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Huile Prodigieuse d’Or

Posted on September 7, 2011

Behind the myth: Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse d’Or

Beauty/ Romantique

 A true cult, hyped-up beauty product is the mulit usage dryoil “Huile Prodigieuse d’Or from Parisian organic beauty giant Nuxe. Religious followers include supermodel Laetitia Casta who keeps her chestnut locks luscious by spraying the golden oil onto her hair, Penelope Cruz, Heidi Klum, Monica Belluci, Charlize Theron and Sarah Jessica Parker.

So far I’ve always resisted the urge to buy it as I thought it will be too oily, stain my clothes, stick to the skin. On holiday in Sardinia, I saw it in every pharmacy, hailed as “Francias No 1”. I finally gave in!

What can I say? I absolutely love it! My concerns were unfounded: I spritzed a bit on my  moisture starved legs and was pleased to notice that within seconds, the oil sank into the skin, leaving no marks on my clothes or hands.

The oil comes in two versions:
The “d’Or” oil contains tiny flecks of gold which looks great on tanned summer skin. The basic version is discreetly plain.

It’s also a great moisture source for thick, dry hair: My hair soaked up the oil within minutes (I used only a tiny bit on the ends).

My only niggle: I’m not too keen on the scent. I expected a sweet almond or coconut scent. Instead it’s a metallic scent which might be due to the fact that the oil comprises 94% natural ingredients. Overall, the benefits outweigh the (very weak!) scent.

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