Posted on March 2, 2013

Supermarket Styling Queens

Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe
Charlize Theron at Whole Foods

Charlize Theron at Whole Foods

Being spotted buying groceries in  upmarket chains like Whole Foods In Los Angeles has become the new street style focus.
Despite being based in Hamburg, Germany, where Whole Foods is not present, I already a deep familiarity with the  iconic brown paper bags.
My favourite LA grocery style queen is Charlize Theron – always looking stunning!

Charlize in skinny jeans and stilettos

Charlize in skinny jeans and stilettos

Her fab look consists of skinny jeans, simple basic tops, ballet pumps or high heels and a classic black blazer: Simply gorgeous and stylish. She rocks the short blonde hair too!
Charlize-theron-whole foods
Let’s have a look at other grocery  fashion queens:


Eva Mendes in a white beach flittery dress.
Rachel Bilson Whole foods
Rachel Bilson in grey wearing a Chanel scarf.


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