Posted on November 13, 2013

The ‘it’ bag isn’t important any more

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa


“The ‘it’ bag isn’t important any more,” says Stephanie Solomon, women’s fashion director at Bloomingdale’s. “It’s all about looking different from your neighbor.” And she said it by the way. «I hate handbags, my colleagues love them.» Carine Roitfeld, former chief editor of the French “Vogue. Think on legendary photos of Roitfeld, as she sits in the front row, legs crossed, sunglasses and cell phone in hand, just as she had parked the car.

The refusal to signal fashion status with a It-bags could prevail as the most important street style of the nonconformists. Women need mobile companions, how should it work without handbag to work in the subway? Here is my solution, let’s wear a strawbag all year round. It-bags have become unimportant, at least in the heads!


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