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Posted on September 18, 2012

Chocolate Wintercoat Street Style

Coats/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

How many wintercoats do you need? Honestly – a classic wool black one but of course, it can also be a number of different! In Germany, this week we have at night  the first freezing temperatures but during the day it’s still nice and warm. For the cool morning hours street style shooting my chocolate wintercoat without collar by Clemens Riberio is ideal for the season in between.

In Italy and Spain I have often seen that many women in winter wear fur coats and shoes without socks. And I love that look because I don’t like socks – knee Highs should be prohibited, in my eyes. If you live in Germany you need socks for 6 months, unfortunately!


Wintercoat in chocolate by Clemens Riberio, Batik Jeans by Siwy, Beige Cashmere Top by Allude, Shoes TK Maxx, Sunglasses Céline


Posted on September 17, 2012

Rebel’s best of Summer Fashion 2012

Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe


Fashion can be like the weather – hot and steamy one day, cold and foggy the next – that means: one day you look gorgeous but the next is a disaster. September is the most important month in the fashion industry and and I thought this is a good moment to show rebel’s best Fashion looks of the last season spring/summer 2012 before the great season change to autum/ winter 2013 comes.


REBEL about Fashion, Style and Shopping:

Tell us your 5 favourite fashion / beauty items under 20 Euros?
Elmex Intensive tooth paste, L’Oréal 4x volume mascara, Bourgeois Make-up.

Under which criteria do you decide to cull clothes?
If a garnment does not fit perfectly, for example it’s too small or too tight. Or if the colours / pattern do not flatter my skin tone. If one of my items is too unique and I cannot combine it with at least 3 other times, I will keep it at first before I decide to give it away.

Where do you go bargain hunting?
TK Maxx and Zara.

What is the fashion tip you ever got and from who?
Less is more.

Your quick fix for a dull outfit?
Red lipstick.
Which are your favourite websites for fashion, shopping tipps etc.?
Who what wear and R&R of course.
Which of your clothes turned out to be an impulse buy gone wrong?
Many times I made the wrong choices, but only little things, I never bought one really horrible item. Sometimes I just bought clothes for the sake of the shopping – and many items turned out not to be my style.
What annoys you in the fashion world?
When C celebreties become designer and cooperate with discount chains. That does not inspire me, it’s pure business for the star and the retailer.
If you could be a fashion icon for one day, who would you chose and why?
Anna Wintour, she is my personal role model in business. Often I think: what would Anna do, what would she think?


Posted on September 17, 2012

Polka Dots Top

Jumpers/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

It seems that polka dots are a lasting trend in fashion. My polka dots top is more than a year in my closet but I didn’t know how to wear? Now, I have found my personal style and know as dots look best on me.

It was a process until I realized that a clear and straight style works best for me. Since then I feel to 100 prozent comfortable and confident with my wardrobe.


Polka dots top by Tk Maxx, Skinny Jeans by One Green Elephant, Blazer by Chloé, Bag by Via Repubblica


Posted on September 16, 2012

“No Dior – No Dietrich!”


As one of the first directors, Alfred Hitchcock recognized the power of fashion. The style of the costumes in his movies always personify his film characters. In 1947 the Master of Thrill entered into negotiations with Marlene Dietrich for the movie “Stage Fright”. Marlene Dietrich didn’t require a high salary because she wanted something different: “No Dior – no Dietrich!”.

Marlene wore the pink colored dream dress from Dior  in  Hitchcok’s legendary movie “Stage fright”.

Marlene and Hitchcock at work.

Marlene Dietrich wearing Dior and Chanel Shoes.

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embedded by Embedded Video

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Posted on September 16, 2012

Bon Ton Coat in bon bon colours

Coats/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Autumn is now finally here. Mornings and nights are getting chillier and the leaves are falling, turning into gorgeous shades of amber and red. While I’m looking forward to the coming seasons, I’m dreading the dominant colours of winter fashion: Forest green, bordeaux red and deep purple. They are just not flattering on anyone, especially not pale winter skin!

Soft pastel colours like light pink, powder blue and cream should not be  reserved solely for spring /summer. They look just as fantastic in winter.

I am wearing: Light grey Bon Ton coat from Stefanel AW 2012, pink cashmere twinset, powder pink denim skirt from Esprit, heeled moccasin from Object Mirror, pink ankle socks from Falke, alice band from Max Mara.

I love the colour of this Stefanel coat – it’s not a warm cream, but a colder light grey with a pink tone in it – perfect for pairing with pastel colours.

Posted on September 15, 2012

40s egg shaped coat


The coat, the basic of any wardrobe, is the perfect mirror of the wearer’s taste and personality.  Now that it’s getting chillier it’s time to check out the style of coats for this season.

This egg shaped 40s style coat from Max & Co AW 2012/2013 (MaxMara’s little cousin) ticks all the boxes for me: It has a bow (aren’t we all a sucker for bows?) and a  sophisticated simplistic egg shape. It’s an unusal but cute shape that will look great with anything skinny fitted underneath. Try skinny jeans, shorter skirts with tights, cropped tight trousers and a moccasin heel or a pencil skirt.

We’d love to hear how you would rock an egg shaped coat!

Here I’m trying on the coat with a winter floral pencilskirt. The coat is lined with white dots on navy background – super cute!


Posted on September 14, 2012

Jenna Lyons + Girl Crush New York Fashion Week

Rebel Alexa

I bet everyone want to have the green floral pattern pants – I do!! The images from the New York Fashion Week of Jenna Lyons and the spring collection 2013 are soooo exciting! Do you also have a girl crush? How to be a Jenna Lyons? A bit bohemian, a little nerd, a bit of Betty Draper flair and lots of J Crew Spring/ Summer 2013!

The J Crew addiction goes on!

What next Jenna? At present she is now living with a woman, a beautiful pretty blonde jewelery designer, who has also left her husband. We probably see them together soon in the J Crew catalog, at breakfast, in her new house in Montauk. . .

Posted on September 13, 2012

French Fashion Lessons

Rebel Alexa


Inès de la Fressange is French chic personified and we love her book Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange. It’s not true that the Germans and the French can’t stand each other, it’s an old cliché, times have changed – we love France, especially the Parisians!

Buy things that seem boring

Like a man’s V-neck sweater, a white shirt, black jeans that you maybe cut at the ankle, a black bag, black sunglasses – that look is fantastic. Remember the picture of Princess Diana in the black turtleneck? Buy things without thinking they’re funny – buying a navy sweater isn’t fun, it really isn’t. But afterwards, when you wear it with nice neat hair and Converse, you can look really beautiful. And that is fun. Look at how simple fashion people are – we always say “less is more”.

I WEAR: Man’s navy Sweater by TK Maxx, white pants by Gant, blue Converse, Betsey Johnson Sunglasses

Extracts from an Interview:

S: In everybody’s mind. When you ask people anywhere who represents French elegance, you’re the one they mention.

IF: I’d take my father’s V-neck sweaters and some
topsiders, which were the ancestors of Converse sneakers, and I’d wear those with jeans and a fur coat.

S: You were improvising then.

IF: Absolutely. One day, I just had white pants, a big white jacket, a white fedora. On a whim, I took a burnt cork and gave myself a big moustache, Aldo Maccione–style, all bent over like an old playboy, and I was clowning around with my big fat moustache. It was so much fun. Now everybody says “sexy” all the time. We absolutely never said “sexy” back then. I was being silly, so I didn’t really stand out, but I was a clown.

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Posted on September 12, 2012

Knits and Skirts

Jumpers/ Rebel Alexa/ Skirts/ Wardrobe

For me, the perfect outfit for the season between summer to autumn are cozy and casual sweater combined with black tights skirts and sandals or heels. It’s comfortable to wear such an uncomplicated and relaxed style but still to be chic and feminine, without much trouble.

I’m happy that I know, what I’ll be wearing in the coming weeks and months – skirts and knits! Don’t know what I should wear? No longer with me.

As I found my fashion style more and more at the same time I aged in my personality – everything is a process and is interconnected!


Posted on September 11, 2012

Winter Floral pencil skirt

Romantique/ Skirts/ Wardrobe

If you love winter black florals like me, you’ll be delighted to have seen the winter floral trend everywhere from the high street  to magazines. And the best: You can easily carry it from one season to the next! Wear it with bare legs and short sleeved blouses now. For chilly autumn and winter, switch into opaque tights, woolen sweater and a toasty parka!

Above: I’m wearing a Zara pencil skirt, a pink cashmere cardigan and my trusted patent kitten heels.

My winter floral skirt is from Zara SS 2012.

great inspiration on how to rock this trend in winter: Keep warm in a parka from Zara,tights from Kunert and booties from Jimmy Choo.  Dark floral pencil skirt from Karen Millen. Seen in german Freundin.

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