Posted on January 17, 2013

Why Demi Moore drinks Red Bull

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No Paparazzi photo of Demi Moore without a tin of Red Bull in her hand. Have we missed something, is this the new It-accessoire or is she addicted to the sickeningly sweet energy drink? Wracked with curiosity, I analysed the ingredients of Red Bull which explain why Demi is so keen to put the drink on her grocery shopping list.
Red Bull is a source of: Vitamin B12, Vitamin B 6 and Niacin. Let’s have a look at the vitamins:


Vitamin B 12 is required for proper red blood cell formation, it strengthens the immune system and nervous system and fights signs of fatigue.
Vitamin B 6: one of the most important and industrious nutrients in the human body.  It plays a vital role in many of the chemical reactions that take place in the body and it is essential to metabolize foods into energy. This vitamin also helps to lower stress, decrease symptoms of PMS, treat depression, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of dental cavities
Niacin or Vitamin B 3 have an antioxidant effect: Niacin is essential for the regeneration of skin, muscles, nerves and the DNA.
Red Bull a great feel good and anti ageing drink!


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