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Posted on February 19, 2015

Monochrome Parisian Style at Place des Vosges

Coats/ Paris/ Travel/ Wardrobe

Romantique street style Place des Vosges

Last week in Paris, Rebel and I strolled in the beautiful square of Place des Vosges, in the heart of trendy Marais. We spent girly sister time enjoying the glourious sunshine outdoors, popped into Marais’ plentiful boutiques and stopped by the cafes to warm up with a hot drink and watch the world go by.

How to dress when you’re in Paris? You want to be comfortable to allow for hours of sightseeing as well as looking chic to fit in with the stylish locals. Flats are a must, to allow for long hours of walking, a crossbody bag for free hands and a woolen hat to shield against the crispy cold winter air.

I’m wearing:

  • Flat ballerinas by Max & Co
  • Quilted crossbody bag a la chanel by LCredi
  • Monochrome Vichy gingham checked wool trousers by Max & Co
  • Blue silk blouse by Uniqlo for a splash of colour
  • Sunglasses by Fendi
  • Woolen hat by Corrective – to shield against the bitterly winter cold

Romantique street style Place des Vosges gingham vichy trousers MAx & Co


Romantique street style Place des Vosges black coat, pink quilted chanel bag


In the streets of Marais, Parais

In the streets of Marais, Parais

Posted on February 15, 2015

The Allure of the Eiffel Tower

Paris/ Rebel Alexa


It really is a magical feeling when you first lay eyes on the Eiffel Tower. If you do nothing else whilst in Paris, a trip to the tower is a must!

Last week in Paris, Romantique and I didn’t climb to the top of the tower, but visited the garden of Champ de Mars near the Ecole Militare. A relaxed way to see the Eiffel tower, strolling in the gardens, sitting on the bench taking in the view and jumping to take silly photos.

Romantique at Eiffel Tower

The allure of the Eiffel Tower is the best iconic photo shoot background you can have for your Paris photos. Have look at pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Romy Schneider or Catherine Deneuve with the masterpiece Eiffel Tower in the back.

Sophia Loren Eiffel Tower

Sophia Loren


Catherine Deneuve

Audrey Hepburn - Funny Face, Eiffel Tower

Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire in Funny Face

Romy Schneider

Romy Schneider


Rebel at Eiffel Tower

Rebel wearing Prada Sunglasses


Posted on September 21, 2014

Weekend in Paris with Cat Macarons

Accessoires/ Cuisine/ Dresses/ Paris/ Romantique/ Travel
Badou Badou Cat Macarons Paris

Badou Badou cat macaron and macaron bracelet by N2 Les Nereides Paris.


September has been a whirlwind month for me: a trip home to Berlin, rocked London Fashion Week with Rebel, started a new job in Marketing and last but not least, Mr Romantique whisked me away to Paris to celebrate our first wedding anniversary!

Paris romanced us with stunning weather, mouth-watering food in Paris’ most popular tea room and breathtaking views from Montparnasse tower.  My absolute highlight of the trip was a box of cat macarons from Parisian patisserie Lenôtre. Unlike Laduree’s Hello Kitty Macaron collection, which simply contains macarons in Helly Kitty themed packaging, Lenôtre offers macarons shaped like Kitty’s head. The adorable cat macarons, named Badou Badou, are offered in two delicious flavours: Cotton Candy and Strawberry Haribo.


Badou Badou Cat Macarons Paris


Elodie Martins, writer and amateur pastry chef, created the feline macarons inspired by the girly universe of the movie “Marie Antoinette”, directed by Sofia Coppola.

Paris Street style pont Alexandre trois Max and Co vichy gingham dress. moschino bag. Street style Paris at the gorgeous pont Alexandre III.

I’m wearing:

  • The quintessential French Vichy Gingham dress by Max & Co
  • Green ballet pumps by Pretty Ballerinas
  • Brown cross body bag by Moschino
  • Shades by Ray Ban
  • Parisian themed hoop earrings by Les Nereides

Paris Street style pont Alexandre trois Max and Co vichy gingham dress. moschino bag.

The girly world of Sofia Coppola's movie "Marie Antoinette" inspired Elodie Marting to create her Badou Badou cat earrings.

The girly world of Sofia Coppola’s movie “Marie Antoinette” inspired Elodie Marting to create her Badou Badou cat earrings.


Paris Lenotre cat macarons Badou Badou Badou Badou Cat Macarons Paris Badou Badou Cat Macarons Paris Lenotre

Posted on January 22, 2014

SS 2014 Parisian Jewellery Sneak Preview

Les Nereides' N2 Alice in wonderland collection SS 2014 is not yet in the shops. Stay tuned for a full review when they will be ;-) How adorable is this cup alice necklace? Pic from Paulette Magazine.

Les Nereides’ N2 Alice in wonderland collection SS 2014 is not yet in the shops. Stay tuned for a full review when it will be 😉 How adorable is this cup alice necklace? Pic from Paulette Magazine.

As you know, I’m a big fan of whimsical Parisian custume jeweller Les Néréides and their cooky-cute sub line N2.

So you can imagine that I was beyond excited when I discovered that Les Néréides’ new collection is already out in the London Covent Garden shop! Oh the joys of working in walking distance to my favourite shop!

The new collection does not disappoint and continues in the same enchanted, lovingly detailed  fashion of previous collections. As always, all pieces are hand painted.

The following collections caught my eyes:

The updated Paris collection “Paris Mon Amour”: Spring and Romance is in the air! Lovers in Paris, passionately hugging on blue, faceted glass. Earrings depicting a little Eiffel tower and a lady on a bike dangling off delicate red hearts. The statement Paris necklace entails all of our Parisian landmarks:  The fashionista, the lovers, the girl on a bike, the metro pole. Fantastique!

Feminine and classicly beautiful  is the collection with the bows: Golden pearl hoops adorned with a bow, delicate bow rings and bracelets, a statement necklace with chunkier bows. One doesn’t know where to look first!

Pearl bow earrings Les Nereides SS2014

Ueber feminine: The classic pearl hoops with bows, part of the new Spring Summer collection

Paris mon Amour!

Paris mon Amour!

Les Néréides SS 2014 Paris Earrings It was so hard to chose a piece from the new spring summer collection as  I wanted them all! This year I have to save up for bigger things and only allowed myself one pair of earrings. I took these beaties home! A playful Paris scene, the Eiffel tower and a girl on a bike. Note the cat in the whicker basket.

Les Nereides Paris necklace

Paris scene statement necklace

So beautiful not just for the hardcore Paris fans: Oval hoops adorned with stars and the Eifel tower as the centre piece

So beautiful not just for the hardcore Paris fans: Oval hoops adorned with stars and the Eifel tower as the centre piece.

Les Nereides SS 2014 Bow Necklace

Posted on July 7, 2011

Le Style Parisienne

Romantique/ Wardrobe

After having read Ines de la Fressange’s style guide on Parisian chic, I was eager to find out what Parisian style is really like on the streets.

Here are my observations:

·         90% of Parisians wear ballet shoes, the rest flat, open sandals or moccasins (no 12 cm plateau high heels that are so popular in London!)

·         Their make-up and hair is made up ‘au naturel’

·         Parisiennes braved the heat with jumpsuits, dainty, flowing silk dresses (never too short, never too much cleavage. You show either legs or a bit of cleavage, never both)

·         Their favourite accessory is NOT the mobile phone. Unfortunately it has become a common sight to see girls constantly playing with their mobile devices, however this did not strike me as much in Paris

To summarise:  Timeless, effortless elegance equals style a la Parisienne which matches Ines style guide advice.

Below are some photo impressions that I captured on the Parisian streets, and in the shops (great boutique in Rue Scribe)


Posted on June 28, 2011

Over the roofs of Paris – Les Galeries Lafayette

Paris/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

The Galeries Lafayette are not just a must see for shopping, but the department store also boasts an amazing roof terrace on the 7th floor, providing a view formidable over the city of love. Enjoy a cafe au lait and a price- less view at the same time at the cafe.

The weekend of our visit was also the start of the sale which we didn’t realise until we spotted hordes of passionate shoppers almost getting into fist fights over 500 EUR Chloe handbags and 50 metre queues just to be allowed access into the Louis Vuitton shop.

Berliners will notice that the interior of the French department store resembles that of the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. Jean Nouvel constructed the German copy in 1991. It is one of only three in the whole world – the two others are in Casablanca, Morocco and in Dubai.

I wear a Max Mara dress, sunglasses from TK Maxx und shoes from Pretty Ballerina.


Posted on June 27, 2011

Le Loir dans la Théière – Paris!

Cuisine/ Paris/ Romantique/ Travel

The biggest advantage and most postitive thing about London for me is to be in Paris in just two hours! Fuss free, from Central London to Gard du Nord.  So this weekend I headed over there for a very special occasion: To surprise our mother for her 60th Birthday! She had no idea I was coming. I directed our mum and her partner to go and wait for me in a little teahouse in the Marais where I hopped out of the Taxi to unexpectectdly  rock up at their table! A very successful surprise indeed!

If you travel to Paris, make absolutely sure to not miss this gem. Situated in the wonderful Marais, this is a little cafe with lots of character, exquisite cuisine and cakes-out-of-this-world!

We enjoyed an orgasmic berry cheesecake, the berries tasted like just picked from the forest 10 minutes ago and the “cheese” was an unexplicably light egg whipp, crowned by a caramelised top! In the UK cakes are often pervertedly sweet so it was great to induldge in these not so sweet but rather tasty and fruity little creations.

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