Posted on March 17, 2012

The Power of eyebrows

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Julia Roitfeld, daugther of Carine Roitfeld who was up until last year chief editor of  French Vogue,  is one of those French girls who looks effortlessly beautiful “au naturelle”. She’s 32 and doesn’t look a day older than 25! What’s her secret?In an interview she revealed that when she was younger, her mum never allowed her to pluck her eyebrows. Nowadays, Julia is glad that her mum steered her in the right direction and is proud of her full eyebrows. To define them, she uses a used mascara to brush them!Indeed, eyebrows that are too thinly shaped,  can make you look ten years older, just look at the below picture of Keira Knightly!
In her book, “Express Makeup”, L’oreal make-up artist Rae Morris showcases the most common eyebrow disasters and  the ideal eyebrow shape  to make you look younger:
Eyebrow disaster #1: The Thin and rounded shape (Pamela Anderson above):
This is the most common of mistakes and instantly adds years to your appearance as the space between lashline and eyebrow is very large, giving the eyes a droopy and puffy look. Go for a straight eyebrow and  a thicker brow.
Eyebrow disaster #2: The surprised, overarched eyebrow (above).
Not only does this make you constantly annoyed, but the downhill slate at the end of the brow creates a saggy, puffy eyelid.
How to achieve the perfect brow:
  • The brow should be shaped straight and cut through the brow bone for a youthful face that lift the eyes.
  • The brow starting point: Set the gap between your brows to match your desired nose bridge width.
  • The brow arch point should be in line with the outer edge of your iris.

What to do when you over plucked your eyebrows?

This happened to me recently when I had mine threaded. It is very annoying as you have to be patient until the brows are fully grown back. The new hair grows back all over the place and you have to resist the urge to pluck again!
Apparently products like Rogane (yes, the hair growth serum for bald men) or eyelash serum makes the eyebrows grow back quicker.
In the meantime, fill in the hair with a pencil or powder.

My ideal eyebrows: Straight, cutting through the eyebrow bone.  Will take me a good few weeks of patience to get back to that! My tip when you go threading or reshaping your eyebrows: To prevent surprises take a picture of a celebrity who has the desired eyebrow outcome that you are looking for.

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  • Reply emily March 22, 2012 at 9:52 am

    zugegeben – ich habe ein augenbrauen-fetisch (in diesem Fall “VEREHRUNG”)…augenbrauen sind entscheidend, ob ich menschen mag oder nicht…

    • Reply Rebel March 23, 2012 at 4:05 pm

      Saubere Augenbrauen sind ein wahres facelift!

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