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Posted on June 30, 2011

Heidi pusht Astor

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa

Bei dm fliegt nun endlich die dekorative Linie von Esprit raus, wurde auch wirklich Zeit, das Elend konnte sich ja keiner mehr mit ansehen. Das Esprit der Megaflop wird, war eigentlich seit dem Launch klar – da hat auch die Exklusivität mit Coty dm nichts gebracht! Wer will auch schon Naturkosmetik benutzen, dekorative Kosmetik muss Glamour pur haben und tolle Farben, wen interessiert da Nachhaltigkeit?? Jetzt kommt also demnächst der Thekenwechsel Astor mit Heidi, die die Marke bestimmt um locker 20 – 30% pusht aber das Produktmanagment von Coty ist eigentlich so einfallslos wie zuvor. Trotz Heidi haben sie nicht wirklich etwas gerissen in der Theke, ganz nice sind die bauchigen Mini Nagellacke.  Ich frage mich ernsthaft, was kommt nach Heidi, wo ist die Strategie der Marke?




Posted on June 30, 2011

Funny must read – What we French think of you British

Movie & Books/ Romantique

Last weekend, on my way to Paris,  I had the pleasure of reading Marcel Lucont’s book “What we French think of you British”. In his book Marcel, flâneur and bonviveur, takes on the British customs, monarchy, people, food, weather, Royal Family, class system, transport chaos and the NHS  and speaks his condemning verdict.  Marcel has a suave and understated way of highlighting how much better things are in France, bien sûr! As a continental European living in the UK,  I could easily relate to Marcel’s anecdotes, but I daresay that no matter where you’re from, you won’t be able to help yourself from having a chuckle when reading this book.

A hilarious, witty must-read, not to be taken too seriously, of course!

See below for a few appetisers (my personal highlights) for you to read.


The French have a symbiotic relationship with alcohol, given it the respect and understanding it deserves and seeing it as a natural accompaniment to intelligent conversation or existentialist debate. The British it seems, are all raised believing there to be a limited supply, which may expire at any moment during their lifetime and so make it a vital part of their diet, often above anything else.

Royal Wedding, April 2011

The world media ensured we could not avoid the sight of Prince William bonding Kate Middleton to his degenerate family, and the ghoulish parade of hats, jewellery and overbites, was of course used as an enormous PR exercise by Britain’s inexplicably numerous royalists to boost the flagging reputation of these anachronistic dinosaurs, painting them as relevant and progressive. No doubt the government are hoping that this will keep up enough positive momentum among the British to gloss over the inevitable crushing disappointment of Britain’s management of the Olympics.


British men: There is little style among British men who will dress like teenagers for as long as they can until moving on to nothing but varying shades of brown in later life.

False titties: I have discovered that so many British women are buying new tits. Where I am from, false titties are something you buy in a joke shop.

Languages: To minimise the chances of having to learn another language, the British have set up various havens around the world, such as the Costa Blanca, Gibraltar and Australia.


Fish and Chips: It takes an especially culinary carefree nation to decide that the best thing to do with a subtle food like fish is to throw it into a deep-fat fryer and then add some liquid nuclear peas to give the impressions of a balanced meal. Britain, there is only so much help we French can give you.

Chocolate: In France we regard it as a delicacy, a treat to enjoy, made from rich cocoa butter, but in Britain you pollute your chocolate with vegetable fat, presumably so that bad mothers feeding it to their increasingly spherical children can justify it as part of their ‘five-a-day’.

Beer: What the British certainly do specialise in is beer with any sparkle removed, which is then warmed to room temperature.

Beer garden: Usually a misnomer. Unless one counts as a ‘garden’ some concrete, a few benches and an umbrella, situated next to a car park.


Spring:   Typified by cool, changeable temperatures, drizzle and occasional sunshine

Summer: Typified by cool, changeable temperatures, drizzle and occasional sunshine.

Fall:          Typified by cool, changeable temperatures, drizzle and occasional sunshine.

Winter:   Typified by cool, changeable temperatures, drizzle and occasional sunshine. (And marginally colder than summer).


While waiting at a bus stop in Britain, one is advised to carry several items of warm clothing and at least two meals, as the bus times written on the timetables have been invented randomly.

An English night out:

For a truly authentic English experience, why not head to any town centre for a tea or coffee in an American chain coffee house, followed by a top meal in any of the Thai, Indian or Chinese restaurants and a trip to the nearest multiplex cinema or bowling alley? If you are still hungry after this, your main option is a Turkish kebab.

Joie de vivre:

The spirit of living life to its most full. It is often difficult to see how this phrase has gained any such usage in Britain. For the French, whose life style is regularly described as the best in Europe – a 35 hour working week, 34 days holiday for those unlucky enough to be in an office job and most money spent on healthcare. In Britain, even your bars must create ‘happy hours’ to enforce joy.

Posted on June 28, 2011

Over the roofs of Paris – Les Galeries Lafayette

Paris/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

The Galeries Lafayette are not just a must see for shopping, but the department store also boasts an amazing roof terrace on the 7th floor, providing a view formidable over the city of love. Enjoy a cafe au lait and a price- less view at the same time at the cafe.

The weekend of our visit was also the start of the sale which we didn’t realise until we spotted hordes of passionate shoppers almost getting into fist fights over 500 EUR Chloe handbags and 50 metre queues just to be allowed access into the Louis Vuitton shop.

Berliners will notice that the interior of the French department store resembles that of the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. Jean Nouvel constructed the German copy in 1991. It is one of only three in the whole world – the two others are in Casablanca, Morocco and in Dubai.

I wear a Max Mara dress, sunglasses from TK Maxx und shoes from Pretty Ballerina.


Posted on June 28, 2011


Rebel Alexa

Marc Jacobs ist irgendwie cool und sieht verdammt gut aus aber ehrlich gesagt, ich kenne kein einziges Teil von ihm als Normalsterbliche, nur die Vuitton Sachen. Von den Düften bin ich enttäuscht, alle total flach und auf die breite Masse ausgerichtet. Ob Marc Jacobs oder Bruno Banani auf der Flasche steht macht keinen Unterschied – just Business! Alle reden von und über Marc Jacobs und durch sein Interview in der Juli Vogue kann ich nun auch endlich mitreden! Er hat 2 interessante Sachen gesagt “…Ehrlichkeit ist keine Schwäche, finde ich.” Und “Es ist so eine Verschwendung von Energie, sich zu schämen.” Alles, was Marc Jacobs heute ist und darstellt lässt sich aus diesen 2 Sätzen erklären: es ist egal, was du machst, Hauptsache du machst überhaupt etwas, der Rest kommt von selbst! Der Mann ist genial!

Posted on June 27, 2011

Le Loir dans la Théière – Paris!

Cuisine/ Paris/ Romantique/ Travel

The biggest advantage and most postitive thing about London for me is to be in Paris in just two hours! Fuss free, from Central London to Gard du Nord.  So this weekend I headed over there for a very special occasion: To surprise our mother for her 60th Birthday! She had no idea I was coming. I directed our mum and her partner to go and wait for me in a little teahouse in the Marais where I hopped out of the Taxi to unexpectectdly  rock up at their table! A very successful surprise indeed!

If you travel to Paris, make absolutely sure to not miss this gem. Situated in the wonderful Marais, this is a little cafe with lots of character, exquisite cuisine and cakes-out-of-this-world!

We enjoyed an orgasmic berry cheesecake, the berries tasted like just picked from the forest 10 minutes ago and the “cheese” was an unexplicably light egg whipp, crowned by a caramelised top! In the UK cakes are often pervertedly sweet so it was great to induldge in these not so sweet but rather tasty and fruity little creations.

Posted on June 20, 2011

The Anna Wintour dress

Dresses/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Ever watched the movie The September issue? The movie gives a fascinating insight into the glitzy word of fashion and illustrates the political power that Anna holds as the chief editor of the US fashion bible Vogue.

What caught my eye though was Anna’s love for florals and clean cut dresses she wore, something I share with her. I love being a woman and embrace everything feminine and girly (think Charlotte from SATC).

Nothing beats a classic, figure hugging shift dress topped up with some summery flowers to celebrate being a woman!


Anna in one of her signature dresses with daugher Bee

Romantique strolling along in the Dutch Quarter, Potsdam, Germany, wearing a Max Mara Dress, TK Maxx handbag and Pretty Ballerinas


Posted on June 14, 2011

Kate Moss in Notting Hill

Rebel Alexa

Romantique and Kate Moss with her adorable daughter Lila Grace in Notting Hill.


“Who’s this girl over there with the Chanel bag? OMG It’s Kate Moss”!

These were Romantique’s words when she spotted Britain’s Ueber model strolling on Portobello Road along with her daughter Lila Grace and chummy model Agnes Deyn.

Kate looked remarkably average: Not very tall for a model (about Romantique’s height), splissed, out-of-bed hair and yellow teeth! She wore skinny jeans, gilet, go-to-hell sunglasses and the obligatory fag in the mouth. Hmm, we think 25 year of Kate Moss is enough now, time to move over!

Her non-descript appearance worked to her advantage in one department: No one seemed to have noticed her. She moved undisturbed on a packed Portobello Road on a bank holiday weekend!

One thing we do need to credit Kate with: On inspecting our pictures of her on the iphone, we were blown away – Kate looking very model-esque mega cool – she’s extremly photogenic and really stunning. She has a great presence on camera and this is would made her the super model she was and is today.

Kate’s daughter Lila-Grace donned the better outfit: Gladiator Sandals, blue dress with polka dots (very francaise) and grau cardigan. Who’s the it-girl now?

Posted on June 12, 2011

The French Intellectual Look

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique

In France, lots of women wear glasses.  It makes them appear mysterious,  intelligent and attractive.

When thinking about glasses, we often still associate it with the  cliché of the nerd back at school. Either a girl is stylish,  chasing boys and getting bad grades or she is an unsophisticated book worm and boring geek.

Women with glasses can be ingenious, intelligent and seductive.  Remember the scene in the  Sex and the City movie 1 when Carrie got inspirations from the book  ‘Love letters of great men’ wearing Mr Big’s glasses  – didn’t she look adorable with the black nerd glasses in bed ??!!

Pics from the top:

Romantique wears Gianfranco Ferré glasses

Laetitia Casta for Miu Miu


Marion Cottilard with black nerd glasses

Posted on June 4, 2011

Mini – Success story of a Brit Pop Bavarian

Rebel Alexa/ Romantique

Mini Global:

Mini at Galeries Lafayette, Berlin

Mini in the design of its creators, London

Proudly South African, Cape Town

Racy, Malaga

Moin Moin, Hamburg

Cream and berries, High Street Kensington, London

Double Mini blending in with the London buses, London. (I’m wearing flowery shift dress, obligatory Pretty Ballerinas, Miu Miu straw bag)

Mini with Berlin Bear, Berlin

Rebel’s Mini unveiled at Mini Berlin

Mini tuned by BMW tuner AC Schnitzer

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