Posted on October 7, 2011

Virginie Ledoyen: Steal her simple chic

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How do these French girls do it? They manage to retain their girly looks way past their 30th birthday, looking effortlessly fresh faced with minimal make-up and undone hair. Virginie Ledoyen, 35, Leonardo di Caprio’s partner in the movie “The Beach” and former L’oreal spokesperson, is another example. She personifies girl-next-door glamour à la française with simple but chic fashion and girly charme.

In an interview Virginie told of her love for fashion basics, natural make-up and what she doesn’t like:

Denim: She loves all styles and colours. Above: Virginie looks typically effortlessly chic française, donning a shirt marinière with a long necklace, jeans and blazer. Simple but stunning.

Her favourite item is a vintage Chanel Bouclé Jacket. She’s a big fan of Chanel’s timeless fashion.

Above: Rebel wearing a shirt mariniere with long pearl necklace and I’m wearing a Chanelesque Boucle jacket.

Make-up: Virginie counts herself lucky to have great skin and rarely wears make-up during the day. For the evening, she applies pink blusher, a touch of mascara and lipgloss, c’est tout!

She doesn’t like: Too much bling, Louis Vuitton monogram handbags, Jimmy Choo nailvarnish – Vulgaire!

What is elegance for her: An attitude, the way someone walks and speaks, basic and classic items and clothes made with high-quality materials.

Below: Virginie loves basics, particularly denim and blazer jackets in classic black or white.

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