Posted on December 21, 2012

White Jeans: all-year-round like Emmanuelle Alt

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

If you thought wearing white jeans means: ‘My Name is Liz Hurley and I have very bad taste let’s have a look to Paris and at Emmanuelle Alt.

To look contemporarily chic you have to go for white jeans even in Winter. I don’t think you can forsake black jeans if you live in northern climates. But some of the überest of über fashion creatures have been wearing white jeans in rotation with dark; lead, as is so often the way with über-movements, by French Vogue ‘s editor-in-chief, Emmanuelle Alt.

Fiona Collins, head of Gap UK’s PR, says she’s been eyeing up “a grey-ankle-sock-and-camel-coloured-sandal combination, which looks incredibly chic with white. But the jeans need to be the right length,” she cautions: just above the ankle, where, if you’re genetically blessed, there will be an oh-so feminine little indentation. “A teeny kick-flare is nice, or the French pencil straight look. And don’t get hung up on that pristine look. It’s fine if they get a bit of dirt on them.”


white/pastell Jeans by Bally, Jacket by Closed, Biker Boots by Hogan

Picture from Chanel exhibition “Little Black Jacket” – a white jeans and Chanel’s LBJ my absolute favorite look


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