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Posted on February 15, 2015

The Allure of the Eiffel Tower

Paris/ Rebel Alexa


It really is a magical feeling when you first lay eyes on the Eiffel Tower. If you do nothing else whilst in Paris, a trip to the tower is a must!

Last week in Paris, Romantique and I didn’t climb to the top of the tower, but visited the garden of Champ de Mars near the Ecole Militare. A relaxed way to see the Eiffel tower, strolling in the gardens, sitting on the bench taking in the view and jumping to take silly photos.

Romantique at Eiffel Tower

The allure of the Eiffel Tower is the best iconic photo shoot background you can have for your Paris photos. Have look at pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Romy Schneider or Catherine Deneuve with the masterpiece Eiffel Tower in the back.

Sophia Loren Eiffel Tower

Sophia Loren


Catherine Deneuve

Audrey Hepburn - Funny Face, Eiffel Tower

Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire in Funny Face

Romy Schneider

Romy Schneider


Rebel at Eiffel Tower

Rebel wearing Prada Sunglasses


Posted on June 19, 2013

Book Paris Street Style – A guide to effortless Chic

Movie & Books

Book Paris Street style

“ The tangled hair of Vanessa Paradis, the faded jeans of Charlotte Gainsbourg, the masculine shirts and ballet flats of Ines de la Fressange…. French women are more sober in their clothes choices than the flamboyant Italians or eccentric English. The French Fashion Icons, recognised for their style the world over, have a thoroughly bourgeois appeal: Audrey Tautou, Françoise Hardy, Isabel Marant- the least you can say of them is that none of them is notable for extravagance. A long way, indeed, from Kate Perry, Courtney Love or Dontatella Versace. The French woman is not overdone in any way. She will go out without fixing her hair, with unpainted nails and no make-up. Despite her apparent dishevelment, she remains elegant.”

For everyone inspired by the simplistic French Touch, the book “Paris Street Style – A Guide to effortless chic” is a must-read. Keep this book handy on your coffee table, it’s full of inspiring pictures of elegant Parisian women of all ages. It explores the myth surrounding the style of the French woman in a globalised word of increasing uniformity. Punctuated by interviews with French designers, writers, fashion magazine editors and psychologists, it gives a fascinating insight and guidance as to how everyone can become effortlessly chic.


French inspirations: Vanessa Paradis, Audrey Tautou, Francoise Hardy, Isabel Marant, Chiara Mastroianni and Carine Roitfeld

French inspirations: Vanessa Paradis, Audrey Tautou, Francoise Hardy, Isabel Marant, Chiara Mastroianni and Carine Roitfeld

In the book, I love the practical tips on how to manage & tidy up your wardrobe and how to recognize good quality and beautiful finishing. Did you know that up to 5% of synthetic fibres in the composition of a fabric can strengthen the fabric and make them last longer? I always used to shun even the smallest percentage of synthetic materials, but happy to learn that small percentages can increase the longevity of clothes.  An interesting subject is the chapter on the fashion limits through age, how to dress what suits you rather than disguise yourself.

Many basic fashion must-haves mentioned in the book are already part of our wardrobe: The trench coat, the V-Neck Cashmere jumper, the flat ballet pumps. Eternal classics also reinforced in Ines de la Fressange’s book “Parisian Chic”. While I felt that Ines’ book was very much written from her own perspective and full of items that suit her tall, boyish frame, I feel that “Paris Street Style” covers more diverse type of women.


Rebel wearing a Burberry Trench coat with summer sandals

Rebel wearing a Burberry Trench coat with summer sandals

On the trench coat: “Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg gave the trench coat contemporary chic by wearing it casually with sneakers and jeans.  The trench coat is now much more than just something you wear in the rain: It has become a definable, recognisable outline. It has to be cut in high-quality, substantial gabardine. Along with the leather jacket, it is one of the few items of clothing that looks better well-worn.” – from the Book Paris Street Style – A guide to effortless chic.

I am wearing red coloured pop tights from Falke with a pleated wool skirt from Stefanel

I am wearing red coloured pop tights from Falke with a pleated wool skirt from Stefanel

On accessories, tights:  “Tights are mostly bought just because you need to be warm or because you don’t want to go around with your legs uncovered. But you are wrong to take them for granted. Chosen badly, they cheapen everything (flesh coloured ones are a case in point). Handled correctly, they can wake up an otherwise drab ensemble and revitalise your appearance. Tights, in fact, are a relatively cheap accessory that can revolutionize the way you look.  Colours aren’t only the sole preserve of little girls, opt for violet, luminous fuchsia, lilac, anthracite grey…”

See below a short quotes from the interviews appearing in the book:

Christophe Lemaire, art director of Hérmes:

“I’m disgusted when I see films like Sex and the city, that relegate women to the status of idiots, thrilled by the latest handbag or the prospect of bargain sales. We should understand women’s vulnerability, not laugh at it.”

Silvia Motta, fashion editor Grazia, Italy:

“Models used to be Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly: today, they’re porn star chamber maids. The references have become entirely vulgar. This vulgarization is also the fault of women’s magazines, which have led women to believe it’s ok to walk around town dressed in the same clothes they wear to the beach. We’ve lost the notion of respect for each other, along with a notion of a dress code.

Style inspirations than and now

Style inspirations than and now

 Alexandre Vauthier, Couturier:

“When you shop, be sure you know the difference between good work and bad. The same rules apply to the building of houses as to the building of clothes: Do you want rubbish that won’t last, or do you want beautiful foundations that will stand the test of time?

Odile Gilbert, Studio Hairdresser:

“When you get older, chose the colour that is a half tone lighter than your real colour. It will lighten up your face.  For haircuts, avoid strongly outlined styles. You need to preserve a certain softness and fluidity in your hair. As one gets older, one should try to avoid struggling to look young. Instead, one should move serenely in the direction of elegance, sobriety, and chic.”

I'm getting my hair done at Berlin's It Salon Shan Rahimkhan

I’m getting my hair done at Berlin’s It Salon Shan Rahimkhan

Alix Petit, Creator of the brand Heimstone

“We’re totally submerged by the mass market. These days, consumers are being treated like idiots. Clothes are expensive, but most of them are being made in China and are of terrible quality. What makes them so expensive is the marketing that seethes around them. Quality and savoir faire aren’t part of the equation.  Clothes are no longer made to last.  They’re supposed to be consumed and to be replaced immediately. My aim is to make clothes that last years.”

Posted on October 2, 2011

French Girl Outfit


Oh la la! I love this outfit Liv Tyler is wearing! Bang-on-trend dots and sexy sheer fabric make this look perfect for seduction! The gorgeous dress is by Stella Mccartney and comes with a price tag of $2,000. Get the dress for less from Danish trend labe Edith & Ella. I love their Parisian chic style inspired by the 40ies and 50ies : Dots, ruffles, classic shift dresses and girly silk blouses.

Check out the Edith & Ella online shop

Posted on August 18, 2011

What I have learned from Ines de la Fressange

Astro & Spirit/ Rebel Alexa

Neben all dem Konsum und der vielen schoenen Labels ist es vor allen Dingen die innere Einstellung zur Schoenheit und zum Leben, die uns gluecklich und attraktiv macht. Die Seite mit den lifelong beauty Tips aus dem Buch “Parisian Chic” habe ich mir kopiert und an den Kuehlschrank geklebt!

1. Be well groomed

2. Smell nice

3. Be nonchalant and forget your age!!!

4. Be cooler and more easy going

5. Be less selfish

6. Accept that there will be bad days. And make the most of the good days!!!

Posted on August 6, 2011

Parisian Chic: Ines’ Beauty Tips

Beauty/ Romantique

Ines de la Fressange, French styleguide author, topmodel and muse of Karl Lagerfeld, just looks amazing at 51! Here are her tips on Beauty:

“The Parisian loves talking about beauty, but hates spending hours in front of her bathroom mirror. She is not a devotee of multiple mask and day creams, preferring a healthy application of natural good sense….and, of course, these top ten tips.”

  • “Dont go bankrupt buying expensive face creams – the best beauty parlor is your local dentist. An attractive smile and great teeth are the best way to forgive and forget the rest”! – I couldn’t agree more, invest in an electric toothbrush – I use the Queen of toothbrushes, the Oral B Triumph – teeth are the focus of our face and should be well looked after – see a hygienist twice a year and brush regularly.

  • “Never use pink on your lips. Transparent gloss is always the best” – Or use a gloss close to your own lip colour – I use Bourjois’ 3D Effet lipgloss in 42 Rose Symbolic.
  • “Terracotta moisturizing tan powder from Guerlain. The most effective way to a healthy, sunny complexion. Why go to the Bahams when you can shop at Guerlain?” – The 4 season Terracotta bronzer is great, use the paler shade in winter and the darker colours for summer.
  • “Dior’s apricot nail cream: I apply it at night before sleep. It keeps the cuticles perfectly moisturized. The next best thing to a professional manicure. “
  • “Apply matte powdered eye shadow with a fine brush. I prefer shades of brown, but the choice is yours! One thing is certain: Natural colours give a natural look” – I love Sisley eye shadows – they are devinly textured with just a  hint of fine sparkle – Quarz is a great grey-brown shade for a natural, every day look.  I have also been using “Moccha cup” by Estee Lauder for years – a grey-silver-brown-slightly violet eyeshadow.
  • “Dont overpluck your eyebrows: Afterwards, you are tempted to draw in the missing hair with a pencil – never a good idea” – When I get my eyebrows threaded in London, I always make sure to have a pic of Kiera Knighlty with me – that way I can show the threading lady what I want my eyebrows to look like and avoid overplucking!
Posted on July 31, 2011

Romance meets leather jacket

Blazer / Jackets/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

As you might have noticed, I do love romantic fashion and frills, flowers, pink colours, and everything girly you can think of! To not get stuck in a style rut though, I decided to try wearing a leather jacket, something I have never owned before. The Leather Jacket is also one of the 7 basics described in Ines de la Fressange’s style guide “Parisian Chic” so I thought I needed to give it a go. Ines advises combining the jacket with a flowery dress (to avoid the garden party look). In the pics above she models the jacket with another one of her basics, the white jeans. I also love the combination with a white frilly blouse as seen on the Vogue cover worn by Ines.

To not look like a biker’s girlfriend, I only ever wear it combined with a bright coloured top or dainty skirts. I must admit I do not wear it often and still prefer a blazer or cardigan. I might just need some more time to get used to it!

Wie Euch warscheinlich schon aufgefallen ist, liebe ich romantische Mode, mit Rueschen, Blumen, rosa Farben und allem maedchenhaften, das es gibt. Um nicht immer den ewig gleichen Stil zu tragen hatte ich mich entschieden, eine Lederjacke zu kaufen, ich hatte noch nie vorher eine besessen! Die Lederjacke ist eines von 7 basics beschrieben im Pariser Style Guide Buch von Ines de la Fressange, also dachte ich, probier es mal aus. Ines empfiehlt eine Lederjacke zu einem mille fleur Kleid zu tragen, um den “Garden Party” Look zu vermeiden. Auf dem Foto oben modellt sie die Jacke mit einem der 7 basics aus ihrem Buch – der weissen Jeans. Ich liebe auch den Look vom Vogue cover – schwarze Biker Lederjacke kombiniert mit weisser Fransenbluse.

Um nicht auszusehen, wie eine Rockerbraut, trage ich die Lederjacke nur mit hellen Farben und fliessenden Roecken. Ich muss zugeben, ich habe sie noch nicht sehr oft getragen und entscheide mich meist fuer einen Blazer oder eine Strickjacke. Was meint ihr?

Posted on July 23, 2011

Miu Miu Straw bag

Accessoires/ Bags/ Romantique

My best friend is my Miu Miu straw bag which I love dearly. A few years back I bought it brandnew from ebay. I don’t only wear it on sunny days but often on  those notoriously grey London days to keep the promise of summer alive.

Wear a straw bag  together with an evening dress to shake things up. Ines de la Fressange includes it as one of the basics style items of Parisians in her style guide.

Meine beste Freundin ist meine Miu Miu Strohtasche die ich innig liebe. Vor ein paar Jahren habe ich das gute Stueck bei ebay erstanden. Ich trage die Tasche nicht nur an sonnigen Tagen sondern gerade an den beruechtigten grauen Londoner Sommertagen um die Erinnerung an den Sommer wachzuhalten.

Trage eine Strohtasche zum Abendkleid um den Look zu brechen. Ines de la Fressange beschreibt die Strohtasche als eines der Basics in der Garderobe jeder Pariserin in ihrem style guide.

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