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Posted on May 16, 2015

Growing Into & Out of Fashion

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I’m 44 and there is no age I would rather be than the age I am right now. This acceptance is something I hope I never outgrow!

If I had to make a list of things I have grown out of and things I have grown into, it might look something like this:

Spring Street Style 2015 (10) (659x800)

Things I’ve Grown OUT

Anything too tight.

Wearing (Mini) skirts and long hair.

Too much Jewelry that is fun and funky.

Trying to look too hip or too young.

I am not a bag changer anymore. That’s liberating!

Although this isn’t a wardrobe thing, I have outgrown spending my time doing anything that I don’t want to be doing with people I don’t want feel happy to be around.

Street Style Spring 2015 (11) (572x800) Things I Have Grown INTO

Having less clothing.

Wearing only perfectly comfortable size.

Wearing red lipstick, short hair and Spanx.

Wearing Sunglasses at any time, the most important fashion piece.

I usually stick with one purse when I find one I like.

Using more nail polish.

Floral Pants 2015 street style (23) (601x800)

Things I’ll NEVER Let Go

Simplicity. Less is the new more.

Converse and adidas Trainers.

Black, Black…wearing Skinny Denim and Turtleneck only in Black.

The white Shirt.

Using  professional foundation daily.

Street Style Spring 2015 (734x800)

List of outfit: Floral pants by Céline, Gazelle trainers by adidas, Sweater by Uniqlo, Sunglasses by Missoni

Kate Moss Wanted (17) (800x533)

Posted on August 18, 2013

How we wear flirty florals

Blazer / Jackets/ Dresses/ Skirts/ Trousers/ Wardrobe
Céline floral pants

Céline floral pants


“Florals are for middle-aged women with weight problems” – Karl Lagerfeld.

While I adore fashion king Karl Lagerfeld and his often funny (and  inappropriate!) quotes, I beg to differ on this occasion. Every woman should have a floral piece in her wardrobe, simply because they are feminine, flirty, fun and versatile. There’s flowers for every type of woman and every style.

This is how we Rebel and I rock florals:

1. Floral Trousers

If you are unsure whether florals suit you, wear them away from your face, as a skirt or trousers. Above: Rebel is wearing flower print pants from Céline SS 2012. To calm the pattern, she pairs her trousers with a one coloured cashmere jumper in orange. High Heels in black ensure that floras don’t look mumsy. Both shoes and jumper pick up the colours of the printed pants which further tones down the print.


2. The Floral Pencil Skirt

The ever slimming pencil skirt  lends itself perfectly to a bit of flowery action. My navy blue and pink skirt is from TK Maxx. I will be rocking this baby in winter with toasty tights and a warm parka. To elongate my shillouette  I added pointy patent kitten heel shoes from Logan to my flowery skirt. Again, to not make the flower print look to busy, I paired it with a cashmere cardi and navy t-shirt picking up the colours of the skirt.

Floral Dress from Max & Co

Floral Dress from Max & Co


3. The Floral Dress

For me, this is the ultimate way to wear florals, in the form of a playful dress. Fitted at the top, flared at over the hips and bum, this is an instant slimmer. For me, smaller florals work better as they tend to make me look skinnier compared to bigger flower prints. Dress from Max & Co, sandals from AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni, sunglasses from Céline.

Floral Blazer from Zara

Floral Blazer from Zara


4. The Floral Blazer

The flower prints make the classic blazer look fresh. Throw on some pointy heels or metallic slip on for a modern take.


millefleur bikin from Domani

millefleur bikin from Domani

5. The Floral Bikini

Florals and a tan always look great together! Hit the beach in a romantic and playful mood. My bikini is from domani. I love the small,  dainty millefleur flowers.

Florals AW 2014

Winter florals from Moschino, Blumarine and Valentino

Posted on August 7, 2012

CÉLINE Floral Print Pants

Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

In my opinion, these Céline floral print pants are the best piece of 2012 designer fashion. They were seen on Miranda Kerr and even Queen of US Vogue Anna Wintour was spotted wearing a dress with the Céline signature floral print.

How to style:

With pointy heels in nude (like Miranda Kerr) or black (like me), casual mono coloured tops, shirts or jumper or tailored with fitted blazer, if in doubt black would be the best.


Even though the pants are from the resort collection summer 2012, I will definitely wear them in winter too! In the colder months,  I would style the floral pants with sporty ankle boots, a lot of black cashmere jumpers and straight cut wool coats in black.


Céline floral print pants, orange Jumper by Allude, black belt by Roberto Cavalli, Heels by Tk Maxx, Sunglasses by Céline

I love the pants so much that I could wear them every day 24h/ 365!


Posted on June 1, 2012

Try neon accessories

Accessoires/ Denim/ Jumpers/ Romantique

Not sure about how to pull off the neon trend? Me too, I don’t like too obvious “look at me” neon colors.  Try just a hint of neon as part of a knock-out element of your classic outfit, like a belt, shoes or handbags.

Above and below: My neon pink belt is from Buzzard, white trousers with heart pocket detail from Love Moschino, nude Pretty Ballerinas and straw handbag from Sophia C.

My pink sunglasses are from Celine, powder pink cashmere twinset from TK Maxx

Straw and  a dash of neon: Straw bag from Rebecca Minkoff with neon yellow leather details. Neon show stopper heels

Posted on June 1, 2012

Dragée coloured Blazers

Blazer / Jackets/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

At the moment, Zara offers beautiful, classic blazers in dragee colours, all for under 100 Euros! You can’t go wrong by having a light blazer in your wardrobe, it’s a summer basic essential. The one I am wearing in the picture above has a great detail, a nude suede leather ellbow patch.

This soft pink Chanel look-a-like box jacket from Zara can also be yours for under 100 Euro. It’s an absolute classic and with it’s gold buttons, zipper and Boucle details not as puristic as a blazer.

Mix pastel blazer with uni coloured simple tops, blouses and shorts.


Posted on May 18, 2012

Fashion 60 Plus

Bags/ Jumpers/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique/ Trousers/ Wardrobe

Fashion is not only for young people as all the magazines and billboards want us to believe.

The right to be fashionable and to have fun in what you wear and how you express yourself is not only owned by the young girls.
Marc Jacobs dedicated his last collection to mature women, taking inspiration from the style blog “Advanced Style” by Ari Seth Cohen.
Get inspired by our mum who is 61 years old and from who we inherited our interest and fun in all things fashionable.
Romantique:      What can you tell us about fashion in the later years of life?
Mummy R&R:    
As I got older, I became more confident in myself and more secure. I don’t get influenced and pressured  by trends anymore like I used to 30 years ago. I only participate in trends that I know suit me. For example, the wrap dress made famous by Diane Fuerstenberg has been hailed as the ultimate flattering dress for all shapes of women  in countless books, magazines and blogs for years. Still, I know a wrap dress isn’t my style,  because on me, it accentuates little “rolls” and a low V-Neck doesn’t suit me as well as a boat or round neck. 20 years ago, I might have bought a dress like this because it had been hyped up so much, despite knowing that the style didn’t suit me.
Romantique:     How would you describe your style?
Mummy R&R:    
I like to wear classic pieces and mix them up with a few trendy items. For example, I would team a classic pencil skirt with bold coloured tights; bright pink, purple or orange for example. To complete the outfit, I would wear a simple one coloured sweater or shirt.
Romantique:    What about accessories and handbags?
Mummy R&R:   I don’t like wearing too much jewellery as it reminds me of old fashioned women. I do love big earrings though, particularly made of gemstones.
I also love well crafted handbags, I recently bought a heavenly brown leather handbag from Celine (seen in the photo) in Sardinia. Handbags are so important as they can spice up any outfit, just like shoes. When wearing an excellent handbag it’s all about the way you wear it: Wear it with charisma and,very important, with a straight posture oozing confidence.
Mummy R&R, thank you for the interview!
In the pictures, Mummy R&R is wearing: Wool / Stretch trousers from Bogner, Bright orange Cashmere cardigan from Allude, orange suede jacket from Pielini, leather handbag from Celine, white bow shirt from TK Maxx and ballet shoes from Pretty Ballerina.
Posted on May 14, 2012

Céline / Pre-Fall 2012

Rebel Alexa

Phoebe Philo isn’t going to waste her time—or yours, or mine, for that matter—waxing lyrical about what she was thinking about when it came to her Céline pre-fall collection…The head-to-toe print dressing she started with her Moroccan–patterned silk a few seasons ago is now represented by a distorted batik that she wittily echoed with the markings on an oversize (you see?) fur, which was then given that inimitable Philo touch by fastening it with a skating-the-borders-of-bad-and-good-taste white leather belt.

My interpretation of this Céline batik pattern is not so emphasized boyisch and adrogyn but more feminine and elegant because it’s just not my stature.


Tommy Hilfiger black cotton pant, Fenn Wright Manson top according as seen to Céline Pre Fall Collection 2012, yellow belt, dark marineblue bag of Calvin Klein, Killer High Heels

Ideally, I would still need a little fur jacket!

Posted on May 12, 2012

Céline Sunglasses

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa

The first thing I noticed when I saw the pictures of Linda Evangelista at the family court in New York – she wears  Céline sunglasses, the most important detail at all, besides the gossip!

Currently the most important accessories are my Céline sun glasses and I confess that I have a obssesion with the special type SC 1747 of sun glasses. I love the different colours and the shape is just perfect and suits every face shape.

I would never ever part from these two pair of Céline sunlasses – they are my hidden fashion treasure! I always have both in my handbag!

Kirsten Dunst – She wears Céline Sunglasses

Romantique wears Céline Sunglasses SC 1747 col. 06DS

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