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Posted on November 29, 2014

A controversial post about a pink coat and brown boots

Coats/ Romantique/ Shoes/ Wardrobe

Pink max and co winter coat and brown sergio rossi boots london street style

What’s controversial about this outfit, some of you might say. Well, according to Rebel, this outfit is a terrible combination as the rustic riding boots are ruining the feminine pink coat. Rebel even went as far as saying that I cannot publish this outfit! Which of course led me to publisise it anyway.I agree partly: dainty flats, block heeled Mary-Janes or simple Chelsea ankle boots would have been a better fit better for the romantic coat. However, the rich chocolate brown boots are a good match for the pastel pink and take the girlyness down a notch, not necessarily a bad thing. In terms of shilouette, the fitted boots contrast nicely against the voluminous “bathrobe” cut of the coat.

I’m dying to know what you think: let me know you: Brown boots and pink coat hot or flop? Let us know!

London street style sergio rossi boots and coccinelle bag
Check out here how I styled the same coat for London Fashion Week 2014.
I’m wearing:
  • Pink coat by Max & Co 2014
  • Brown boots by Sergio Rossi
  • Pink Bag by Coccinelle
  • Hert umbrella by Moschino

Pink max and co winter coat and brown sergio rossi boots london street style


Pink max and co winter coat and brown sergio rossi boots london street style London at night: Pictures taken near WAterloo bridge


Posted on October 18, 2014

Knits ‘n Boots

Accessoires/ Romantique/ Shoes/ Wardrobe

Chunky knits and boots london street style

I’m definitely a summer girl: I love nothing more than bold colours in stripey or checked patterns, set against sun kissed skin and dishevelled hair. Now that autumn is here, with it’s shorter, chillier days, soft-hazy light and rusty colours, I’m rediscovering my love for the colder seasons. Heavier textures like chunky knits and leather are my best friends. Try texture layering to elevate the common knit to vogue: Oversized knitted sweaters worn over soft silk dresses, lace or leather skirts. Now is the time for cosying up, drinking hot chocolate in  street cafes, watching the world go by, or cocooning at home. 
Knee-high leather boots are a modern classic. I love pairing mine with dresses and pencil skirts 


I am wearing:

  • Black wool piano Dress by Max & Co
  • Brown leather boots with gold heel detail by Sergio Rossi
  • Beige knitted  scarf / poncho with hood by Stefanel
  • Pink woven leather handbag by Gharani Strok
  • Pink mirrored Ray Ban Aviators borrowed from Mr Romantique

Chunky knits and boots london street style


Chunky knits and boots london street style


My knits and boots style queens:


Claudia Schiffer in a blue cable knit sweater, emphasizing  her gazelle legs with over the knee boots.

alexa chung heavy knit and sequinned skirt

‘Effortless chic’ is such an overused term, is sounds like a cliche. If there is one person how does personify effortless chic, it’s Alexa. Pairing a heavy knit sweater with a sequinned pencil skirt and high heels. Genius and tres Parisienne!


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