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Posted on October 3, 2015

Highlights Florida, Part 3 – Key West & Miami Downtown

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Palm Beach

Life takes on a slower pace in Key West – I felt that all people, who are tired of a conventional 9-5 pm lifestyle, head to Key West. The motto there is: “We are all one human family” – and you can feel this tolerant attitude. It doesn’t matter where you are from, everything is possible, life is a party. The excessive pursuit of fame, wealth and recognition is not the goal on the island.


Biker Festival on Duval Street

The absolute highlight on Key West was our visit to the Hemingway House. The building exudes a special aura, there are lots of little anecdotes told about Hemingway. However, the actual attraction of the house are the cats!

Streetstyle Duval Street, Key West

There are 54 (!) cats living on the property, are all descendants of “Snowshoes”, Hemingway’s six-toed cats. All cats are named after fame celebrities: Ava Gardner, Edgar Allen Poe, etc. There’s even a little cat cemetery complete with memorial stones. Most cats at the Hemingway House are sterilized apart from a few exceptions who carry the gen of the six-toes and love philandering in the catty neighbourhood.

Papa Hemingway relaxing at Key West


Cat Arichbald


Maybe Cat Ingrid Bergman?

Typical cat! In the middle of Hemingway’s Spanish bed from the 17th century, this feline named “Archibald McLeish” is taking an afternoon nap, not phased at all about the tourists. Too adorable, this cheeky rascal!


Cat “Archibald McLeish” on Hemingways Bed

You can spend hours on the Hemingway property, playing with the cats (if they feel like it)!

Most of the time, they prefer to snooze, eat and have their own space, just being a cat basically.

Dont’ miss the small, nondescript book and souvenir shop near the Swimming pool to take back some amazing post cards and pictures for decorating your apartment back home.


On the way home to Key West, we stopped at Miami Downtown. The city skyline is shaped by new apartment blocks, commercial high rise buildings and grand luxurious Hotels, giving it the new name as “Little Manhattan”.


What I wore: Skinny pants by ZARA, Blouse by Ralph Lauren, Shoes & Bag by TK Maxx

Posted on December 16, 2013

Berlin Street Style: Festive Stripes & Bronze pumps


Berlin Streestyle stripy dress and bronze shoes

For the  weekend, Mr Romantique and I travelled to Berlin to immerse ourselves in the city’s biggest tourist attraction in winter: The Christmas markets! More on the beautiful markets in a few days, for today I just want to share my dress and my new shoes! I felt very chrismassy in this outfit: Gold-bronze stripes on the top of this winter dress with a flowing, attached navy wool skirt. My new shoes are bronze with a chunky midi heel and three straps.

Above: Streetstyle Berlin! I am wearing: Stripey dress and bronze shoes from Max & Co, chain strap bag from Gianfranco Ferre.

Quartier 206 Blog post stripey dress

The Galeries Lafayette Berlin and the adjacent luxurious department store Quartier 206 is one of my favorite shopping and cafe area in Berlin. It’s classy, beautiful, offers an array of high end and high street shops and is never too busy and stressful.

Bronze pumps with midi heel and three straps from Max & Co

I love my new shoes! They have all a romantic gal needs: A walkable chunky midi-heel, trendy metallic color and three playful straps. Valentino and Chloe do the same model so I’m happy I scored an Italian made quality shoe for a more affordable price from Max & Co.

Gendarmenmarkt Stripey dress

Sunglasses from Loewe. Paris hoop earrings from Les Nereides.

Posted on July 7, 2011

Le Style Parisienne

Romantique/ Wardrobe

After having read Ines de la Fressange’s style guide on Parisian chic, I was eager to find out what Parisian style is really like on the streets.

Here are my observations:

·         90% of Parisians wear ballet shoes, the rest flat, open sandals or moccasins (no 12 cm plateau high heels that are so popular in London!)

·         Their make-up and hair is made up ‘au naturel’

·         Parisiennes braved the heat with jumpsuits, dainty, flowing silk dresses (never too short, never too much cleavage. You show either legs or a bit of cleavage, never both)

·         Their favourite accessory is NOT the mobile phone. Unfortunately it has become a common sight to see girls constantly playing with their mobile devices, however this did not strike me as much in Paris

To summarise:  Timeless, effortless elegance equals style a la Parisienne which matches Ines style guide advice.

Below are some photo impressions that I captured on the Parisian streets, and in the shops (great boutique in Rue Scribe)


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