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Posted on August 23, 2011

Lose weight with rye bread

Cuisine/ Romantique

In English-speaking countries, wheat-based bread predominates and the first few years for a German girl in London have been tough without my beloved rye bread.

Hence I was as excited as if it was  Christmas and my birthday together when I discovered “Bakehouse”, a bakery in Hammersmith,  London that rivals a German one! The interior design is very modern and minimalistic, yet rustic. The bread is laid out on a long shelf in wicker baskets and the bread is so fresh, it’s still warm!

Rye bread is made from flour with rye grain and sourdough and is not only delicious but also has many healthy properties such as:

– Helps you losing weight: Rye based breads promoted higher post-meal satiety due to their high complex fibre content, keeping you full for longer.

– Rye kernels have a low glycemic index of 39, meaning the blood sugar will be raised slowly. A study by Swedish nutrition scientist Anna Nilsons showed that only one slice of rye bread will keep the blood sugar stable for up to 10 hours. Fluctuating blood sugar levels (as caused by wheat bread for example) can lead to diabetes, overweight and cardiovascular disease.

– High nutrients: Rye retains more nutrients than wheat breads such as magnesium, trace minerals, folic acid, thiamin, and niacin

– Cancer prevention: Studies have shown that people who frequently eat rye bread are less likely to contract bowel cancer, due to the high content of fibres and antioxidants in rye bread. Wheat bread has the outer layers of the grain kernels removed, whereas rye bread possesses all of the benefitial ingredients of the whole grain such as fibre, vitamins and minerals.

– Reduce cholesterol: Studies have shown that daily consumption of rye bread is an effective method to reduce LDL cholesterol in men.

Fight menopause: Lignans are plant chemicals that mimic the hormone estrogen, and also act as antioxidants. Rye bread is a rich source of lignan and helps to reduce hot flushes and dryness in postmenopausal women

Tip: When you buy a rye bread, make sure the rye content  is as high as possible, ideally 90%

After being so good, we sure are allowed a Berliner too ! (doughnut filled with plum jam)

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