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Posted on October 16, 2013

My Berry Bridal Bouquet

Romantique/ Wedding


  Dress "Roseblom" from Jcrew, shoes from Marc Jacbos.

You never know where you pick up inspiration for your wedding. For my own bridal bouqet,  I was inspired by a flower bouquet R&R mum bought at Dresden last winter. She sent me a photo of the whimsical bouquet which contained dark winter berries and the idea was born!

A huge thank you to my Berlin Florist “Gruene Ecke” who made this beautiful bouqet just like I imagined it to be and even better!

My brief for the wedding flowers was short and sweet:

–          Different colours, including pink (naturally)

–          The bouquet should exude a “just picked off the field” style, not too stiff and put together

–          Include berries and fruit into the bouquet

I was told this type of bouqet is called an “Open Biedermeier”. You can see the beautiful result here. Mr Romantique carried a matching flower and berry pin for his suit and all the female guests wore a small bouqets too.  This was the lovely idea of the florist and made everyone feel more involved and part of the day.

Bridal Berry Bouquet blackberries

My Wedding Bouquet consits of red and pink roses, unripe, green blackberries, sea buckthorn and long grass to give it a whimsical, playful twist


Blackberry Bridal Bouqet

Berry Bridal Bouquet Berry Bridal bouquet and Jcrew dress

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