Posted on December 6, 2015

Style Icon Romy Schneider: Be a Romy in a World full of Kardashians

Featured/ Rebel Alexa
Romy Schneider German Style Icon (4)

The iconic Pink Chanel outfit – Jackie Kennedy wore the same in Dallas.

When I was a teenager, there weren’t any table books such as “Fashion Style Icons” – in my time, there were only coffee table books on actresses. I had two huge books on Romy Schneider in which I used to browse, dreaming about the big, wide world out there! Romy Schneider lived in glamourous Paris and dated Alain Delon! For me, this was exotic, mysterious, couragious, self-determined and made a lasting impression on me. Hence, I’m sharing with you my personal Best of Romy iconic style moments.


Romy Schneider German Style Icon (6)

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon strolling in Paris. Romy is wearing a Leopard print coat (a Parisian staple today!), fishnet tights and black pointy kittne heels.

Romy Schneider German Style Icon (7)

Romy displaying 60’s Romantic Style. A favourite of Rebels too!

Romy Schneider German Style Icon (2)

70’s Pucci Girl!

70’s Caftan and Carpet Style – LOVE!

Romy Schneider German Style Icon (3)

Cat Eyes and Leopard print Style.

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