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Posted on June 17, 2015

Taste of London in Bermondsey

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Maltby street food market Ropewalk Bermondsey

A few weekends back, on a rainy British bank holiday weekend, we visited London’s best kept secret: The Maltby Food Street Market Ropewalk in Bermondsey. Whilst most visitors to London will know the famous Borough markets, the Maltby market is the lesser known, charming boutique pendant.  The top notch sellers will make any foodie’s heart beat faster. My absolute favourites were the smoked Norwegian salmon from Hansen & Lydersen,  freshly chucked oysters washed down with a fresh cranberry nectar, followed by an eclair from Comptoir Gourmand.

Maltby street food market ropewalk pulled pork burger nectar

Fresh apricot and cranberry nectar for the girls, pulled pork burger from African Volcano for the boys!

Maltby street food market Ropewalk Bermondsey

Mmmmmm – there’s nothing better than creamy, freshly chucked oysters!

Chucking oysters Bermondsey Food market ropewalk

Hansen & Lyderson salmon london food market ropewalk

Who would have thought of London as a Food mekka 20 years ago? Hansen & Lydersen’s salmon has the perfect texture and is not too salty. Served on rye sourdough bread, this is mouthwatering delicious.

Maltby food market waffle on Bermondsey

Don’t forget desert. Waffles from Waffleon. Worth every calorie!

The cheese truck Bermondsey Maltby street market rope walk

The Cheese truck is celebreating great British Cheese with London’s finest cheese sandwiches, made with Pagnotta sourdough.

French Pastries from Comptoir Gourmand

French Pastries from Comptoir Gourmand

After living in London for more than 7 years, I continue to discover new areas and Bermondsey is one of them. (Admittedly, I love London’s manicured West and I probably should venture out of my comfort zone more than I currenlty do!). With it’s tall buildings and ping pong tables, it reminded me a little bit of Berlin, early 90s!


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