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November 2012

Posted on November 16, 2012

Romantique getting hitched!

Love & Relationship/ Romantique

Wow, what a week it’s been for me! I got a wedding proposal from Mr Romantique (who technically is not Mr Romantique because we were living in sin) and got spoilt rotten on my Birthday just a few days later!

So how did he pop the question? Last week Thursday, I was asked to not come home before 19.00. Mr Romantique explained he planned a romantic dinner at home (because we usually slouch on the sofa eating dinner while watching Dexter or Mad Men).


When I opened the door, Mr Romantique welcomed me in my favourite shirt of him (“Chester” in Raspberry from Reiss) with my favourite gourmand perfume angel men and his hair impeccably styled. Wow! The flat was set up like an Italian restaurant, with heart shaped tea lights and  romantic music playing in the background. And no, I did not suspect a thing! I thought that it was all part of the lead-up to my nearing birthday.


A three course meal from my favourite Italian restaurant was served together with red wine. I noticed that he was acting awkward and nervous, like being on a first date, plus he barely touched the food. 

After a delicious panna cotta desert, I was asked to close my eyes, he got on one knee and a wonderful declaration of love followed and the question all romantics at heart love to hear from “the one”. Apparently I shrieked a high pitched “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes” . I can’t remember exactly what I said , in the excitement of the moment, all my memories are hazy and blurred.

Since then, we’ve been in a happy bubble,  not stressing too much about planning a big wedding. I have a few ideas about a small ceremony and a simple, romantic dress that will match the small, intimate ceremony, like the below dress from Max Mara bridal.



Posted on November 16, 2012

Copy Kate Moss Leopard Coat

Coats/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

For a sexy winter wardrobe think about a leopard coat. Kate Moss wears her Isabel Marant leopard coat for years. There is no easier way to update your basic look than to slip on a coat with a little rebellious and glamorous attitude: The Leopard Coat. Sorry Kate, I have to copy your style because weather in Hamburg is not better than in London and fashionsitas in Hamburg also need a leopard coat.


Skinny jeans by J Brand, sweater by Stefanel, fake fur coat by Antoni & Alison, shoes no special brand

In the coat I feel like Elizabeth Taylor: “I don’t pretend to be an ordinary housewife.”



Posted on November 13, 2012

Transparent Tights – Trends 2013

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa

Naked legs in winter as dictated by Ms. Wintour? No more because transparent tights getting a huge comeback! The advantage over opaque tights your legs looking much more slender.

A simple black tights is simple the best but there are great graphic trends for the next spring season 2013. I like graphic black nylons because they can give a minimalist outfit a trendy twist. I wear tights of FALKE from the spring/sommer collection 2013. The quality of FALKE is very comfortable to wear on the skin it feels if I had moisturised my legs with a lovely lotion.

Posted on November 11, 2012

Accessories for the classic coat

Accessoires/ Romantique

A fashionable, high quality classic coat in staple colours like black, navy camel and grey is a timeless wardrobe workhorse.

When choosing accessories, you can play and finish your look classically, elegant or playful. I love a luxurious sizable cashmere scarf or wrap and colourful pattern to bring some light into the dark season.

Above: I’m wearing a classic, black Max & Co wool coat and a fair isle wool scarf from Accessorize with pink hearts (of course!) on a golden autumn day in London.

Black & Blue: Now a trendy combination thanks to YSL who made this a presentable choice. My navy blue cashmere poncho / shoulder warmer is from Max Mara and a lovely all rounder as it can be worn not only over coats but also over dresses and jumper.

Enjoying the golden lights of autumn in toasty warm cable knit tights from Kunert. Sunglasses from Chloe and black ankle boots by Carvela.

Finish off the look with coloured leather gloves or  cute wool gloves by Moschino adorned with Moschino’s signature heart detail.


Posted on November 8, 2012

Sublime simplicity in casual knit

Jumpers/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Stylish Loan shows us that less is more in a woman’s streamlined world. Resist the urge for frippery in this gorgeous outfit: Knitted grey bat wing sleeve jumper bought in Japan, skinny Jeans from Topshop and boots from Camper.

Layer chunky or loose fitted knits  over only a slim trouser, a skirt, or leggings. Otherwise, you’ll just look weighed down.

Fellow Londoner Claudia Schiffer chic in casual knit.

Italian label Stefanel is known for it’s expertise in knitwear- whether it’s a fitted dress or an oversized cardigan, no one does knits as elegantly as Stefanel in classic colours – such as caramel, black and grey. Here Bianca Balti wears a grey Stefanel knit poncho.

Posted on November 7, 2012

French Casual Chic – a Beauty Myth?

Rebel Alexa

I have always admired the French sense of style. The French casual chic looks always elegant and sophisticated. The difference in the way German women dress is obvious. We can’t compete with the French but whatever French women have, I want it too! So what’s the secret the fact they are just French? We can learn from pictures, wear a lot of black, navy and grey  like Emmanuelle Alt and her girls – other colours are not needed!

To look effortlessly elegant in a pair of black skinny jeans and blazer is pretty simple. You want the alluring chic that French Women have? Copy them in every detail and be confident and sometimes arrogant but don’t lose your humor and be always proud of your country and nationality.


Black skinny jeans by J Brand, Blazer by Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans Shirt by for all 7 mankind, Boots by Hogan


Posted on November 6, 2012

Interior Design Aquarium


First, a huge thank-you to Wolfgang Riess because he helped me with my first aquariums. He was extremely generous with his time, secrets and tips and gave me the chance to experiment with interior design ideas.

Whether you want to decorate your home or beautify an office engage an expert because proper design and installation are only the beginning of a successful aquarium. The German company aquarien-concept, directed by the sea biologist Dr Wolfgang Riess, is a leading professional aquarium services company for live reef aquariums, saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums, ponds and water features in Hamburg, Germany and surrounding of the City of Hamburg.

Critical to the success of any aquarium is routine maintenance. No more worries on keeping the water clear or the proper temperature, what filtration or LED light system to use and how to keep it clean or what fish and marine life are healthy and compatible. Once the aquarium is established, quarien-concept will provide routine maintenance so you can sit back and enjoy an underwater world experience.

Dr Wolfgang Riess always design aquariums with an emphasis on, and sensitivity to, the environmental balance required to maintain the health and beauty of your aquarium. For further information:

Posted on November 5, 2012

Anna Magnani – The Italian Beauty Attitude

Rebel Alexa

Would Anna use Clinique’s “even better eyes” to correct her dark circle? I don’t think so – whenever I suffer of my really dark eye shades, then I think of Anna Magnani, she is probably the most famous woman with dark shades under the eyes and this gave her that special Italian look! The more you hide something, the more it shows. But when you accept your defect, suddenly no one on earth sees it anymore. In fact, it becomes an asset.

Anna Magnani was a beauty that does not conform to the standard norm. Her allure and perfection lie not only in the appeal of her imperfections and the way they defy the standard rubric of prettiness, but also in the persistent presence of an inner life that informs her outer appearance.

“Please don’t retouch my wrinkles. It took me so long to earn them.” Anna Magnani

For your own personal Italian beauty style don’t stick to the beauty criteria of society and magazines, wear a lot of black and colours all your pictures in black and white as I did to get the vintage Magnani look on pictures.

No Italian post without Dolce & Gabbana – The Store in 2010 shooted from a bus in London



Posted on November 4, 2012

German Cinnamon Star xmas Cookies

Cuisine/ Romantique

The days are  becoming shorter and  the weather colder: For me it’s  time to hole myself up at home and bake German xmas cookies! “Zimsterne” cookies are a very traditional part of German Christmas. They are made entirely without flour but with almonds and cinnamon instead, which makes for a heavenly delicious combination.

In Germany you can buy them packaged as well, but of course I prefer the home made version.

I’m not really a whizz in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and baking, but this recipe is so easy, you should give it a go:

You need:

  • 200 g powdered sugar
  • 1 pack of Vanilla sugar (Dr Oetker)
  • 400 g crushed, raw almonds
  • 2 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 3 egg whites

You’ll also need parchment paper, a star cookie cutter (or any other traditional cutter, I used hearts for a change), and a rolling pin.

Beat the egg whites until stiff, add powdered sugar and vanilla sugar while continuing to beat.  The mixture should be stiff like the icing on a gingerbread house.

Take a whole cup off the meringue and put it in the fridge.

Add measured almond meal and cinnamon to the meringue and mix by hand. The dough should hold it’s shape and not be runny.

Chill the dough for an hour in a freezer bag.

Powder the counter top with almond meal and roll out the dough to 7 mm.  You can spread the icing on now or after you have cut out the cookies. I did it before cutting.

Cut out stars with the cookie cutter and dip the cutter in water in between

Place the cookies on parchment paper.

Bake for 25 min in a pre-heated oven at 130 degrees.

Baked cinnamon stars (or hearts in my case). Make sure to put aside a whole mug of the meringue. Mine wasn’t enough (only half a cup) and I ran out of icing! If you used enough icing, it should look like the below…

Posted on November 2, 2012

Fashion Classic: Berets


The Beret in History

Although worn as military headgear in ancient Greece, the modern origin of the beret is traced to the Basques, people living on both the French and Spanish sides of the Pyrenees Mountains. Centuries ago, the Basques were great fishermen and sailors, a fact that might explain the appearance of a very similar hat in Scotland. Both the Scotch tam and the beret are woven in one piece without a seam or a binding. The original Basque beret was either navy blue or red, but today the beret is available in a wide array of colors. An influence of WW1 was the general adoption for sports wear by both men and women, of that very smart dark blue cap worn by the French Alpine troops, the age-old Basque beret.

I adore berets! Who didn’t wear the Basquet beret? Everybody has already worn berets Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Lana Turner, Brigitte Bardot, Madonna. Berets are one of the most important classic accesoires you should have in your wardrobe. With a beret you get a look of girlishy, funny, sexy and stylish at same time – a little France, a little old Hollywood glamour is on your clever head if you wear a classic navy blue beret. Nothing makes woman prettier than a beret and berets dosen’t costs hundred of Euros.

Berlin goes French – Romantique is strolling through the foliage of the Berlin Lustgarten – you can wear them in tribute to the French or at the back of the head. Plus they keep your head nice and warm!






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