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Posted on August 6, 2011

Parisian Chic: Ines’ Beauty Tips

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Ines de la Fressange, French styleguide author, topmodel and muse of Karl Lagerfeld, just looks amazing at 51! Here are her tips on Beauty:

“The Parisian loves talking about beauty, but hates spending hours in front of her bathroom mirror. She is not a devotee of multiple mask and day creams, preferring a healthy application of natural good sense….and, of course, these top ten tips.”

  • “Dont go bankrupt buying expensive face creams – the best beauty parlor is your local dentist. An attractive smile and great teeth are the best way to forgive and forget the rest”! – I couldn’t agree more, invest in an electric toothbrush – I use the Queen of toothbrushes, the Oral B Triumph – teeth are the focus of our face and should be well looked after – see a hygienist twice a year and brush regularly.

  • “Never use pink on your lips. Transparent gloss is always the best” – Or use a gloss close to your own lip colour – I use Bourjois’ 3D Effet lipgloss in 42 Rose Symbolic.
  • “Terracotta moisturizing tan powder from Guerlain. The most effective way to a healthy, sunny complexion. Why go to the Bahams when you can shop at Guerlain?” – The 4 season Terracotta bronzer is great, use the paler shade in winter and the darker colours for summer.
  • “Dior’s apricot nail cream: I apply it at night before sleep. It keeps the cuticles perfectly moisturized. The next best thing to a professional manicure. “
  • “Apply matte powdered eye shadow with a fine brush. I prefer shades of brown, but the choice is yours! One thing is certain: Natural colours give a natural look” – I love Sisley eye shadows – they are devinly textured with just a  hint of fine sparkle – Quarz is a great grey-brown shade for a natural, every day look.  I have also been using “Moccha cup” by Estee Lauder for years – a grey-silver-brown-slightly violet eyeshadow.
  • “Dont overpluck your eyebrows: Afterwards, you are tempted to draw in the missing hair with a pencil – never a good idea” – When I get my eyebrows threaded in London, I always make sure to have a pic of Kiera Knighlty with me – that way I can show the threading lady what I want my eyebrows to look like and avoid overplucking!
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