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Posted on September 30, 2013

Oktoberfest Dirndl Street style in London

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It’s that time of the year again when the South of Germany celebrates the Oktoberfest, an outdoor Beer Garden Festival copied all over the world, from Brazil to Australia. The traditional Oktoberfest Dress, the Dirndl, is worn in the South of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy (South Tyrol). As an authentic Berliner,  I love wearing the Dirndl in London as a funny novelty. After all, the nipped in waist, flared skirt and fitted bodice of the Dirndl is hugely flattering to every figure.

In London, restaurants and clubs such as “Bodo’s Schloss” and the “Tiroler Hut” are ideal playgrounds to wear Dirndls while tucking into a hearty meal.

Dirndls can be expensive and cost up to 1,000 EUR, as they are typically crafted from rich fabrics and hand made prints.  It can be difficult to find them at more affordable prices, however if you’re lucky enough to be in Germany, TK Maxx sells Dirndls every year around this time. H&M in Munich also offers a variety of low priced Dirndls.

I am wearing a TK Maxx Dirndl, Falke “Wiesn” knee highs, gingham kittenheels from Marc Jacobs. Straw bag from Misako. Gingerbread heart necklace from Thomas Sabo.  What to wear with a Dirndl? Cooky cute jewellery from French Designer Les Lereides of course! Gingerbread man ring and Haensel and Gretel charm bracelet perfectly match the Germanic theme.

Straw Bag from Misako, Haensel and Gretel Charm Bracelet and gingerbread ring man from Les Nereides.

Straw Bag from Misako, Haensel and Gretel Charm Bracelet and gingerbread ring man from Les Nereides.

Dirndl Street Style



Posted on August 13, 2011

Romantique prepares for Oktoberfest

Dresses/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Das ist ein Bild von Romantique beim Dirndl Shopping aus Berlin! Sie hat mich gebeten, das Bild für Euch von Hamburg aus hochzuladen, weil sie nicht online sein kann. Deshalb werde ich etwas typisches inner rebel zu diesem post schreiben. Mindestens 1 Dirndl sollte jeder haben, besonders wenn man als Deutsche im Ausland lebt und natürlich mit Bayern zero am Hut hat. Mich bekommen keine 10 Pferde in so Trachtenoutfit rein aber es gibt inzwischen echte “fesche” Modelle. Schlimm finde ich, wenn Trachten und Dirndl in Massen auftreten, wie beim Oktoberfest in München aber, wenn man mal ab und zu damit durch London, Hamburg, Kapstadt oder Bali  schlendert ist das schon wieder cool, außer eben in Bayern also!

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