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Posted on September 24, 2013

Romantic Wedding Flower Crown

Accessoires/ Beauty/ Icons/ Romantique/ Wedding
Floral headpiece made at florist in Berlin. Lilly of the valley earrings from Les Nereides.

My floral headpiece made at a Tempelhof florist in Berlin. Lilly of the valley earrings from Les Nereides.


3 weeks ago, on 31st August, Tatiana Santo Domingo married Grace Kelly’s grandson, Andrea Casiraghi, in Monaco. Just 5 days before I married Mr Romantique in Berlin! While Tatiana opted for a boho wedding dress from Missoni complete with flower power head piece, I went for the Audrey Hepburn 50s look. Vichy checked kitten heels and a flared tea length dress from Jcrew (Rosebloom).

Just like her, I decided to wear a flower crown to give my dress a romantic flair. To not make it look too boho, the delicate pink flowers were arranged on an alice band that I could easily pop into my hair.

floral headpieces wedding tatiana santo domingo

Tatiana’s wonderfully relaxed boho wedding guests wearing flower tiaras just like the bride!

Romantique floral head piece

A thick pleated hair streak completed the romantic look

This is how I got inspired to wear a floral head piece: By the lovely Alexa Chung

Floral crown inspiration from Alexa Chung

Audrey Hepburn marries Mel Ferrer in 1954 in a Balmain dress and floral tiara

Audrey Hepburn marries Mel Ferrer in 1954 in a Balmain dress and floral tiara

romantic flower crown

Bridal floral crown

Rosebloom tea length wedding dress from Jcrew

Rosebloom tea length wedding dress from Jcrew. Kitten heels from Marc Jacobs

Posted on May 10, 2012

Black Turtleneck Sweater

Icons/ Jumpers/ Rebel/ Wardrobe

Marion Cotillard is stunning in that beauty photo shoot ahead of the release of her Batman adventure.

Black is best: Even the beauty’s lips are peachy nude to keep all colour out of the shot!

Marion’s latest photos gave me the inspiration to write about timeless black turtleneck sweater.

The black turtleneck sweater

Audrey Hepburn turned a simple black turtleneck into a chic staple. Whether you have a big or small chest, a turtleneck is flattering. Try to find one that stretches to fit your body but will not lose its shape. Hint: The better the fabric, the easier this is. It’s the perfect layering piece since it can be worn alone and will go great with just about anything.

Marilyn in a black turtleneck sweater. Black always works, independent of your hair color. A turtleneck gives you clean, sharp lines. Everyone looks good now and get the timeless chic of all the icons like Jackie Kennedy and highlights your face in the center of attention.

For a luxurious touch, try definitely a cashmere turtleneck.

Modern Times!

Black daily outfits for summer, not only for studio beauty shoots!



Posted on October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday LBD



This month marks the 50 year anniversary of the iconic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in which Audrey Hepburn popularised the Little Black Dress.  

So, 50 years on, how has the LBD changed? Audrey’s version of the LBD from Givenchy was very sophisticated and serious but not fun. These days, designers have to re-invent the wheel each year, making the classic LBD fun, innovative and most of all wearable. Designers  go crazy utilising rich fabrics like organza, mohair and lace in all different shapes: Shift dress, Empire line, Drop waist, insertion of sheer panels as seen in Stella McCartney’s collection. Stella’s dotted LBD is modern and fun.

Fashion has to work harder to accommodate modern womens’ lifestyles: Juggling home life, work life, travelling:  Women no longer want separate evening and day wear: They want to dress down evening wear during the day and dress up casual wear at night.


The LBD was, is, and always will be a fail-safe option, making us look chic. When in doubt, wear an LBD and you will never be over or under dressed!

Rachel Bilson combing a playful, girly ruffle LBD with a masculine leather jacket.

Below: I’m wearing an LBD from Milla Jovovich for Mango.


Posted on July 11, 2011

Hat Jackie Audrey nur kopiert?

Icons/ Rebel

Man kommt nicht umhin, wenn man über Audrey schreibt, dann muss man zwangsläufig auch über Jackie schreiben oder umgekehrt. Wer hat wen kopiert, welcher Look kam zuerst, alles Fragen die meiner Meinung nach irrelevant sind. Es ist wohl eher so, dass man selbst immer hin und her schwankt in seiner eigenen Identifikation – bin ich nun mehr Jackie oder doch eher Audrey? Beide Frauen hatten in der Tat viele Gemeinsamkeiten Stilgefühl, Talent, Ehrgeiz, Schönheit, unglückliche Ehen, extreme Diskretion und Verschlossenheit. Und sie engagierten sich beruflich und sozial bis zu ihrem Tod für ihre Interessen im dauerhaften Licht der Öffentlichkeit und schafften einen beneidenswerten, eleganten Übergang ins Alter! Ihr persönlicher Stil ähnelte sich extrem stark, daher auch die ständigen Vergleiche. Beide liebten Givenchy, trugen tagesüber gerne Polohemden und Jeans, große Sonnenbrillen, beide rauchten und mochten Schokoladeneis, sprachen mehere Sprachen und vergötterten ihre zwei Kinder. Audrey war vielleicht noch zierlicher, dafür war Jackie sportlicher. Erst 1980 sollen sich Miss Hepburn und Miss Onassis zufällig in New York persönlich begegnet sein. Zu schade, dass wir darüber nicht mehr wissen! Es wäre doch spannend zu erfahren, wer ist auf wen zugegangen, wie war die Chemie zwischen zwei Ikonen, waren sie sich sympathisch, worüber haben sich unterhalten, was waren ihre Themen?




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