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Salvatore Ferragamo shoes

Posted on August 6, 2012

Heels and flats


I am a flats kind of girl – ballet pumps, loafers, boots, sandals – I’m on my feet a lot so I want something comfy.

But a heel, whether stiletto or block, always looks sophisticated and sexy. It vamps up every outfit and if you are like me and love flat shoes, you should make the effort now and then to walk on high heels.

See the transformation of the same casual Breton outfit with flats and stiletto  heels.

Above: I’m wearing white capri jeans with heart pocket details from Love Moschino, a Breton shirt from Uniqulo and a kindergarten bag from Moschino paired with Pretty Ballerina ballet pumps.

Now the same outfit in brown stiletto Salvatore Ferragamo heels with wide ankle clasp. Straight away they give the outfit a feminine twist. Make sure you practice to walk in heels beforehand as nothing is more unsexy than staggering around.

Italian class: Salvatore Ferragamo stiletto heels

Posted on April 20, 2012

Do you wanna play?

Rebel Alexa/ Shoes

This matching game is for all those who love shoes – and who does not?! WALKING CLASS HEROS is a traditional memo game with 64 cards and 32 pairs of shoes of the greatest fashion desginers and their favourite pieces ladies shoes – Oh, I want them all! Every single one could soon be classic – and is already a must-have item of today.

Sometimes I play with my own shoes, and sometimes with the cards and then all the amazing shoes make me happy again, when I had  a bad day!

These are my new sandals heroes – Salvatore Ferragamo sandals recently seen at Tkmaxx. So chic, so classy, so Italian!

Posted on February 16, 2012

Panna Cotta and bows

Beauty/ Romantique/ Shoes

If you are a lover of sweet and gourmand fragrances (think Prada’s “Candy”), than you will adore Salvatore Ferragamo’s new perfume “Signorina”. Notes of blackcurrant, pink pepper, jasmine, peony, rose, patchouli, panna cotta and musk make this fragrance a floral-fruity but at the same time subtle companion for every day.

The bottle is crowned by Ferragamo’s iconic grosgrain ribbon that also decorates his signature Vara Bow flats.

In a recent interview with German magazine Gala, Giovanna Ferragamo, daughter of shoe-god Salvatore Ferragamo, explains 5 things, she knows about style:

  1. 1. Be yourself: Sometimes I feel old next to all those young wilds in the company. But at the same time I’m responsible for holding up traditional values like quality and handicraft.
  2. 2. You have to buy your favourite shoes twice: I’m still mourning after a pair of Ferragamo Pumps made of chatoyant, brown leather. I was 16 at the time and very proud to be allowed to wear heels for the first time. I wore them intensively every day until they eventually fell apart.
  3. 3. Stay clear from Mega trends! Stay away from clothing that you will get tired of quickly. I prefer classics, like a white shirt or a poncho which doesn’t crease while travelling. Or our Vara Bow Flat, a patent leather ballerina with a bow.
  4. 4. Never underestimate the power of a scent! When my mother was young, we didn’t have many perfumes and most definitely we didn’t have perfumes that exuded the scent of Panna Cotta, like our current fragrance “Signorina”. But she still had her olfactory trade mark: A mix from 4711, tuberose and freshly baked Neapolitan bread.
  5. 5. Find “your” place: A place where you can relax and be yourself makes you beautiful. Mine is Capri. To go fishing for octopus in the middle of the night is very healing. I love the calm…and fish for breakfast!


Ferragamo’s shoes are known for it’s classic design and quality craftsmanship: The Vara bow flat has a small chunky heel and comes in many different colours and leathers. Personally, I preferred the flat Varina bow pump which comes in a very light pistachio pastel colour for summer with a blue, red or brown grosgrain ribbon.

Vara Bow flat with a small chunky heel: The nude colour on the right was sold out!


Varina bow flat ballet pump


Ferragamo’s spring / summer 2012 collection: summer ballerinas

Seduction in Italian: Black lace and, of course, a bow


Bianca Balti fronts the advertising campaign for Signorina. I’d love to own a cupboard full of Varina blow flats as shown in the commercial. Check out the  video here.





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