Posted on March 23, 2013

Top five anti aging tips from a German Biologist

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A good friend of mine is biologist, he is marine biologist Ph.D. and I was very interested in his opinion on anti aging. It was exciting to hear his opinion offside from all woman, fashion and beauty magazines. Here are his top five tips by relevance from a scientific point of view.



 First of all a satisfying sex life is necessary to stay in a perfect body condition. At least two to three time a week sex should happen to you to keep your body young. Why is sex so important in terms of anti aging? No only that you burn a lot of calories as you have sex. You also keep your body hormones in good balance releasing endorphins in the first place.


 Thinking positive also works in the same way of releasing helpful hormones. You not only stay younger in mind but also keep stress factors away from your body and skin. Even though you stay in a better shape you also increase the chance of getting older that way.



As most people should know already drinking water is essential – nothing else but water. Two to three liters a day is your goal. All biological processes in your cells are driven by water including cell divisions and therefor the substititution of older cells.


Good healthy food is important too. Stay away from carbohydrates and stay with proteins and fat. Human digestion can´t deal with flour and sugar as the fine regulation of our blood-sugar level did not keep up during evolution with changes in the production of higher levels of carbohydrates in grain and several vegatables such as potatoes and sugar beet.


The most surprising news for all of you might be: less is more. Skin products should be based on simple and mild formulas beause many of the ingredients found in most of the products you use every day don´t help but stress your skin and your body. Products specially made for baby might be the best compromise for your daily skin-, hair and body care.

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