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Posted on October 14, 2012

About Fashion Blogs

Rebel Alexa

“All blogs post the same stuff”- yes and no but she doesn’t know Romantique and Rebel. Most fashion blogs I know post “copy and paste” photos from other blogs or magazines and a meaningless comment. That’s it. Our private cameras are always stand by if Romantique and Rebel talk about fashion.

We don’t work in the fashion industry, or sit in the front row, we do our very own fashion thing and we show and share it every day. We post daily about our wardrobe in London and Hamburg and everyone can see what we have chosen to wear – R&R is not a copy and paste Fashion Blog.


Cavin Klein Coat, J Brand pants, Pumps by H&M, Sweater by Heldmann

Posted on September 20, 2012

H&M Orange Cap Toe Shoes

Rebel Alexa/ Shoes


I have to be married to a millionaire in order to afford to buy any trend from a high fashion label. What’s the solution to this problem beacuse I really like to have cap toe heels!? At H&M, Zara, Mango and all the other high street shops you can  get  great me too versions   and bang!  You get the trend and your budegt is still in balance.

My cap toe heels are from H&M and really super comfortable to wear, I didn’t expect! And they look fantastic for 29,95 EURO!!!!



Posted on August 13, 2012

H&M Vintage Skirt

Rebel Alexa/ Skirts/ Wardrobe

Yes, sometimes, clothes from H& M are well made and last more than just one season! It’s hard to believe, my blue cotton skirt from H&M is 12 years old and definitely vintage!

Some seasons I haven’t worn the skirt and that shows once again you should not always stick to the rule in your closet to throw anything away that you haven’t worn for 6 months. And a navy blue pleated skirt is a must stay in your wardrobe . And by the way, men like girly skirts. Funnily enough, most compliments I get whenever I wear the H&M Skirt.


Navy blue skirt by H&M, Cashmere Top by Gusto Barcelona , Shoes Tk Maxx, Bag by Calvin Klein Collection

Posted on April 21, 2012

White on White

Blazer / Jackets/ Denim/ Jumpers/ Rebel Alexa/ Trousers/ Wardrobe

The one trend taking over spring fashion week 2012 is none other than white on white. I’m all about white on white; however, just be careful you don’t look like a snowflake!

She is on the withe track, if you can’t resist a splash of colour, reds and oranges will complement your neutrals.

  Easy elegance can be found in monochromatic outfits this summer. For some of us, seem like a small challenge trying to pull off an all white look.

How to wear: I WEAR: H&M Jacket, Jaggy pants, Nude Pretty Ballerinas, white classic bag

Do mix up different tones of white for a sophisticated look. Perfect the white on white look by wearing a fitted dress or pants and blazer in this color.

Don’t be afraid to wear all white, keep hair pulled back and make up to a minimum.

Place of a white blazer with a white heavy knitwear.

Casual easy going summer look


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