Posted on April 22, 2012

The Classic Burberry Trench Coat

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A classic lightweight coat and iconic for celebs such as Kate Hepburn, a trench is a must-have for any fashion diva. Trench coats are totally fashion forward. From business to casual, trench coats have you covered when you need a light coat. Think transition seasons, like spring and fall, although some cities — like San Francisco — are perfect for the trench any time of year!

I’m on the road in the castles of of Sans Souci at Potsdam. The ideal chance to wear my trench coat in a casual way. Try skinny jeans on the weekend or form-fitting pants underneath for a sleek, classic look. Treat your trench coat right so you can wear it whenever the mood strikes: These coats go from work to lounge wear with only a few tweaks to your look. When you’re not wearing your trench coat, hang it on a padded hanger. Air dry wet coats before hanging them in the closet. Bust out a bright coat, but classic black or khaki will pair well with what’s in style today and what’s on trend tomorrow.

I WEAR: The classic Burberry trench coat – shopped 1998 in London, Burberry is the absolute iconic British brand -a pair of jeans, Tiger Sneakers, boyish straw hat, Luella Bag.

Funny – a trench coat packed with personal information. I should google the french message…

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