Posted on July 30, 2012

Seaside Vichy Style

London/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Brighton is a very picturesque seaside town just 50 minutes from London. It used to be my home for 18 months when I first came to the UK, I met good friends there and it marked the beginning of my time in England.

For the day out, I’m wearing gingham Vichy trousers from gant, my trusted wedges espadrilles and a stripey boxed cardigan from Primark to protect against the chilly Brighton wind.

Vichy / gingham style tip: gingham doesn’t have to be tiny as it’s traditionally found. Lacoste and Trovata both expanded the size of the gingham pattern for a bold, graphic effect. The taller you are, the more over sized pattern you can wear – even the giant gingham can be worn my most.

Bold patterns look best with mono coloured companions. This  classic stripey box jacket is understated enough for a nice pattern clash that doesn’t look clowny

My large wayfarer cat eye sun glasses in sorbet pink are from Miu Miu. Perfect to complement the 50s trend!

Meeting the friendly locals

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