Posted on June 30, 2012

Retro Glam

Romantique/ Wardrobe

Don’t you just love going through old photos!? Some photos we would like to bury and never let them see the light of day again: They reveal hideous hairstyles, less than flattering fashion and stupid poses. Some other pictures evoke warm memories and we actually love the fashion. Timeless pieces that are trendy again today.

Above: Summer of 1978: Little Rebel with full fringed bob, clutching a romantique doll. Mummy R&R is wearing a bang on trend Pucci-esque psychedelic bikini, teamed with a blond full fringed bob just like Little Rebel’s.

Early practise makes the romantique master: I’m wearing a flowery millefleur dress with yellow socks and sandals, circa 1983.

1988: Rebel sporting a white boyfriend shirt with 80s shoulder pads and a waist belt for some femininity. Fitted mini skirt and patent flats complete the look.

Summer of 1983: Pastel colours and frills, like out of the look book ss 2012! I’m wearing a tiered light pink cotton skirt and a frilly light blue blouse. Rebel is wearing a white sundress and flat espadrilles.

Summer 1978: Heavily pregnant Mummy R&R shows true dedication to fashion here: Living behind the iron curtain in East Germany did not prevent her from being stylish: This graphic Mini dress was sewn by herself as seen in a West German issue of VOGUE. Complete with wedged cork sandals.

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