.


Posted on December 26, 2012

Pop coloured tights

Accessoires/ Romantique

Don’t shy away from bright coloured tights as they are a great way to add some excitment and fun into the grey winter. You can chose if you prefer a subtle accent or want to go full blown bright.

If you prefer a simple accent like me, keep your clothes and accessorizes in discreet, complementary colors.

Above: I’m wearing a grey pleated wool skirt from Stefanel, red hot tights from Falke (it’s Christmas after all), a dark navy cardigan, black ankle boots “Sprinkle”  from Kurt Geiger and leather gloves from Ugg.

I am wearing Falke Pure Matt 50 den rights in “lipstick”.

Houndstooth is far more interesting if you add a bold leg color. Cobalt blue, bright yellow and bright red are all good choices. Keep the suit or dress simple and then add the leg color. The shoes can be black patent or the same color as the tights.

The model in red goes for the Mod look: Match your tights to the rest of the outfit. This combo gets extra points for the slimming effect! Houndstooth and monochrome checks (first model) is far more interesting if you add a bold leg color. Cobalt blue, bright yellow and bright red are all good choices. Keep the suit or dress simple and then add the leg color. The shoes can be black patent or the same color as the tights.

Red hot tights from Falke at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

Posted on December 25, 2012

Romantic Merry Christmas

Accessoires/ Berlin/ Decor/ Romantique


Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year, even though I dread the cold! This year has been extra special: Mr Romantique and I just got engaged and spent a warm holiday in Australia and are currently in the middle of a 10 day holiday in Berlin over Christmas filled with traditional German Christmas meals (goose, dumplings and red cabbage), lots of sweets and Christmas market visits. From next week onwards,  I will go on a diet to lose all the extra pounds. In the meantime I will indulge in the xmas goodies.

The Nutcracker Ballet is the most wonderful romantic ballet in the Christmas season – after all, E.T.A. Hoffman, the author of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King Novel, on which the ballet is based, was one of the most influential writers of the romantic movement. When I was little, I went to see Rebel dancing in this ballet for the German State Opera, back when she was a professional ballet dancer. Over a number of years, she played various roles – mouse, snowflake, child –  in the nutcracker ballet.

Want a sneak look at what Santa delivered?

An adorable Thomas Sabo gingerbread charm. Here he’s dangling off a gingerbread house.

What a great present from Rebel: French actress and model Laetitia Casta poses for Karl Lagerfeld for his Little Black Jacket exhibition which currently tours around the world.

I absolutely love these long,  caramel coloured leather gloves with white furry cuffs from Ugg – they can be shown off best in a coat with 3/4 sleeves length – think Michelle Obama!

Giant wooden christmas pyramides at Alexanderplatz Xmas market in Berlin

Our Christmas tree on the balcony.

Christmas music box in the shape of a retro TV – groovy!

We would love to hear how you spend xmas, what’s the tradition in your country, what presents did you give and get?


Lots of Love,

Romantique xox


Posted on December 21, 2012

Berlin: Little Black Jacket


While you can’t get good jobs in Berlin, you can see great exhibitions like Chanel’s “Little Black Jacket” where admission is free. Yes, in Germany for good jobs you have to go to the province and for great fashion you have to come back to the capital city….et voilá here are some impressions from my I-phone.

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt



Posted on December 21, 2012

Put a ring on it – How to find the perfect engagement ring

Accessoires/ Romantique
Christmas time is engagement time – I’m sure every one of you who is married and was given an engagement ring, became a connoisseur of diamonds during the search for the perfect engagement ring. After all, the engagement ring symbolises a lifetime together.
I was lucky enough to be given a diamond from Mr Romantique’s mother: The sentimental value of a stone like this cannot be paid for!
We already had the stone, but the search for the setting and the actual ring was quite overwhelming and confusing!
During hours of internet research and having spoken to many jewellers, from big names to smaller family jewellers, we learned a lot about rings, diamonds and the process of making them.
Here are my key lessons learned from our ring research which I hope will help you finding your perfect engagement:
The Diamond
The 4 C’s: Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat Weight determine the quality of the diamond. You can read more details about it here.
In my opinion, a 0.6 – 1.2 carat diamond is the perfect size. This of course also depends on your budget. Everything above 1.2 carat can look tacky and worse, like costume jewellrey.  I prefer the centuries old Brilliant cut which shows off the diamond to it’s perfection, making it sparkle in 100000 ways.
The Setting
The setting of the ring is the construction that holds the diamond. It consist of the band and the setting.Prong/Claw setting:Did you know that Tiffany is not only  a diamond authority and the market leader in engagement rings, but they also set the trend for the band and style of the engagement ring? Every 10 years Tiffany changes this style and the whole world of jewellery tends to follow. At the moment, this Tiffany setting is a solitaire diamond held by a 6 prong claw setting. The prong setting pulls the diamond up into the light and at the same time protects the diamond.

I went for the classic Tiffany setting as it is minimalistic and beautiful and will fit with every style of clothes. The shank of my ring, featuring the small “windows” has been around for hundreds of years, I loved the idea of such a timeless ring.

The myth says that the claw (prong) setting lets through more light than a bezel setting, which surrounds the diamond like a turtleneck jumper. That’s not actually true because diamonds are designed to reflect light from the top, not from the sides or the bottom. So don’t be put off by a bezel setting. The below pic shows my engagement diamond in it’s original setting before we had it reset.

White gold, platinum, gold or even rose gold? These are the questions when looking for a ring. It depends on your budget (platinum is 40% more expensive than white gold) and also on your preference. Various jeweller told us that platinum is more malleable, i.e. if you hit your ring accidentally, the whole setting of the ring might shift, whereas gold will scratch.
Both metals need maintenance once every two years: Platinum needs polishing and white gold needs rhodium plating to preserve the white colour. I chose the white gold simply because I like a ring to get scratched a bit rather than the high polish look of the platinum.

Hand crafted versus cast rings

A “cast” ring is a one where the jeweller uses a “ready made” design, in which your stone is set. This is typically what can be found in high street jewellers with attractive retail pricing and many standard designs to choose from.   There is nothing inherently wrong with these designs – many look fabulous – but if you’re wanting something that is unique and/or designed to seamlessly show off a certain stone, you need to go for a bespoke crafted piece. This means that you specify what you want, and the jeweller makes it.  Jewellers won’t tell you this, but most bespoke rings will also be based on a skeleton cast made of your chosen metal, around which your design is built.  This saves labour costs, and makes the end product more cost effective and shouldn’t in any way be viewed as a negative.

My ring was handmade, it is slightly tapered to make the diamond look bigger. I chose the band itself to be a bit bigger to give it a weightier feel and because wider bands are a better fit for my hands. This is the widest I could get, without overpowering the diamond.

Me being a happy bunny with the new engagement ring.

Posted on December 21, 2012

White Jeans: all-year-round like Emmanuelle Alt

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

If you thought wearing white jeans means: ‘My Name is Liz Hurley and I have very bad taste let’s have a look to Paris and at Emmanuelle Alt.

To look contemporarily chic you have to go for white jeans even in Winter. I don’t think you can forsake black jeans if you live in northern climates. But some of the überest of über fashion creatures have been wearing white jeans in rotation with dark; lead, as is so often the way with über-movements, by French Vogue ‘s editor-in-chief, Emmanuelle Alt.

Fiona Collins, head of Gap UK’s PR, says she’s been eyeing up “a grey-ankle-sock-and-camel-coloured-sandal combination, which looks incredibly chic with white. But the jeans need to be the right length,” she cautions: just above the ankle, where, if you’re genetically blessed, there will be an oh-so feminine little indentation. “A teeny kick-flare is nice, or the French pencil straight look. And don’t get hung up on that pristine look. It’s fine if they get a bit of dirt on them.”


white/pastell Jeans by Bally, Jacket by Closed, Biker Boots by Hogan

Picture from Chanel exhibition “Little Black Jacket” – a white jeans and Chanel’s LBJ my absolute favorite look


Posted on December 20, 2012

Jessica Pare’s ’60s Hair and Makeup Seductress


One of the fashion, makeup highlights of 2012 came from Jessica Pare, who kicked off season five of AMC’s Mad Men with a sultry rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou.” “It takes me anywhere from 10 minutes to five hours to get into Megan Draper hair and makeup,” says Jessica Pare. Her scene-stealing moment, which included cat-eye makeup and a 1960s bouffant, sealed her character’s transformation from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s pretty secretary behind the desk to Don Draper’s fearless, sexy young wife.

For the look, makeup department head Lana Horochowski says she drew inspiration from a young Sophia Loren, Twiggy and Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra. She used M.A.C cream liner in “Pure White” all over Pare’s eyelids and added a touch of color with Nars frosted blue “Heart of Glass” eye shadow.

And what about Megan’s hair? “There was a whole lot of hairspray used in the ’60s, and it would have been easy to plaster Jessica’s hair in place for a 14-hour day of shooting, but I wanted it to look hot and sexy and still move really well,” says David Danon, haistylist of Mad Men.

If I see the hair of Megan, I have to think of the iconic hair style of Jackie Kennedy. Megan’s hair is the granddaughter of Jackie – a dark brown bob is forever fashionable.

My signature hair style, a bob sometimes longer or shorter but less hairspray and cement look as in Jackie times.



Posted on December 19, 2012

Gingerbread house Décor

Accessoires/ Decor/ Romantique

Remember the witch house in the Brother’s Grimm fairytale Hansel and Gretel? The haunting story about a cannibalistic witch is not for the faint hearted children, but I remember when listening to that fairytale as a kid, I loved the idea of a cottage made of cake and confectionery!

The Gingerbread House (in German “Lebkuchenhaus” or “Pfefferkuchenhaus”) ,made of harder German style gingerbread, is not only fun to build when you have kids, but they also make a lovely xmas decoration.  I especially love the scent of spices the house exudes!

Above: My gingerbread house’s roof is covered in yummy “Pfefferkuchen” standing on an Alessi plate. I opted for the snowman guarding the house simply because the Hansel and Gretel version was sold out!

Gingerbread houses are a popular form of art in Europe, major centres of gingerbread mold carvings include Lyon in France, Pest in Hungary, Nuernberg and Ulm in Germany, Pardubice and Prague in the Czech Republic and Torun in Poland.  The people of Bergen in Norway even build a city of gingerbread houses each year before Xmas!

Yes I could take my gingerbread house obsession to the next level and get these cute gingerbread earrings from Parisian costume jeweller Les Nereides.

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